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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Jim Gregory Shows His Creepy Side

WGPA producer Bud opened today's Jim Gregory show with a rendition of  "In Heaven There is no Beer." In a not so subtle reference to my alcoholism, he dedicated that song to me. Not only did that get a good laugh out of Gregory and Mezzacappa, but it also gives me evidence of the station's malice in the upcoming libel suit. So thanks very much, Jolly Joe. The malice was just oozing over the airwaves, so much so that I needed a shower as soon as the program was over.

Gregory discussed prostitutes, his sex films with his ex, her mother, her mother's "mental health" disability, a cocktail waitress at the Sands (by name), his physical fights with his ex. It was creepy.

He actually admitted to domestic violence with his ex, but it's OK because he never won.

"Yeah, we had our physical skirmishes and otherwise, but she always, always beat the crap out of me."

Mezzacappa's penis fixation was on full display. It seems that every male who takes her to task for her outrageous behavior has no penis.

They both dumped on The Express Times. Mezzacappa complained bitterly about editor Jim Deegan, who refused to help her even though she had crocodile tears in her eyes.

"He has no idea who he's dealing with," she cackled, discussing her libel suit against the paper.

Mezzacappa claims that I am being paid by The Express Times. Two days ago, she said I was being paid by Bethlehem mayor John Callahan. She was also outraged that Morning Call columnist Bill White used a mass email that she sent to him and about 10,000 other people in a column.

In Gregory's case, he claims the paper ruined his blossoming romance with a Sands waitress who is trying to become Miss Pennsylvania. "I just looked into her eyes, like I did when I met [my ex]. ... Not only was she beautiful inside, but she was beautiful outside."

On his show, he named this poor young lady. As if that were not bad enough, he showed her picture on the livestream.

He then recounts how he gave her a $600 gold and diamond chain and set up sponsors to help her out in some beauty pageant. But for some reason, this attractive 20-something with a boyfriend wanted nothing to do with a guy in his 60s.

Go figure.

State police had to tell him to back off, according to what Gregory himself said

It must be all that bad publicity from The Express Times, claims Gregory.

Now he's hoping to have her come on his show as a guest.

During the show, Gregory defended former Bethlehem firefighter Jim Schlener, another woman beater who was fired for drunk driving while he had called in sick. Schlener's current girlfriend, according to Gregory, was following Mayor John Callahan and snapping pictures of him. That was part of her work for Callahan's opponent, Lamont McClure, who was running a nasty campaign against Callahan in the Exec race.

They tried to use those fairly banal pictures, which depicted Callahan sharing a brew with a few old-timers at some South side pub, against him.

Could you imagine what would happen if I was traipsing around Bethlehem or West Easton, snapping pictures of Gregory or Mezzzacappa?  They would charge me with stalking. In fact, even without me doing any of these things, Mezzacappa has made those claims.

Their one caller was Michael P. Holmes, a criminal defendant who was on the program as a guest just yesterday supposedly to expose Northampton County corruption. He instead complained about Deiter Brothers.

Today, he disguised himself as "Joe," but his voice was easily recognizable.

I don't think I can take much more of listening to this show. I'll probably listen tomorrow and then pack it in.


Anonymous said...

If I'm not mistaken, didn't he refer to his ex-girlfriends mother as a "pimp"? Pimping her when she was only 15, or did I misunderstand that part? Even if it happened, isn't that the same as harrassment? She was a juvenile. He states their is no hate with her, yet he says something like that on a radio broadcast. Judge Zito ought to see that.

Bernie O'Hare said...

He did. He made some other disgusting claims,too.

Anonymous said...

I listened to this repellent show - first and last time.

1. Gregory keeps saying "I wasn't having an affair while was living with me".

Uh - yeah, he was. From what I can gather, he's married (he refers to a current divorce action). I've also seen him repeatedly refer to as an "adulteress". What the hell does he think *he* is?

2. How is this stuff allowed on the air? I know you have to pay to have a show on that channel, but isn't there any sort of legal clearance or oversight?

3. He's no gentleman.

And Tricia?

4. "Conducive to one's education"?
That makes no grammatical sense whatsoever.

5. "smeared and sensationalized" by Jim Deegan. Hasn't TM taken care of that herself by the entries on her blog?

I made it through 30 minutes of it, and that's all I could take.

He's utterly repellent, and like attracts like.

