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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Mezzacappa Sues To Get Concealed Carry Permit

If any of you have been wondering why West Easton GOP Committee person-elect Tricia Mezzacappa likes to prance around with her gun in a holster, it's more than showing off. She has no choice. After her license to carry was revoked last year, and she apparently lost a court challenge, she filed a new application this year. But it's been denied. And of course, she has already sued.

On May 20, 2014, Acting Sheriff Chris Ziegler mailed her a notice (read it here) that her application had been DENIED for the following reason: "Not approved by the Northampton County Sheriff per Title 18 Pa. C. S. Sec. 6109(e)(1)(i)."

Translated, that means the Sheriff considers her "[a]n individual whose character and reputation is such that the individual would be likely to act in a manner dangerous to public safety."

In my words, she's batshit cRaZy.

Anyhoo, using Joshua Prince, an attorney who specializes in gun nuts, she has sued to demand that license. She wanted everything kept hush, hush under seal, but Judge Anthony Beltrami said No.

In her lawsuit, she's claiming denials of due process, state and federal equal protection and the state and federal right of gun nuts everywhere to blast bazookas and say, "That blowed up good. Real good."

She wants attorney fees, a gazillion dollars and an injunction, too.

This is an emergency, damn it!

After carefully considering Mezzacappa's complaint, Judge Beltrami has scheduled a hearing.

For December.


Anonymous said...

Let`s take up a collection and send her to Utah.

Anonymous said...

This woman is a scourge to West Easton and Northampton County. She selfishly clogs the court system with frivolous actions, wasting everyone's time and money - except for her own. She's a blight and needs to be eliminated. I hope you take her house and she leaves for mommy's home in NJ - she's worn out her welcome in the Lehigh Valley.

Anonymous said...

She wants everything kept quiet? Like in the appeal of the harassment suit, where she wrote in pencil on her in forma pauperis application "If anyone requests this private information, I will be an instant intervenor." Yeah, sure you will, like Wonder Woman of the courts. Look! The clocks are turning backwards at your command. The woman at the criminal docket repository counter handed the folder over without even batting an eyelash. Too bad, batshit woman. You don't make the rules, you just misquote and misinterpret them.

Anonymous said...

Thank God the people who approve permits are familiar with this menace.

Thanks for your reporting on this, Bernie. This dangerous woman needs to be prevented from hurting someone. She's becoming more and more desperate, having been found guilty of libel, unable to find a job, couldn't get voted to town council, lost legal battles to multiple bottom feeders whom she now stalks, may lose her house. She's the last person who should be carrying a loaded weapon.

Anonymous said...

The poison posse woman haters are out in force. Or Bernie is just doing his anon baiting tricks again.

Bernie O'Hare said...

The only way I comment is under my own name. I do not create sock puppets or post anonymously. I feel I owe that to my readers. I notice others who engage in this dishonest practice like to accuse me of what they do.

Anonymous said...

Too bad 3 people had to lose their jobs for this woman to be stripped of and finally denied the right to conceal carry. She should've been denied in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Maybe she'll realize that all the bad karma coming down on her boney ass is because she brought it on herself.
She is finally getting all that attention she has been desperately seeking her entire life.

Anonymous said...

She has a right to have her permit. Political retribution is not a reason to deny her right to the permit. She will win in court.

Anonymous said...

Now it's political?
It's about keeping the public safe from a mentally unstable whack job. Her appeal is a good opportunity for authorities to provide a review of her mental state.
1. Posting videos that suggested threats of violence against elected officials in West Easton.
2. Expressing her opinion that was "too bad" police didn't use a real weapon, rather than tase a 14 y/o female H.S. student.
3. Defending the murderer, Rockne Newell in a LTE published by The Express-Times and comparing his frustration to her own.
Plus, all the rest of her crazy shit. She shouldn't be allowed to own, let alone conceal, a weapon.

Anonymous said...

and how is it that a deputy sheriff gets arrested and charged for disemination of non public info, but this is all OKydokey when its world renowned scumbucket and anti 2a ohater??

your ability to stalk this woman and invade her privacy without recourse has raised the eyebrows of several

Bernie O'Hare said...

