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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Hanover Supervisors Eye 7th No-Tax Hike Budget

For the seventh year in a row, Hanover Township Supervisors are eyeing a no-tax increase budget. Despite the need to pay for another police officer and a growing contribution to the Bethlehem Public Library, Hanover Township Manager John "Jay" Finnigan cobbled together a 2014 Budget that holds the line. It maintains the current 3.9 mill tax rate and 0.5 mill fire tax, even though real estate tax revenues are predicted to drop by as much as $500,000 next year.

At their October 12 meeting, Supervisors agreed to advertise the proposed budget, which will also be posted on the Township's web page. A final vote is scheduled for December 17.

There will be no increases in the sewer rate. In fact, Finnigan reports it may even drop in some areas of the Township in which Traditions of America have completed improvements.

In other business, Supervisors unanimously granted conditional use approval for a dental practice at 3739 Bath Bike. Supervisor Glenn Walbert explained these conditions to Dr. Rami Salloum, the owner, telling him that direct access from Route 512 is prohibited and there must be landscaping to shield headlights.

Dr. Salloum indicated he understood, and then Finnigan wisecracked, "You may only use Crest toothpaste."

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Ron Beitler said...

Sounds like good government in Hanover. We don't here the good enough. Thanks for reporting BOH.