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Friday, November 22, 2013

Basketball Time!

It was a tough Fall for my grandson, Dat. Becahi might be Division Champs, but its 8th grade football team managed to lose all eight of its games. Badly. My grandson never played on a losing team before. I know he was frustrated, but he hung in there, as did the rest of the kids.

They have nowhere to go but up. When they played the Emmaus powerhouse, the Lil' Hawks actually outscored the Green Hornets in the second half.

They'll be better next year.

But it's hoops time, so Dat is smiling again. He's on three teams this year. He plays for Notre Dame's CYO, Craig Golden's 'Canes team and AAU. In fact, he's already been to a few tournaments.

He's learned everything he knows from Suki, a Jack-a-Poo (half poodle, half terrier) who prefers to think of herself as the Captain Danger of designer dogs. She has a mean crossover, but is unable to dribble with her left paw.

Her favorite sport is football.

Defensive corner.

Once the ball is snapped, she is coming at you and won't rest until you're down. Kids drop the ball and just run away when she's coming.  


Anonymous said...

Man time flies.

Good luck to Dat and all his basketball teams this year and look forward to him playing for Beca in the years to come!

The Banker

Anonymous said...

The picture of your grandson and his dog is priceless. That is great!

Bernie O'Hare said...

His mom took it. It's my favorite pic of Dat this year.