Anonymous said...

Instead of streaming the "program", I occupied my time by listening on a real radio while emailing Jolly Joe and the WGPA website listing of advertisers my disapproval of this slanderous disgusting mess. Also told the Akroyd Hardware guys that he bragged about them sponsoring him and I would probably be a first time customer at Home Depot from now on. Does Mezzacrappa run ads on Backpge for "Theraputic" Services?

Jon D said...

Bernie, check out the latest online article in the ET about Easton dropping police protection in West Easton, esp. the quote about "one person in West Easton" causing problems.

Anonymous said...

We are in SERIOUS trouble as a society if even more radio programming becomes like this.

Anonymous said...

Not sure if he is suffering from personality disorder, drug or alcohol abuse or is just 100% nuts

Mike P. Holmes said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Bernie O'Hare said...

What bothered me, more than anything, were the references to his ex-girlfriend's mother. He accused her, falsely, of a repugnant criminal act that constitutes slander per se. He referred to her as having a mental health disability. So basically, he went after a woman he knows is emotionally fragile with false accusations of criminal behavior.

It was disgusting.

Concerned, I called her after the show was over to see if she was OK. She wasn't. She is a wreck.

As a blogger, I expect to take shots. I don't like being accused of crimes, and it bothers me, but I expect all kinds of other criticism. It comes with the territory. Same for the politicos. I don't think Callahan loses much sleep over what Gregory is going to say next.

But this mother is another story. She is a simple person who leads a simple life and is not part of the political world. Gregory has defamed a person he knows is fragile because he is an abuser. If he can't beat someone up, he will take a fragile woman like that and accuse her of criminal behavior, knowing she can't defend herself.

She spoke to Timmer yesterday. Nasty, he told her that if her daughter is anything like her, no wonder she has problems with Gregory.

These are horrible people, and they are going to be held accountable.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Michael Holmes, You need mental health intervention, not Mezzacappa or Gregory. You also need to do a better job of disguising your voice when you call into that station and lie about your name. By the way, why comment on a blog you call a waste of space?

Anonymous said...

Bernie, I heard through the grapevine that Tricia Mezzacappa filed for an "emergency" injunction against West Easton Borough this week. Apparently she believes she is being denied some important zoning documents or something. Tyranny! I think her case may be on the court's miscellaneous list for tomorrow.

She unsuccessfully sued you numerous times, including the recent PFA thing. She's suing the Sheriff. She unsuccessfully sued the DA and vows to appeal; She's suing The Express-Times. Now she's suing West Easton - again. Also, I heard she appealed her criminal harassment conviction of a borough clerk to county court.

If she keeps it up, the county is going to have to add a special Mezzacappa judge to the bench.

Mike P Holmes said...

Bernie little child, very childish of you to say something like that.

what is it with you defending the DA's office?
They have something on you?

or do you have something on them and that is the reason they won't prosecute you for all you've done.

I hope you never have to defend yourself in court, because you will never be able to do it.

Your a hateful person, And Karma will pay you back one day.

Bernie, Tá tú pathetic, ní amháin chun tú féin agus do mhuintir ach le do Oidhreachta na hÉireann, le do thoil stopadh insulting do Oidhreachta na hÉireann agus athrú ar do ainm seo caite

Anonymous said...

Way to muzzle the truth speakers O'Hare, that is why Gregory's show is building steam because he provides a venue for THE TRUTH! Michael Holmes will be part of this triumvirate that exposes corruption in the NorCo justice system, expect to hear more from him.

If you're hoping to sue anybody I would suggest improving the quality of your representation as Orclownski keeps getting cases tossed left and right. The vortex of hate is generating a lot of publicity for he show and Jolly Joe couldn't be happier.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Mr. Holmes, your command of Gaelic is as faulty as your mental health. Now please go away. As my grandfather would say, Póg mo Thóin.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Tricia Mezzacappa, Gregory's show is a venue for the cRaZies like you, Gregory and Holmes. Today's show was disgusting, which does not surprise me where you are concerned. Now everyone else can see it, and you can't hide and say it's mot you.

Bernie O'Hare said...

11:19, I saw her petition. I have not spoken to anyone in West Easton and do not intend to, but suspect that she wanted to see those records when she wanted to see them, instead of at a mutually convenient time.

