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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Medical Marijuana, Anyone?

State Senators Daylin Leach, a Democrat, and Mike Folmer, a republican, have introduced a bill that will legalize the use of an oil from the marijuana plant for medicinal purposes. Instead of the reefer madness we've all come to know and love, this oil contains no THC. So what's the point? Apparently, it helps children suffering from epilepsy.

Although he has not had a seizure in several years, my grandson has had several of these experiences. For years, he was on a medication that is highly narcotic. This has to be better.

Governor tom Corbett would prefer to wait until the Food and Drug Administration weighs in, but that's like waiting for a glacier.

In a letter to Corbett, Leach explains what he means:
Garrett Brann is a 3-year old little boy who suffers from Dravet Syndrome, which is a form of epilepsy. He suffers up to 100 seizures per day. He takes a cocktail of very toxic and addictive drugs that have severe side effects. These drugs do not typically work very well and aren't working for Garrett.

What does work for children with Dravet's is Charlotte's Web, an oil derived from the cannabis plant. This oil is high in cannabinoids (CBDs) which help the children with epilepsy, but contain insufficient levels of THC to intoxicate anyone who uses it. In other words, Charlotte's Web cannot get someone "high". Charlotte's Web has dramatically reduced or eliminated the seizures in children who have had access to it, without side effects, without intoxication, and without addiction. With this medicine, Garrett has a chance at a normal life. Without it, he will die.
Isn't it time to lighten up? I mean, the worst drug in the world is alcohol and I can get that now at Wegmans.


Anonymous said...

Medical matujuana should have been legalized years ago. Big Pharmacy wants to kjeep us addicted to their high priced "drugs" as opposed to sopmehting that has been proven to work for millions of people suffering debilitating illnesses.

I mean, why is this even an issue at this point? Christ people time to move on.

Anonymous said...

Because we are still at war with the counter culture, even though they are all in there 60 and 70s now.

Anonymous said...

This is nonsense. Just legalize it already like Colorado. These half steps are just silly and not helpful to either the sick or the fiscal conservatives.

Anonymous said...

I'm sick and tired (no pun intended) of not being able to get the same strain each time I visit my local Lehigh Valley medical marijuana provider.

Legalize it already!

Resident of Allentown said...

My dream is if a president would have the balls right before he left office and say "F ya all, ya all" and give a presidential pardon to all the non-violent drug offenders in jail, or at least the weed offenders. But the former poster has got it right about big pharm. The other two thirds of the equation is the prison guard union and alchohol producers which dumps millions into campaign coffers to keep the status quo despite what is desired or good for the public at large. Land of the Free? Democracy at its blandest.

Anonymous said...


Grow your own. It's remarkably easy (which highlights the folly of prohibition). One can become an Internet horticulture specialist in about ten minutes and Monsanto doesn't control the seeds. Youtube offers limitless tutorials. I was afflicted by debilitating migraine seizures for 15 years until an osteopath suggested cannabis in an off the record conversation. It worked. Vaporizers eliminate smoking and associated respiratory problems. Sadly, there are hundreds of thousands of public sector jobs reliant upon illegal drugs. Prohibition has created greater dependency and associated crime, as was the case during alcohol Prohibition. A lot of jobs are dependent upon continued Prohibition. The real problem is abuse of legally prescribed drugs, the kind judges, prison guards, probation officers, politicians and their spouses are abusing while fighting the war on other drugs.

Anonymous said...

The problem is that growing your own can easily land you in prison, not a place I want to be. That's why it is so ludicrous.