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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Village View Park Construction Imminent

Engineer William Erdman  discusses SMI Billboard
Hanover Township's plans for a 25-acre park on the east side of Airport Road are about to become reality. Village View Park, first unveiled to Supervisors last year, will include four playing fields for soccer, lacrosse and field hockey. Two larger fields (108,000 sq ft each) can be used for professional and international events. The other two (75,600 sq ft each) are large enough for high school and NCAA games. Each of the fields can also be divided for youth tournaments.

There will also room for 210-220 parking spaces.

USA Soccer has approached Township officials, and is interested in funding some of the improvements at the site. Open space money from Northampton County, a gaming grant from Monroe County and land donations from the Lehigh Valley International Airport is what makes this park possible. Manager Jay Finnigan hopes eventually to extend the park to Weaversville Road, East Allen Township's Bicentennial Park and the five-mile long Nor-Bath Trail.

At their August 27 meeting, Supervisors unanimously approved a $835,452.94 construction contract with Livengood Excavators the low bidder on the project. Asked for a timetable, Public Works Director Vince Milite responded, "Quickly." He expects the park to be ready next Spring.

In other business, Supervisors unanimously approved a conditional use application for a 146.9 sq ft billboard near Route 22, requested by Specialty Minerals Inc (SMI). The billboard will be lit up at night by two spotlights, and is designed only to market the company.

Leon Nigohohosian, in house counsel, testified that Specialty Minerals, Inc is a division of Minerals Technologies, a billion dollar corporation. Marketing, Research & Development and counsel are based at the Highland Avenue facility.

"We're trying to get a corporate identity," he explained. "People do not know who we are, what we do."

William A Erdman, from Keystone Engineers, assured Supervisors that the sign, located in the middle of an industrial park, will have no impact on any residences.

SMI, represented by Easton Attorney Steven N. Goudsouzian, already obtained a permit from PennDOT for the red and black non-reflective sign that will only be visible from the highway.

Finally, in response to a flood of emails and phone calls, Manager Jay Finnigan announced that "Trick-or-Treat Night this year will take place on Friday, October 25. "We might have to start scheduling this at our reorganization meetings in January," he joked.


Anonymous said...

Once again, gaming money for Walnutport, Northampton, Hellertown, and now Hanover from Monroe County but not a penny for Lehigh Countt municipalities that are within 5-6 miles from the Sands.

Lehigh Valley, where they regionalize the Debt, but not the benefits.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the money should never have been spent on any community not "contiguous" to the host municipality. What Northampton County did was politicize the entire program and turn it into a political patronage grab bag.

Anonymous said...

Hey O'Hare your buddy Stoffa and his county supported puppet master Mohr screwed over Bethlehem. Great job guys.

Good one Kraft. Isn't Bethlehem your District.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I saw the article. The notion that the building be demolished would be absolutely ridiculous for the County, and would waste a perfectly good building.

Anonymous said...

The very bad building became a very good building when Stoffa needed to sell it. It will like the Renaissance when this guy is thrown out and a new Admisntration takes over and there is some thought and logic running the county rather than an old man's feelings

Anonymous said...

Yes a wise old man.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Nobody ever said the Bechtel Building was a bad building. It does need capital improvements, but is nothing like Wolf. Frankly, I don't believe Bethlehem was in the dark on this project at all. Moreover, Callahan is not the County Executive, nor is Joe Kelly the Director of Administration. And when he is the Executive, I am taking him at his word that he will do what is best for the County, not just Bethlehem or some private developer. This move is what is best for the County, which does include Bethlehem.

Anonymous said...

Stoffa has yet to be honest about anything. He lied about Gracedale, Wolf, Bechtel and just about every issue. He has been fortunate to have a gullible county council for the past six years.

He was senile when he took office and has run the county like it was his retirement home for himself and his cronies.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Yeah, you talk about Stoffa being senile and dishonest, but can't sign your name. Your view is worth shit.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for taking your mancrush to task but it is what it is. he and Gregory are birds of a feather.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Actually, i see little difference between you and Gregory. You both have an irrational hatred of Stoffa and both can't sign your name.