I make requests for records all the time. I have two outstanding right now. I don't think I am more important than the borough or city officials who are reviewing my requests, and will see them when it is convenient to us all.

Mike P. Holmes said...

Bernie boy
I finally figured you out,what you are all about,

You and your Family are supporters of Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness at Sinn Fein.
Traitors of Ireland and the Irish people!

Hey Bernie
If you ever visit Belfast let me know, I can have some of my Irish Republican cousins and their friends meet you at the airport to show you a good time in Ireland!
Hell, I'll even pay for your plane ticket to visit you FUCKING Traitor!!

Tiocfaidh ár lá

Come visit me Bernie and learn some true Irish History

Bernie O'Hare said...

Mr. Holmes, Thanks for demonstrating your mental instability yet again. This is the third comment from a person who just a few short hours ago called this blog a "waste of space."

What makes the Irish great are not pretend thugs and domestic terrorists like you, but a literary people who can make even a simple sentence sound like a work of art.

I strive to follow that tradition, while you call in radio shows and don't even have the courage to identify yourself.

Some Irishman.

Anonymous said...

"Jon D said...
Bernie, check out the latest online article in the ET about Easton dropping police protection in West Easton, esp. the quote about "one person in West Easton" causing problems. 10:36 AM"

Yes. Mayor Gross was quoted as saying "there are a lot of problems in West Easton with one person."

As expected, that one person (Hi, Trish) is already posting retaliatory comments on the ET website as "carnival cream" and "Tea Party Foot Soldier."

Another day but Trish's song remains the same. She's a broken record...

Anonymous said...

Isn't the first amendment great?
Jim and you are just practicing that very right...
I'm going to go to the crapper and take a shit and wipe my Bernie O'Hare and I'm going to listen to GPA the rest of the day knowing that I will be entertained again this time Friday!

Anonymous said...

Isn't the first amendment great?
Jim and you are just practicing that very right...
I'm going to go to the crapper and take a shit and wipe my Bernie O'Hare and I'm going to listen to GPA the rest of the day knowing that I will be entertained again this time Friday!

Bernie O'Hare said...

The First Amendment offers no protection from defamation. Mezzacappa should know that, but is in la la land and seems to think that a judgment entered against her does not exist. Gregory and Timmer are about to find out that there are consequences to speech.

Mike P. Holmes said...

So Bernie boy

From what you are saying,you are calling me is a domestic terrorists right?

and you also are calling Irish Republicans in Ireland thugs and terrorists, People like
Irish Republican Prisoners Welfare Association
And anyone who is involved or support these people,
you are calling them all thugs and domestic terrorists, is that right bernie boy????????????

you are a waste of space and air!!
And you also are a FUCKING Traitor
to the Irish people and Ireland.
you are absolutely a mental case that needs help right away, maybe then you can be a lawyer again, OPPS. I forgot
you need to get your mental health checked first, And you know you can't past that test right Bernie boy.

Hate blogger and failure you are little boy bernie.

and GEEZ Bernie, stop making up so many different names on here and posting BS, people can see right thru your BS and know you are doing this.
Traitor and coward
Bernie O'hara Adams McGuinness
all wrapped up into one

Anonymous said...

Rumor has it that Mezzalooney's appeal of her harassment conviction of a West Eston Borough Clerk has been delayed for another month, due to illness. One wonders if that is her "mental" illness? Or maybe the spectacular "Pro Se" needs more time to come up with lies about how the clerk actually harassed her? I bet that clerk is happy to be free from the torture Trish provided!!

Bernie O'Hare said...

Mr. Holmes, the accusation that I post here anonymously or under other names is just another lie from a man who just a few hours ago called himself "joe" on WGPA.

Some Irishman.

"THE" Bitch in ME said...

Hey Bernie,

If you don't like what is said on "The Mouth That Roared", why don't you man up and spend the $200 an hour on WGPA and have of show of your own!! (I know you won't because you're such a coward!!!) Just call the station and ask for the Traffic Manager and he will set it up for you. DO IT!!!!!! MAN UP!!!

Bernie O'Hare said...

I am not spending one cent on Timmer. He'll be paying me, thank you very much.

Mike P. Holmes said...

Well Said THE Bitch in ME

Now bernie, MAN UP And answer my question about the thugs and so called terrorist you refer to as the
Irish Republicans in Ireland
Irish Republican Prisoners Welfare Association

Anonymous said...

