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Saturday, August 17, 2013

First Musikfest, Then Muhlenberg's Summer Festival

Paralyzed since she was 15, Jennifer Fritz uses her mouth to create art. 
This greeting card was created not by hand, but by mouth. 
Jennifer Fritz broke her neck during a diving accident when she was just 15 years old. Paralyzed, she's unable to move her fingers. But using only her mouth, this 34 year-old Good Shepherd resident produces art in the form of hopeful and blooming flowers, decorating greeting cards. A defiant optimism in the face of tragedy. Jennifer's wares were on display and selling for $3 per card at Muhlenberg Hospital's 52d annual Summer Festival, located near Route 378. Following fast on the heels of Musikfest, this year's celebration ran between August 14-19. Funds raised at this event save lives.

Battling depression, Christine Talley shows one of her water colors
For the first time, the annual festival included differently-abled artists including jewelry, paintings, hand-stitched and crocheted items, loom weaving collages and more. In addition to Fritz, Allentown's Christine Talley displayed brilliant pieces of fractal art, in addition to water colors. Talley, an R.N. for 25 years, suffers from the "invisible" disability - depression.

In addition to three full tents of arts-and-crafts, there was a bingo tent, nightly entertainment and lots of Philly Cheese Steaks, fries, tacos and lemonade. But the big draw, at least for the kids, were the rides.

Brady Hogan, age 6, master of Monkey Motion

McKenzie Salazar, age 3, loves the Merry-Go-Round

Elizabeth Sukenik, age 2, and brother Luke, age 3, are ready for driving exam. 

Musikefest, then Muhlenberg, say Richie (age 5) Lenhart and sis Riley (age 3), with Melissa Do and Barbara Schussler


Norco Twink said...

Great pics and uplifting stories. At $3 a card thats quite a bargain, bravo BO.

Peter J.Cochran said...

Bernie, this article is proof that you are a human.For lack of some other notice, I want to express to you that the 911 Memorial Flag will be under escort to the Sigal Museum about 3PM on Tuesday 20 Aug.2013 . located on Northampton Street, Easton, Pa.This will be a big deal ,and your site should know in advance, like everything else. .

Bernie O'Hare said...

Thanks for the advance notice, Peter. I'll be there.

Anonymous said...

These are wonderful photos.

Anonymous said...

puff, puff ... pass ... next Jim Gregory piece, please