I think it's highly newsworthy that no less a person than the Sheriff himself has concluded that your character and reputation is such that you are considered a menace to public safety. Speaking of raising eyebrows, that should raise a few next week, when you have your super secret GOP election.

And here you are, on this blog, posting barely literate comments.

Anonymous said...

she must have rejected you pretty darn good o'hare. you insist sh'es a crazy whacko, yet every blog for the last three years has mentioned her name.

who is actually the crazed whacko that wont stop writing stories about her?

maybe its not her, and only you

Bernie O'Hare said...

Quit referring to yourself in the third person. This is one reason why your rep is so bad. You post comments about you, but pretend to someone else. That is dishonest.

See my comment above. this is blogworthy and newsworthy.

The Rs need to know exactly who is coming to their party next week.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mezzadope -

1. BOH references you in many blog posts because you are still here being annoying. Once you lose your house along with your conceal carry permit, perhaps it will finally dawn on you the mistakes you've made in your life and that walking around trying to intimidate people like Yosemite Sam got you nowhere. Only then, I'm assuming, will BOH stop writing about you and your insanity.

2. I'd check with a mental health doctor since your posting as others or in different points of view seems to be a bipolar disorder or personality disorder.

3. The permit system has worked. It has managed to keep concealed weapons out of the hands of someone who is obviously mentally disturbed and someone who has repeatedly threatened violence on others.

Your pal,

Anonymous said...

incessently writing about the same person over and over and over reveals a creepy obsession

hope she has an arsenal

Bernie O'Hare said...

You ought to know. You are she.

Anonymous said...

"your ability to stalk this woman and invade her privacy without recourse has raised the eyebrows of several"

Your brain is twisted 10 times what God designed. Either be satisfied as crazy lunatic, or seek some medical attention.

Bernie defending himself against your libelous attacks is not stalking. Period. Do you not understand that? If not, find someone impartial that you trust to explain it.

Your flailing around, libeling and suing people has resulted in you yourself having to reveal personal information. And you know it is going to become public, because you are making childish and inappropriate requests to seal the information. None of this is Bernie's, Matt's, Peter's, Christy's, Gerry's, Kelly's, Jill's, etc etc fault. You started it, and you own it.

Nobody is stalking you. Saying something again and again doesn't make it true. You can't fabricate evidence - an important fact to keep in mind when standing in front of a judge.

Exactly whose eyebrows are being raised? You're living in the past, when your libelous claims hit the press. Felt good for a few days, huh? A dark shadow cast by a loser. And now you pay the price.

Anonymous said...

Atty Prince representing her Pro Bono doesn't seem likely. He is probably going to solicit the NRA to pay legal fees and when they don't, buh-bye Mr. Prince.
Mezzalunatic isn't the poster child the NRA is looking for.
Even the RATS don't want her as a running mate on any ticket, which is why she's relegated to doing menial clerical and go'fer duties as they stroke her ego.

Anonymous said...

"Political retribution is not a reason to deny her right to the permit. She will win in court."

I don't understand why the court, well aware of the instability of you (why are you speaking in the third person? have you plum forgotten who you are?), would visit risk upon society by allowing you to carry a concealed weapon. That isn't politics. That is the duty of the court - to preserve the health, safety and welfare of the citizenry.

You've lost the right to be treated like the majority of us, because you are unstable and delusional. People don't feel safe around you, as the record shows. Part of this delusion is to attempt to transfer such attributes to others, for example Bernie. You're paying the price for your inability to exercise restraint. I suppose some may pity you. I don't. It's called survival of the fittest.

Anonymous said...

"why she's relegated to doing menial clerical and go'fer duties"

Does this include security at picnics? lol

Anonymous said...

Tricia Mezzacappa has a state-issued nursing license. One of the requirements of keeping that RN license is that she be a person of good moral character.