He didn't say a thing...

Anonymous said...


Without Police protection...You have impacted the safety of our families, our children, neighboring children that play in our parks, and patrons of West Easton. I'll let you in on the news... a lot of us have been quiet, waiting for you to disappear, but we are not going to wait anymore. - your stay here will be Hell.

Anonymous said...

The Bitch is right on!
Man up! Spend the $$$ you cheep bastard!... Oh thats right you ar too chicken too!

Mike P. Holmes said...

Yes Anonymous, He was saying that
Irish Republicans in Ireland
Irish Republican Prisoners Welfare Association
Are nothing but thugs and terrorist!!
I think bernie must be a British CT loyalist

and the worst of all he is calling Bobby Sands a thug and Terrorist
who died for nothing

Anonymous said...

Dear Jim and Trish (and the new wack-job)

This is Sponge-Bob, Forest told me to contact you. The Krusty Krab would like to be a sponsor on your wonderful show. Squidward and I would also love to be guests. Im raedy, im ready, im ready. Ive been certfied mensa-krab maker. Im ready, im ready, im ready.

Sponge-Bob and pAtRicK (not Bernie sillY)

PS Tell Earl Gary says HI!

Anonymous said...

Interesting to say the least...

Almost like a bunch of kids in the schoolyard with the A.D.D. medication kicking in.

Entertaining for now, but I soon will grow tired of the same thing over and over.

This is a flash in the pan, I give it another week at best and back to oldies at 7:00 on good ol' WGPA!

Anonymous said...

You guys can act "thug-ish" here all you want, but an end to this is certainly coming.

I think Bernie has a SOLID case for legal action, especially against Timmer and WGPA.

No, I am not Bernie or his attorney.

Anonymous said...

Spot On Mike!!!

Anonymous said...

Wah, Wha , Wha, You are a joke. You spend years taking Mezzacappa apart with the DA's protection, then the minute you get criticized you cry sue, sue, sue.. They can use your own filth as a defense. The problem for you is that their defense against you is that they are telling the truth, you aren't. So, whine and cry all you want. Sue already, but shut up in the meantime . You are freaking annoying.

Anonymous said...


You are discounting the unique responsibility a person like Timmer, and his station, has.

Broadcast licenses are not granted for this type of campaign.

Anonymous said...

Uh, does anyone else think that this already scary situation may be escalating to a terrifying climax?

On the other hand, one upside might be that if a few more of the most hateful lunatics out there all jump in together and keep commenting, it might just make it not only easier for members of the public to clearly identify and avoid them (like the plague they seem to be), but also for authorities to finally legally remove them and give the rest of us some peace from this vitriol...

DM, JG, and now MH...you're not righteous martyrs. You're just toxic, dangerous morons.

Anonymous said...

By now every one on the planet knows that all these fake Anons are you. Still don't get it, do you moron. The jig is up. Everyone knows that all these posters are you.
You admitted it to Trish, duh...You are boring

Anonymous said...

Go for it, Mr. Disbarred Attorney. Sue, sue, sue you whiny bitch. Or shut up !

Anonymous said...

Even Ingrassia is sick of your lies and whining. She left you holding your little penis when she skipped the last hearing. Couldn't pay her mother enough to get her there?

Anonymous said...

Morganelli is sick of you, the judges are sick of you.
Get a freaking job, get out of your disgusting apartment, and go away

Bernie O'Hare said...

Tricia Mezzacappa has been proven in Court to be a liar. Repeating lies do not make them true.

Mike P. Holmes said...

((DM, JG, and now MH...you're not righteous martyrs. You're just toxic, dangerous morons.))

WOW, We are dangerous morons because we stick up for are rights and want the corruption in NCC to stop and will fight it,

And you call us morons?
wow, You are very dangerous to the citizens and freedom of everyone in this country.


Anonymous said...

You have four months to be relevant . When Stoffa leaves, your done. No more homeless skunks in the courthouse.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Mr. Holmes, as I have previously indicated, I only post under my own name and take full responsibility for what I write. I do not call radio stations under false names, nor do I create characters like Harvey. You folks are accusing me of what you do. Not everyone is as devoid of integrity as you, Mezzacappa and Gregory.

Anonymous said...

@MPH 1:49PM

Hahaha. You're paranoid too, unsurprisingly. I'm definitely not Bernie.

