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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Peter Cochran: The Man, the Myth, the Legend

Peter Cochran
Some of you may know him as a fearless constable who always got his man, even when that man was me. Others of you know him from his comments here as a hard core conservative. The trolls hate him. But what few of you know is that Peter Cochran is a regular in the Brown and Lynch American Legion Post #9's color guard, and volunteers his time at numerous events where the American flag is needed. He was with the colors on Friday, when Judge Edward Smith ascended into the judicial heavens. And he was with them again yesterday, when 34 people from all over the world took the oath as citizen.

Thank you, Peter.


Bill Coker said...

Pete is everything you mentioned, Bernie, and more. If you check the Persian Rug on his chest, he has been where he was needed in many area. His military record is one any of us would be proud to have. Whether we agree or not on all points is moot, the man has been there and should be thanked and admired for it.

Anonymous said...

What does he do fro a living?

Anonymous said...

He is currently an Easton Firefighter.

Peter J.Cochran said...

Thank you for this spotlight Bernie , But several others are almost always at the funerals doing the 'shoot' and presenting the flag to the the next of kin. WE do many funerals a month. Each man pay's to have the uniform laundered themselves and they show up in many venues ,even New Jersey , this is a team effort, it's not really about however.It's about the REPUBLIC!!

Peter J.Cochran said...

If fact Earl Brotzman MASTER CHIEF,USN is in Easton Hospital again. He has been the beacon of patriotism here in Easton for years. This man made it to E-9 and when I was in the Navy in the 80's I got sent to Firefighting School in Philadelphia Naval Shipyards and Master Chief Brotzman was the HEAD MAN ,I had no idea he was from Easton and he was hard as woodpecker lips. Holy ship 105 degrees on the tarmac and you want me to WHAT ?

Anonymous said...

We hired Pete to find two stolen cars from our dealership, when other law enforcement couldn't. He found the cars and thieves when only pagers were used for communication. i also stood behind him when he shot a clay pigeon in mid air with a 45 cal pistol.

Anonymous said...

Pete was one of our first neighbors when we moved to Easton. We saw him in full camo on his front lawn after he had returned from summer maneuvers in the reserve. He was cleaning his military-issued "tool." I looked at my husband and said, "Either we are in the safest neighborhood in PA or the most dangerous!'

Needless to say, that service-decorated, hard-driving Marine became a dear pal. He serves his country, his community and his family with passion and pride. He stands up for all that is good and great about America and her people. I fly an American flag every day because of men like Pete.

Thank you, Pete, for being one of the true patriots. Your heart is as big as your aim is straight. Semper Fi!