My question: Is someone judged to be "[a]n individual whose character and reputation is such that the individual would be likely to act in a manner dangerous to public safety" fit to hold a license and practice nursing?

Two different sheriffs, in the exercise of their statutory authority, have now made a negative determination about Mezzacappa's character and reputation.

Let's not forget that Mezzacappa, pro se, filed a legal document in Bernie's libel case in which said told the court she was taking potent controlled substances for an anxiety disorder and would be "unfit" to defend herself.

Anonymous said...

Many people defend Tricia. Another woman that is being slandered by O'Hare. See a trend here?

She has ever right to be afraid. Read the hate spewed by O'Hare and his old man posse that posts on this hate blog.

Anonymous said...

to all of the anti 2a unstable whackos who are being armchair opinion holders

you are all poster children for why the constitutional right to keep and bear arms , applies to all persons

This is why we have an objective investigation into all state and national crime databases and hospital records, and other State Police records, to determine if someone is legally allowed to possess and carry a firearm.

Consequently, PA is a Shall issue state

Since the mornic asshole just broke the law and published a declination letter showing that she passed every single checkpoint, I am less confident now, than ever, that an opinion not supported by fact will hold up in court.

Good luck Ms. Mezzacappa, and now that the vitrol has been spewed, I think you have a change in venue. Its a good thing, since the O'Hare blackmaill on all Norco judges is purely fascinating.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Under Pa. lae, the Sheriff has the duty to deny a LTCF to "[a]n individual whose character and reputation is such that the individual would be likely to act in a manner dangerous to public safety." After conducting his investigation, the Sheriff concluded you would be likely to act in a manner dangerous to public safety. Also, I broke no law in publishing the declination letter. It is part of your own public complaint. It does not show that you passed every checkpoint. It shows that the Sheriff determined you are a menace to public safety. Now, you accuse me of blackmailing judges, simply bc they rule against you. They rule against you bc you are wrong.

Anonymous said...

You really couldnt resist to try this woman in the media, could you?

You just gave her another fine course of civil remedy against your incessent bash attacks on her reputation.

An investigation turned up NO disabling crime features in her background check, and according to the checkboxes, she passed every checkpoint.

Cant wait to see how an opinion holds up in court.

People who are a danger to public safety fail all checks, and are stopped from acquiring weapons.

Apparently, she passed them all....and your constant and never ending vitrol just let the world know what the facts are.

Thank you for remind us all what a lunatic you are

Anonymous said...

great reason to not hire Zeiger as a permanent Sheriff

obviously scomillio doesnt want him, or his tag man Miller

Anonymous said...

can the acting sheriff for not upholding the law

Anonymous said...

can Beltrami while you are it it, seems like he just gave you something else to write about

its confidential and should have been sealed.

Anonymous said...

At her hearing Mezzacappa should be asked whether she ever carries a firearm in her vehicle in violation of the firearms statute.

I have heard of at least one incident in West Easton last year where she showed her firearm to an Easton police officer as she sat in her vehicle. Supposedly there is a police incident report that documents the encounter.

Bernie, you have documented several other instances where it can be inferred that she carried in a vehicle, including the photo of her in Gilberton that accompanies this blog post.

Absent one of the exceptions, proof that she carried in a vehicle without a LTCF may spell trouble for Mezzacappa and Attorney Prince.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Mezzaloon has added another name to her ever-growing Enemies List:
Sheriff Chris Ziegler

Anonymous said...

Thank you, for rinding us all what a lunatic you are O'Hare

not that one needs reminding. Just sign on to the blog, and see your daily local sociopath spewing his venom

Anonymous said...

Thank you, for reminding us all what a lunatic you are O'Hare

not that one needs reminding. Just sign on to the blog, and see your daily local sociopath spewing his venom

Anonymous said...

Im starting to think BO is the BAD guy. he won't let this woman alone. he is a disbarred lawyer, the lowest of the low.

Ohare is whats wrong with this country. he lies!! bigtime!!!

Anonymous said...

Mezzacappa shows amazing restraint in dealing with not only the poison posse but the brigade of genetic defects that relentlessly attempt to portray her as a menace to society.