And yes, you're a vitriolic moron--one who apparently can't write a proper sentence to boot.

Bernie O'Hare said...

It's "you're," not "your." John Stoffa is my friend and I will be sorry to see him leave. I hope he remains involved. But I intend to stay engaged, no matter how much you try to shout me down. Sorry.

Mike P. Holmes said...

Now Bernie, I'm asking you this the 3rd time again

You said that all
Irish Republicans in Ireland
Irish Republican Prisoners Welfare Association
Are nothing but thugs and terrorist!!

and the worst of all you say Bobby Sands was a thug and Terrorist
who died for nothing.

Right Bernie??
I want a answer on this Bernie
Or are you afraid to answer that question Bernie??
And stop taking Deleting post and trying to hide this

Bernie O'Hare said...

Mr. Holmes, you are confusing yourself with Irish Republicans, but are nothing of the sort. I called you a thug and domestic terrorist, and that is what you are. You are a disgrace to good Irishmen everywhere, and unlike most of the Irishman I know, appear to suffer from a weakened intellect. But don't worry, even Forrest Gump was very successful, as Gregory noted yesterday.

Anonymous said...

You get respect because of your dad. He was an amazing man. That'll buy you only so much. You and your constant lies and destructive character not only wreck any respect you might have had at one time but it shreds your father's legacy. That's sad. Maybe he pissed you off and you don't care.. You should, we only have one father.

Anonymous said...

I'm Irish. At one time my people were Fenians. Taker your hate, and misplaced sense of purpose and meaning, and peddle it elsewhere.

I took back my hand and I showed him the door
No dollar of mine would I part with this day
For fuelling the engine of a bloody cruel war
In my forefathers' home far away.
Who fled the first Famine wearing all that they owned
Were called Navigators, all ragged and torn
And built the Grand Trunk here and found a new home
Wherever their children were born.

Their sons have no politics, none can recall
Allegiance from long generations before
Oh, this war or that name can't matter at all
Or be cause enough for to war.

And meanwhile my babies lie safe in their homes
Unlike their Pale cousins who cower and cry
While kneecappers nail their poor Dads to the floor
And teach them to hate and to die.

It's those cruel beggars who spurn the fair coin
The Peace for their kids they could take at their will
Since the day old King Billy prevailed at the Boyne
They've bombed and they've maimed and they've killed.

Now they cry out for money and wail at the door
But Home Rule or Republic, 'tis all of it shame
And a curse for us here who want nothing of war
We're kindred in nothing but name.

All rights and all wrongs have long since blown away
For causes are ashes where children lie slain
Yet the damned UDL and the cruel IRA
Will tomorrow go murdering again.

But no penny of mine will I add to the fray
"Remember The Boyne" they will cry out in vain
For I've given my heart to the place I was born
And forgiven the whole House of Orange,
King Billy and the whole House of Orange.

Bernie O'Hare said...

At my age, whatever respect I get is from my own accomplishments. My father would be very proud of what I am doing, and think he would join in if he wre still here. And incidentally, I am a cupcake compared to my father. I am the nice O'Hare.

Mike P. Holmes said...

Well bernie boy
I am 100% PRO Irish Irish republicanism

I am 100% PRO R.I.R.A
I am 100% PRO 32CSM
I am 100% PRO Irish Republican Prisoners Welfare Association
Am I a member? NO
There is a different bernie boy.
But apparently you don't understand what being PRO IRISH REPUBLICANISM IS.
You are either a Sinn Fecking Traitor or a British CT.

Now for the 4TH time, I want a answer on this Bernie, or are you a chicken shit??

Bernie O'Hare said...

Now this is a real Irishman, not the bloody fool who can't even identify himself on the radio. Thanks so much,

Bernie O'Hare said...

Mr. Holmes, I have answered you question. Aren't you supposed to be protesting at the courthouse today, or did you lie about that,too?

Mike P. Holmes said...

Since you will not my question
I take it then bernie that you think Bobby Sands was a thug and Terrorist
who died for nothing.

you are a disgrace to all Irishmen alive and to all who have passed on.


May you go to hell and not have a drop of porter to quench your eternal thirst”

Mike P. Holmes said...

Panto refused to give me a answer if I can or can't.

Email from Pantos office
I don’t believe you need anything as long as you abide by the items listed below in the July 15th email.

