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Monday, November 18, 2013

Bethlehem Township Expects No Tax Hike in 2014

(Boy Scout Troop 317's Chris Duh, Ryan Hill, Andrew Morales, Alec Lutz, Joshua Lutz and Shawn Ryer, ages 11 and 12, ensured that Bethlehem Township Commissioners adhered to Roberts' Rules of Order at their November 18 meeting)

Though it won't be official until Commissioners adopt the 2014 Budget on December 16, it appears that Bethlehem Township taxpayers will dodge a tax hike next year. The sewer rates will remain the same, too. Finance Director Andrew Freda has unveiled a proposed budget for next year which keeps the tax millage rate steady at 5.99 mills. Under this spending plan, the annual tax bill for a home assessed at $85,000 will be about $509.

At their November 18 meeting, Commissioners unanimously agreed to advertise the budget, which will also be available for inspection at the Municipal Building.

The $17 million spending plan includes funds for two entry-level police officers who were selected out of a field of 400 applicants. It also includes a $683,000 payment on existing debt.

Bethlehem Township has gone without a tax hike since 2009.

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