Clearly the effort to drive her out of town is failing, perhaps it's time to switch gears and genuflect to a superior opponent.

Anonymous said...

When it comes down to it, and the dust settles. I rather be wearing her shoes rather than O'Hare's. Plus her shoes and prettier and less smelly.

Anonymous said...

Stumbled across this interesting anecdote from the subject's blog, any idea who she is referring to BO?

"My biggest error was what I learned in my very first encounter with a complete stranger. This stranger decided to, (for whatever unknown reason) share a story with me about a bike race he was in, years before. In this story, the stranger said he was in a marathon-type bike race in New York and had to stop to use the bathroom. When he did this, a shop owner told this stranger that the restroom was only for customers. Instead of leaving, he went to the bathroom anyway, shit on the floor, and left. This stranger told me this story with glee, like it was some sort of performance trophy, for getting away with (what easily could be) a citation for criminal mischief, among other things. "

Anonymous said...

I've seen rejected spouses act out in unimaginable ways to get revenge

what I havent seen is a very brief friendship with someone turn into the most perverted case of stalking I've ever seen.

These daily rants are a manifesto of a rage filled crazy man who cant deal with rejection.

If Ms. mezzacappa wants to own firearms, this is the very reason she needs them. I've also never seen a case like this one remain unprosecuted by law enforcement.

It goes way beyond First Amendment rights, and is a sampling of a scorned, pissed off psycho with an axe to grind.

My prayers to this woman, the blogger is unstable

Anonymous said...

Is this PICS envy O'Hare?

You cant own one and it has you seething

you should have had that "voluntary" mental inpatient visit that the court ordered

dont take it out on Trish cause she passed PICS

take some responsibility for yourself and stop beating up on women...it makes you look bad

actually, it makes you look insane

Anonymous said...

you know what ohare?

everyone is so sick of hearing about it

you must sleep well at night knowing that you and Miss Kelly ruined the lives for 3 deputy sheriif's , and the Sheriff himself, now sitting at home unemployed in a rocking chair.

DOes it make you feel special to know this, and do the exact same thing that got one arrested???

How twisted do you have to be to be laughing in everyone's face ???

Thats right though, the Supreme Court got it right....and thank God for that, at least we dont have a conman with a law license

Anonymous said...

why dont you post the whole story and write why David Ceraul got booted off this case?

Anonymous said...

I hear Ceraul wasnt booted, he refused to defend

Anonymous said...

"the mornic asshole just broke the law and published a declination letter"

Can you cite where in the code it is a violation of the law to publish something in the public record? If I went and requested the folder for your case, and made a copy (not of a transcript), and published it, how is that "breaking the law"?

Did you bring representation with you today, Ms. Mezzacappa? It may have been wise. Is this in the same section that contains an exception that "original service" in a lawsuit isn't really original? Ms. Mezzacappa - you are trying my patience. Can you cite an applicable rule, or is this court to assume you are wasting its time?

Anonymous said...

"It does not show that you passed every checkpoint. It shows that the Sheriff determined you are a menace to public safety."

At the risk of being accused of being a member of a posse, that's my interpretation, Bernie. Where does it show she met "every checkpoint"? Twisting facts to create facts doesn't work. You are to be credited for notifying us that this crazy woman, who insists on carrying firearms in public, was denied this CC permit because she is a menace. Yeah, I wouldn't want that published about me, but the truth is the truth.

Then she has the nerve to come here and make a bunch of unfounded accusations against you. She's a stalker, plain and simple. She knows all about that - she posted a stalker's guide on her website today.

Stay safe, Bernie. This whacko, who libeled you and sullied your name may come after you with that gun.

Anonymous said...

lie, deflect, deny

and you could have found something burried in a landfill fifty years old too.

your disgusting obsession with this woman and contstant beating/bashing and searching for every piece of paper with her name on it spells out one phrase:

Rejected scorned psychopath who refuses to move on with his life.

You never know when to shut your mouth and mind your own business

get a job and stop being a shill for Ron ANgle

Undercurrent Rage said...