Not a yes or no, only think.
Then when I do it I get arrested
Not going to happen!!

and you have not answered my question yet

How about you come on Jim's show?
If you're not afraid

Mike P. Holmes said...

Anonymous said...
I'm Irish.

Another Sinn Fecking Traitor or a British CT.

Anonymous said...

It's not bad enough that the Republicans told me I wasn't American enough when I questioned our misadventures in Iraq after 9/11. Now I got some retard telling me I'm not Irish enough because I support the peace process.

In the dialect of my forefathers,

go fook yourself, Holmes

Not Spartacus

Anonymous said...

If Holmes is Irish, he is shaming the island. He is shit-stain on the entire race. AND NO im not Bernie. Get help, get meds, and try to get mental health.

Anonymous said...

"Not a yes or no, only think.
Then when I do it I get arrested
Not going to happen!!"

Mr. Holmes, you're all bluster and no guts. You're nothing like Bobby Sands, who gave his life for a cause.

Mike P. Holmes said...

Well Anonymous
You are right about the misadventures in Iraq in the name of PROFIT,
The peace process is all BS in Ireland today yet.
Their will never be peace in Ireland until there is a Immediate withdrawal of the British Terrorist and are gone out of Ireland.

Do you ever read the newspapers in Ireland?

If not you should, Still a lot of people dying at the hands of PSNI
and british loyalist who still kill for fun of it in Ireland. An 11-year-old boy who was badly burned in a petrol bomb attack in derry has said he remembers seeing the device coming towards him.

peace process right????????

The RUC/PSNI have been accused of using excessive violence against whole families, including young children, amid increased concerns over heavy-handed policing in republican areas.
The 32 County Sovereignty Movement in Derry said the predominately Protestant police force had “rough-housed” a local Catholic family at a toy store in front of both customers and staff.

“The RUC/PSNI manhandled and abused them, leaving the young children in tears,” a spokesperson said in a statement.

again, you say peace process right????????

Read the papers and see what is going on

peace process MY ASS!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

But remember these three support Deb Hunter and Seth VAUGHN. They must be getting money from the unity PAC.

Lehigh Valley Corruption said...


Anonymous said...

Did somebody forget to lock Greystone?

Anonymous said...

Mike Holmes, who the F*ck cares about Ireland? Really? Will this help you get out of your criminal mess? Do you think it gains you sympathy? From this Italian/German I could care less.

Anonymous said...

Holmes needs to keep focused on one issue because of his obviously limited intellect. He's gone from Northampton to Ireland.

No offense to the Irish, but as a 3rd generation American of Russian heritage, I don't give a fart in the wind about Ireland, just as I don't concern myself with Russia and their problems. I focus my energy on my own country.

Are you an American, or an Irish combatant?

Holmes, try to come up with a better alias next time you call in for Gregory because his phones aren't ringing. How about, "Patrick O'Brien"?

Anonymous said...

How about "Holden McGroin"?

Lehigh Valley Corruption said...

Anonymous said...
Mike Holmes,
Will this help you get out of your criminal mess?

Are you doing drugs?
I'm talking about people who fight for freedom!

gains you sympathy
LOL, that is stupid wacko

I'm fighting the corruption in this county.
and that's it!!
I am defending my freedom against this corruption and will do this till the end.
now get a life and hide under your bed little boy.
or should I say BERNIE AGAIN

Anonymous said...

LOL. Wish I said that!

Clinton Oxford said...

Send Harvey to Ireland.

Lehigh Valley Corruption said...

Anonymous said...
Holmes needs to keep focused on one issue because of his obviously limited intellect. He's gone from Northampton to Ireland.

and that would have to be you
limited intellect, on your part yes!!

Anonymous said...

I hope they find you guilty. You promise a hunger strike and a refusal to take your meds in prison. You even swear you'll die before giving in.

Promise? I expect as a good Irishman, you'll keep your word.

Lehigh Valley Corruption said...

Anonymous said...

Please come join me bernie, LOL

Anonymous said...


Wouldn't it have been quicker to write, "Sticks and stones..."

By the way, stick a 4-leaf clover up your ass. Then ask your cellmate if he feels lucky.

Lehigh Valley Corruption said...

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it

LOL, ask you daddy to do that.

so many Anonymous people on your blog bernie, LMFAOOO

Bet that little boy from the DA's office is using the name Anonymous because he is a coward like you bernie

Lehigh Valley Corruption said...

