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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

There's Hope For Us Yet

For most people, attending a public meeting is right up there with a root canal, especially on a gorgeous June summer night, with the sun still beckoning. But get this. Brayden Hough, a Wolf School scholar who has already attended a meeting to fulfill a scouting requirement, asked his father to bring him back. And he had lots of questions. Where's the Mayor? Sitting at a table in front of Council. Who's that man in the middle? That's Council President Willie Reynolds? What does he do? Teach in Allentown. Then why isn't he on Allentown Council? You have to live in the City.

His father, ArtsQuest Event Services Director Scott Hough, wanted to go for a ride in a squad car. Brayden seemed more interested in Robert's Rules of Order.


Matt Miles said...


Boy Scouts of America is helping this young man gain an appreciation for how our great nation works. As an Eagle Scout, class of 1998, I wish nothing but the best to this young man. If he needs help on his path to Eagle, he and his leaders can always reach out to me via the link on my name. Best of luck, Brayden!

Anonymous said...

Is that the former constable Scott Hough who sued Northampton County claiming he was injured as a result of sherrif negligence and couldnt ever work again? Glad to see he landed on his feet.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I do not know whether this is the same Scott Hough, but do know that he is a good father.

Scott Hough said...

I am that Scott Hough and I never sued the county saying I could never work again. I sued the county because I fractured my tibial plateau (behind knee cap)while apprehending a prisoner that escaped from a county sheriff causing me to rack up thousands of dollars in medical bills. You are welcomed to your opinion and I'm sorry if you didn't know all the facts. In case you didn't know, the county never had to pay a dime because they were protected by law. I still walk with a minor limp and deal with knee issues. I'm passed it now and am glad that my son is as engaged as he is. I do my best to teach him and have him engaged in events. Mr. O'Hare thank you for your kind words last night and here. You haven't always wrote the most favorable about me in the past, I'm glad you got to see another side of things.