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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Molovinsky Makes It Official

Photo courtesy of Michael Molovinsky
Michael Molovinsky formally announced his candidacy yesterday for State Representative. Although I was unable to attend his announcement at Wehr's Dam, he has forwarded his remarks. He also tells me he is very close to have the requisite signatures needed to achieve ballot access.

I am formally announcing my candidacy as an independent for State Representative, in the 183rd District. Harrisburg is broken. It doesn't matter if Republicans or Democrats are in charge, it's broke either way. Both sides are paralyzed, pushing yesterday's ideas, and pandering to special interests. One revenue stream after another; Lotteries, casinos, fracking, it's never enough for Harrisburg. There is enough revenue, there are enough taxes, what they need are new priorities, ethics and integrity.

I'm an independent, long time advocate, who wants to bring my tenacity to work in Harrisburg, for the residents of the 183rd, and the entire Lehigh Valley. Because it's not enough to just campaign, and there's an effort under way to demolish Wehr Dam, I will do everything I can to save it. Children and their parents should be able to continue to enjoy the magic and history of the Covered Bridge Park.

My campaign can be followed on Mr. Molovinsky Goes To Harrisburg, an open facebook page.

MIchael Molovinsky


Anonymous said...

A big part of any successful state rep campaign is talk radio, now that Bobby Gunther Walsh has gone over to the dark side aligning with the mentor how will MM get a fair shake on WAEB?

Patent Pending

Anonymous said...

Who is the Dem running for the seat?

Anonymous said...

Nobody listens to that AM station. That one lost it's audience when the gubment broke up the amazing duo of Magnificent Mezzacappa and Gorgeous Gregory. It was the best comedy on radio since Amos and Andy.

Anonymous said...

This is most definately true with local polotics locally being a pay to play game for realators and there slumlordian counterparts¿ But this post is a good discription but not mine¿
patent pendig

Matt M. said...

Terri Powell is running as the Dem for the seat.


Anonymous said...

I fear that with a 3-way race, Julie will renew her stranglehold on the seat - unless there is some serious, unrelenting door-to-door campaigning. That district was gerrymandered in 2010 to assure her and Frank (the REAL state rep) continued tenure.

Anonymous said...

Are people still longing for Yandrivovitz? Really??? The guy was by far the laziest and lest accessible state rep in history. No small wonder he lost.

Anonymous said...

I imagine the robocalls accusing him of only being interested in a pension also had a significant affect.

Dreaming of Justice said...

Think Independently!

I plan to.

Sick of Woodman gangsters said...

interesting this was held at Wehr's Dam, a dam scheduled to be removed within the next 2 years