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Friday, June 27, 2014

Tales of Trachta: The Freemason Conspiracy

Masons plot against Trachta
In my first installment of Tales of Trachta, "Shit Happens," someone anonymously posted this bizarre comment: "grow up Bernie and spend more time at the temple with your other than pure buddies". At first, I thought this was an anti-Semitic slur, though I happen to be Irish and a Druid. Then I remembered.

Numerous sources have told me that Nazareth Police Chief Thomas Trachta thinks the Freemasons, whose lodges meet in temples, are out to get him. So I suspect that comment comes from someone, possibly Trachta himself, who considers freemasonry an evil menace.

I had no idea I was a Freemason myself.

Are they out to get Trachta? I called around to a few Grand Masters, and they tell me it's all true. They've been plotting for years, and FT is part of their secret code. In fact, I'll bet that big dump that someone deposited on Trachta's porch was left by a Mason.


Anonymous said...

The last laugh may be on you. Encouraging the defacing of property and disrupting official police business is serious stuff. Even being a one time now disbarred attorney doesn't mean much, except showing the content of your character.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Defacing property with a little sticker? Based on you worthless anonymous advice, all 6 yo girls should be rounded up and sent off to your buddy, Jim Gregory. As for obstruction, the police are engaged in a violation of civil rights. Read the first amendment some time.

Anonymous said...

Makes me want to walk around Nazareth with a cardboard sign, 3' x 4'... but I'm sure a certain business person would call in to say I said something and have me arrested!

Anonymous said...

Tracta is nothing more than a wnnabee who obviusly knew someone to get the job...being lawenforcement for th epast 30 years I find His actions very discrediting to lawenforcement, His best bet is to pack it up now and go back to where He was allowed to be a bulliy and a liar.........

ret 191

Anonymous said...

Unknowingly I'm sure. You are helping the Chief. No one needs a Chief people like in a town like Nazareth.
For once it would appear you have accomplished a good deed Bernie.

Chris Casey said...

From what I have read so far, it appears that Chief Trachta is the Grand POO bah of Nazareth!

T.N. Foilhat said...

Thank you for your reporting on this, Bernie. Of course, We already knew all of this and are continuing to monitor what gets out to the public.

T.N. Foilhat
Minister of Deception
Tri-Lateral Commission

Bernie O'Hare said...

Get back to removing those stickers. I saw some near the South Street Lodge.

c said...

Alas the chief is not a traveling man facing the East.

Anonymous said...

Was John Gotti a Freemason? Fuck no, he was Italian. Our flag is sons of Italy and let some fag Moose head queer try fucking with that. Even John respected the Police and that's fact.