Had my fun for today bernie, Later Traitor

Anonymous said...

Now you think there are more posting than just Bernie?

Learn from Gregory and Mezzacappa. Stick to one story - No matter how absurd and repeat it as many times as possible.

What you're doing now just proves you're an idiot.

Anonymous said...

Too bad he left. I wanted to know what, "LMFAOOO" means.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Timmer, Gregory and Mezzacappa also want to unleash convicted child rapist Michael piper on us. But we'lll have to wait 29-58 years.

Anonymous said...

In response to being told to stick a 4 leaf clover up his ass and asking his cellmate if he feels lucky

Lehigh Valley Corruption said...

"Wouldn't it."

I guess he's looking forward to jail time. No wonder him and Gregory are suddenly best friends.

Anonymous said...

Of course Mr. Gregory is supporting Deb Hunter, both he and she are attractive people who care for each other.

Mr. Gregory is a man, men want to be like and women want to be with. He is handsome and well structured. Ms. Hunter would not be the first woman to fall under his spell.

Mr. Gregory is like a voice in the wilderness crying out for justice.

I hope Mr. Gregory starts to expose the corruption in the Stoffa Administration. He could start with that fool Ross Marcus who was given a job by CACLV. he was a terrible HS Director and still is clueless about how it operates. Stoffa got his connections on CACLV to give him a job.

Thank you Mr. Gregory for your service to the public.

Parthenology said...

always thought "jolly joe" was a low life. this latest addition to his two bit station proves that he is the scum of the earth

Anonymous said...

Well, Bernie, you have a stronger stomach than I do if you plan to listen again tomorrow. I listened for the first time today, and it was also the last. What a bunch of ill-intentioned stupid drivel. Those people are pathetic. The worst part is, I suppose, that they do not know how pathetic they are. If I had a home-town radio station, I sure as heck would not want garbage like this playing on it, not even for $200/hour. Timmer cannot be that hard up.

And, just for the record, I am Cate, not a fabrication of Bernie's. I am just too clueless to figure out how to post on this site without using the "anonymous." CATE

Anonymous said...

Will someone please explain to me what this Gregory, mexxacappa and hunter love affair is all about? please. I'm missing something.

Anonymous said...

NO one can explain why these freaks do what they do. They love John "downtown" Brown also. It would take a REAL mensan do decode their nonsense.

Anonymous said...

The Mediterranean manslab and Deb Hunter? Lucky girl.

Anonymous said...

Hey, now, don't be blaming Gregory on Deb Hunter. Gregory endorses Deb, NOT the other way around. I'm sure Gregory like pizza, but I'm not holding that against the Italians.

Anonymous said...

He is a very handsome man and I see nothing wrong with the attraction. Hopefully he can help her in the election. he is very smart about politics.

Anonymous said...

As he proved in his own political failings.

Anonymous said...

@ 7:20, yeah, mensa boy is so smart that he ended up in the can AND taking it in the can! He is so smart that he disregarded set dates to change his affiliation for this self described Independent. He is certainly not dependent upon brains, although he has done a nice job sucking up PAC dollars for his own usage and misusage. Piece of shit should spend a lot more time in jail!!
Love Earl

Clinton Oxford said...

@ "he is very smart about politics.
7:20 PM"

Credit given, where credit due....

If onlf he would stop the Abuse-of-his-Ex, with his Passive-Aggressive Semantic.

Anonymous said...

What the Hell does this Deb Hunter see in Jim Gregory? He is a cuckoo bird.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I don't think Deb Hunter, Seth Vaughn or John Brown will have anything to do with Gregory or Mezzacappa. They are both poison.

Anonymous said...

If I am not mistaken the IRA is still considered a terrorist organization and has had ties to the PLO, airplane hijackings and even El Qaeda.

To hold such an organization up as a wonderful group makes about as much sense as Leprechauns.
Some of you green beers need to sober up andgrow the Hell up.

Anonymous said...

I sure hope West Easton can find reliable police coverage before Mezzacappa finally completes her walk off the deep end. That chick is a snapped episode waiting to happen.

Lehigh Valley Corruption said...
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Bernie O'Hare said...

Holmes, I think we heard enough of your nonsense. You will be deleted from this point.

FaThEr BlOg MeNtOr said...


