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Thursday, June 05, 2014

Nazareth Pool - That Blowed Up Good!

Because I live in Nazareth, I avoid writing about it. After bringing borough officials on board with the Sunshine Act, I've pretty much stayed away. Borough officials are very grateful. But I can't resist this.

Earlier this week, there was a groundbreaking for Nazareth's new pool, which will be built under the guidance of Spillman Farmer. But instead of dipping into the ground with shovels, someone in the Borough decided explosions were more appropriate.

I don't know whether it was dynamite or some kind of fireworks, but it blowed up good. Real good. I think Peg Ferraro jumped into the pool.

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Anonymous said...

I don't remember the "Celebrity Farm Show Blowup" segment, but you obviously did. Great stuff - there are a ton of SCTV clips online. Awesome show, and I've missed John Candy since the day he died.

Liked the Cliff pic also. Just yesterday, I came across the rainbow coming out of your ass in the Apr 2 post. Keep that sense of humor. An extra $68K will keep you smiling.