What kind of man would take a home from someone's elderly mother?

Anonymous said...

The only checkbox in the declination checked by the sherriff is an opinion not supported by facts. It is the only checkbox that is based on subjective data.

Thats why there are 14 more disability checkboxes that werent checked off. And the PICS check wasnt checked off...and the explanation box wasnt checked off....and the mental box wasnt checked off

Thats means she passed every investigative checkpoint.

Anonymous said...

I have been watching this insanity go on for over a year. I have seen 4 law enforcement professionals wind up as slaughtered lambs.

But Morganelli hands a pass to his buddy O'Hare.

You must be pretty good on your knees o"hare...

are the kneepads filled with foam or gel?

Are they professional league or rite-aid brand?

Must be nice knowing you have immunity for criminal actions that would land anyone else in jail.

Anonymous said...

since you love to publish everything public, can you please post how many warnings you have had from various police departments (and directives) to stop harassing this woman?

oh, thats right, laws dont apply to O'Hare

Anonymous said...

Northampton County GOP had to purposely rent out a private space for its reorganization meeting this year to keep O'Hare from attending.

This is why

you're a psychotic expensive mess who needs to be locked up

Bernie O'Hare said...

"can you please post how many warnings you have had from various police departments (and directives) to stop harassing this woman?"

Zero. I have never harassed her. I have told the truth about her, including this latest LTCF nonsense with which she is polluting our legal system.

Anonymous said...

Do you beat up women like a coward that you are only by way of internet, or is it in person too..??

Bernie O'Hare said...

"What kind of man would take a home from someone's elderly mother?"

It is your home, conveyed to your mother as a fraudulent conveyance, and it is a direct consequence of the damages you have caused to me.

Bernie O'Hare said...

According to the NC Sheriff, Tricia Mezzacappa is "[a]n individual whose character and reputation is such that the individual would be likely to act in a manner dangerous to public safety."

The above anonymous comments (she is too dishonest to take responsibility) maake clear why the Sheriff reached that conclusion.

Anonymous said...

Typical Mezzacappa.
A barrage of comments all from her, within minutes of each other. As if that many people think that much of her, to defend her crazy ass.

Anonymous said...

I understand mezzacappa brings ratings to your blog but where is the boundary between stalking and reporting? Would you want your nephew covered in the same manner? Be Cargill for what you wish for

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

"can you please post how many warnings you have had from various police departments (and directives) to stop harassing this woman?"

Who has harassed Mezzacappa? Nobody.

Whom has Mezzacappa harassed? The West Easton clerk, and the court record shows it.

Do you have any mirrors in your house, or don't you use mirrors because of what you see?

Bernie O'Hare said...

Please do not reduce yourself to her level.

Anonymous said...

Send her to Utah.

Anonymous said...

Is it at all possible to have Mezzacappa fatigue? Is there a point at which one too many mentions of this hystrionic hag has been achieved?

Anonymous said...

Why does Bernie continue to follow this woman around?? He does seem obsessed with her as does some of his "anonymous" friends.

Bernie O'Hare said...

12:51, I will chronicle her nuttiness as it appears, including her latest LTCF suit. This is a person with political ambition and who thrusts herself in the spotlight when it suits her. I think it is highly relevant to point out that the Sheriff of Northampton County considers her a menace to public safety.

Bernie O'Hare said...

1:40, Now it is not just me, but anyone who dares speak about her. I see.

Anonymous said...

Mezz won another case pro se, boonies just jelly because when he went pro se against the otter it was a massacre, OOR uphelp Layman, Schlottman and Co. KOed yet again maybe Gross will get a new solicitor, hope it's lil rikki orclownski the ambulance chasing dwarf

Bernie O'Hare said...

Mezzacappa, You have filed numerous actions against me and have been out at first every time. I have sued you for the damages caused by a barrage of defamatory behavior that began in 2011 and continues to this day. You are still insulting the able attorney who represents me. Don't expect any quarter when we start execution, which should be very soon.