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Thursday, November 07, 2013

Ott blames Loss on Himself

Failed Executive candidate Scott Ott has taken the blame for his loss. "[T]here is one person who I know is responsible for my loss in Tuesday's election. His name is Scott Ott." I agree completely.

Scott Ott, along with Wayne Woodman, cost his party and its supporters about $300,000 in his primary and general election contests. If his party had gone with Main Street Republican Dean Browning instead of a tea party nut, it would have prevailed in the general election.

Just as Callahan never really reached out to his primary foes, Ott never reached out to Browning and continued to treat him as the enemy. This continued even after Browning contributed to Ott's campaign and financially supported the man who beat him.


Anonymous said...

A country club Republican like Musty Muller will always prevail over a tea party maniac in the Macungies. Those gated Republican communities only want the teabbagers to work on their cars and fix their roofs but run their county. How dare you Sir!

Tee time, please.

Anonymous said...

the election is over, your horse won - give up your hate little boy

Anonymous said...

Scott's a mensch. You are a race-baiter whose carelessness has left a more rotten world for our grandchildren of all colors. Dr. King's dream will only be realized when hateful old fossils like you are finally dead. The seeds you've sown will have to be crushed by future generations. Politics aside, from a human perspective, you're disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:16

Ott may have been a mensch at one time, but no more. He is now just another dishonest politician. He ran campaign ads saying that he cut spending when the facts are that he did not. On October 23th, Ott and his gang voted for a budget that increased County spending to an all time. Yet Ott continued to send out mailers claiming he had cut spending. That simply was not true and Ott knew it. So the facts are he flat out lied to voters. No other way to look at it.

Anonymous said...

Obama - "if you like your insurance, you can keep it".

Ott = "The 16% tax increase was unnecessary and I have a plan to eliminate it".

Anonymous said...

6:16, Scott is a well-known racist. Bernie was right. Scott hates black people.

Anonymous said...

Fleck's bullshit continues:

"Muller benefited from a strong Democratic voter turnout effort this weekend from Fleck Consulting, the firm that represented both Muller and Allentown Mayor Ed Pawlowski, who was re-elected to a third term. That effort included more than 220 canvassers, 70 phone workers and 300 people at the polls, campaign manager Mike Fleck said. They knocked on 120,000 doors Tuesday alone, and another 78,000 over the weekend."

120,000 doors knocked by 220 canvassers in one day. That's 545 doors per canvasser. Assuming they all knocked for 12 hours without taking a single break, that's 45.5 doors per hour per person, even though professional organizations average between 15-20 doors per hour, and canvassers tend to tire after 4-5 hours in the field. Either Fleck's lying or... no, he's clearly lying.

But lets assume he isn't and Fleck somehow recruited 220 superhumans who never tire, never lie, and never stop working for any reason. 120,000 knocks on election day, 200,000 GOTV knocks total, and Ed Pawlowski still got less than 6000 votes in Allentown. Heck of a job, Fleckster, heck of a job.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I think I get it. You don't like Fleck.

Bernie O'Hare said...

6:16, I think my readers can decide who's disgusting. About the most disgusting thing I see is a person who wishes death on others. I know only two people who do that.

Anonymous said...

I don't like Fleck for the same reasons everyone else doesn't like Fleck: he's a liar and is horrible at what he does.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:21

Ott is not a racist but he is a loon and is totally unqualified to be County Executive. Consider the following:

Ott believes social security should be eliminated, not changed or made more financially sustainable, but eliminated. His reason? Because it wasn't listed in the Constitution.

Ott believes that by being pro-choice that the Democrat party is knowing conducting a campaign of genocide against African Americans. Those were his words - not mine.

Ott is 50 years old and the major work experience he lists as qualifying him to be County executive is that he was president of a PTA. Really? Over 50 and with 30 some years in the workforce and the best he can come up with to say that he is qualified to run a $360 million dollar organization with 2,000 employees is that he was president of an elementary school PTA. Come on.

Those that want to change government made the classic mistake of transferring their desires to Ott and thinking he could accomplish them when there is no place in his life history where he has demonstrated that ability.

Ott is Woodman's creation and Woodman has carried him ever since they hooked up. You have to give Woodman credit for financing Ott and browbeating anyone and everyone into supporting him. Having said that, you have to also have to pin the responsibility for the debacle on Woodman. His job as chair is to do what's best for the party not what's best for Woodman and Ott. His ego caused him to lose sight of his role.

Time for him to go.

Anonymous said...

There have only been 4 elected Lehigh county Executives. So that not much of a statement. As, well from what I remember Cunningham beat Jane Ervin the first time not Ott

Anonymous said...

Cunningham beat Jane Ervin in 2005 after her 70% tax increase. Jane Baker was elected in 93 and re elected in 97

M. Thomson said...

Bernie -- I agree completely. I am republican and voted for Browning in the primary and Muller in the general. I feel strongly that the county executive needs to have business experience. Scott Ott clearly was not qualified to run a county and his tea party idealogy was ridiculous. I'm happy that Muller won. I'd be more happy if Browning had won the primary and faced Muller in the general.

Anonymous said...

Ott was bought and paid for by

End of story.

Anonymous said...

..........and yet Fleck keeps winning.

Anonymous said...

to 7:21 anon;
I agree with you completely. otts qualifications were none whatsoever. what makes anyone think that someone who doesn't even pay required property taxes represent thousands of tax payers. it just doesn't make sense. what really doesn't make sense is that the election was even close if you base it on experience. you cant blame this on fleck. otts worst enemy was ott. face it, 52% of the voters didn't take the bait of buying in bulk, driving an old car, or liking the couch he bought at a flea market. that pitch was just stupid.

Anonymous said...

no fleck lost the other race he was running badly