I seriously haven't been following this. I have been glossing over it because both Gregory and Mezzacappa are nuTz! So I have been staying away from their lunacy. But now I noticed that there is this Holmes guy.

What is Holmes' issue with Dieter Brothers?

That is a weird marriage, especially since Dieter Brothers are a sponsor for WGPA. If they hear that someone on Gregory's show is bad mouthing them, wonder if they would pull their support for WGPA?

Anonymous said...

let's get real here. There is only one way that Gregory will ever say anything nice about anyone. You have to say or do something nice about Gregory. Pray tell, what did Deb Hunter give Gregory or pay gregory? It's reality. He is a scum bag and the only person he is supporting is Hunter. H will not support his two previous candidatrs, Heckman and Seyfried for whatever reason. Both of them seem like decent candidates to me. Why this attraction to Hunter? Just curious. Seth Vaughn and Peg Ferraro are also good candidates. What's going on here?

Anonymous said...

What's going on here?

Imagine Mezzacappa's WEFP blog and Gregory's Facebook page being combined, broadcast on the radio, and paid for through a self-serving PAC that begs for money. Subtract the foul language that Mezzacappa is muzzled from using because of FCC rules and you have, The Jim "I'm a Mensa Idiot" Show with side nut Tricia "Yosemite Samantha" Mezzacrazy.

Bernie O'Hare said...

As I've stated several times, Gregory supports Hunter, Vaughn and Brown. But he, and Mezzacappa, are poison. Candidates will avoid them and might actually have to denounce them.

Anonymous said...

I can tell you what is wrong here. Gregory is crazy. He is not only crazy but a dangerous woman beater who should hiver been kept in jail. He laughs at the law and still openly talks about and disparages his ex, her family an and even mocks the judge. He is a menace to society.

He has stated publicly that he will be involved in the campaigns of Hunter, Vaughn and Brown. He was going to do Ferraro's but she had the good sense to send him packing.

Why none of these candidates will tell him to buzz off is beyond me. He was heard saying he finds Hunter attractive and has apparently told her. I hope that is all she will allow because he is a know woman beater. She should steer clear of him and let it be known in no uncertain terms.

When he gets into a woman's life, all kinds of trouble can follow.

David Lea said...

I have been reading about this for quite some time. I am not from this area, originally, so maybe I get the benefit of being "out of touch" with who Jim Gregory is. Is this a person who is opting for public office?? If so, you have to tell me who has their head up their ass to let this go on. It scares me to think that you people are serious about even looking this guy in the political eye. You are kidding me right? You must realize that this Gregory is not fit. This came off his Facebook page...
When she kicked in my door, she kneed me in the back so hard that I could sit for two months without pain. She also forgot to mention that when she kicked me another time , she hurt me and broke my IPad . I didn't mind getting beat up. Because our lovemaking was just as intense.
This is a girl "LINA" who he beat down???
You got to be kidding me? Is there that much of a lack of self respect in this area(county) to even foster a person like this to say, "he speaks for you"??

Anonymous said...

"Because our lovemaking was just as intense."

You are talking about our own Mediterranean manslab. His dark and petite features make women swoon and men green with envy.

He has already moved on and is looking into a new love partner.
You can hear him on his radio show at 7am Monday through Friday on 1100 am.

Anonymous said...

I listened to Monday's show and I listened to Friday's train wreck. They were identical with just whimsical jabberings of the idiot and his freeloading sidekick. She is smart....gets air time and he pays the bill. Playing him for the total fool he is. Anyway, I gave it a week when it didn't deserve a minute. Adios GPA.

Anonymous said...

He has already moved on and is looking into a new love partner.

5 out of 5 days talking about his ex-girlfriend he abused and saying how much he loves her. Yeah, he's moved on...

Anonymous said...

Apparently, he is making a move with Ms. Hunter. For her sake I hope she is smart enough to not get too involved with him.

Her involvement so far makes one question her judgment. Gregory was heard saying he has been meeting with her. How can this be true? Hope it isn't.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I doubt it very much.

Anonymous said...

Bernie, please don't be jealous. It is well known that Jom Gregory has "panty dropping" eyes and mannerisms. He has bedded many single and married women. In days of old he would have been called a "cocksman".

I doubt anyone can blame a consenting adult if she falls under the Gregory spell. Lord knows she would not be the first. If it helps win an election what is the big deal. Please leave Jim and his friend alone.