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Tuesday, November 05, 2013

O'Donnell Fined For Questionable Late Report

Tom "Numbers Cruncher" O'Donnell
Last week, I told you that Northampton County Council candidate Tom O'Donnell had never bothered to file a campaign finance report. He told the elections office that his campaign treasurer, George Treisner, was taking care of that little detail, was filing with the state, and was out of town. I tracked down Treisner, who hung up on me.

On Friday, O'Donnell filed a report, paying a $100 fine for being late. Though the County is littered with $1259.50 in signs that say they were paid for by "Citizens to Elect Tom O'Donnell," he formed no committee and filed individually. This means that every single one of his campaign signs has the wrong disclaimer.

What's more, the report he did file is inaccurate. O'Donnell, who claims his strength is his financial acumen, failed to report a $106 contribution from fellow candidate Christen Borso, which she listed on her report. He also fails to include a contribution made by an incumbent Council member, although he might have lost that check.

Because I expect to see him lose this race, I have no intention of complaining about O'Donnell's continued violation of state campaign finance laws.

O'Donnell does report that unions gave him $2,000 of the $5,615.00 he raised.

His report also indicates $250 contributions from DA John Morganelli, Lamont McClure and Att'y Jay Leeson./  


Anonymous said...

Yuk! Are those 3 nuts ?

Anonymous said...

Were in the world did Borzo get money to give to this clown. She was begging for money on facebook. People didn't realize she was spending it on hairdresser, clothing and fingernail polish.

Anonymous said...

She is a candidate who went sour.

Anonymous said...

Democrats cannot in all seriousness vote for O'Donnell and Borzo. They are as bad as Barron and McClure who support them. How the Hell did O'Donnell get over $2000 from the unions? I hope the winners tell the unions to suck air.

Borzo is one of the most clueless candidates to run for office in a long time.

She should stick to her garden gnome pictures.

Anonymous said...

He is one of the big reasons Democrats will lose!

Anonymous said...

Mcclueless I get, but the da and Jay?

Anonymous said...

Morganelli and the courts would no do anything if you do file a complaint.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Morganelli could not do anything bc he is one of O'Donnell's contributors. He has a conflict. But I do not intend to make an issue out of an incompetent's seeming inability to follow the law. i do intend to make an issue about Treisner, who chairs the elections commission and flat out lied to me.

Anonymous said...

O'Donnell leading all Dem's in exit polling!

Anonymous said...

12:51 your nuts

Anonymous said...

1:00am I agree with you, she is beyond her freshness date, time to throw her out