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Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Chetwin Terrace Residents: Stormwaters Becoming Dangerous

Chetwin Terrace resident Wayne Kresge is becoming a regular at Bethlehem Township Commissioner meetings. He was there again on August 5, for the fourth time since June, to complain about stormwaters coming from William Penn Highway, across the bike path and flooding onto his property. Though Township Engineer Brian Dillman has visited his property, he still need to determine who owns all the land in the area that needs to be addressed. "I should have an answer next week," he promised.

Kresge is concerned that the situation is getting dangerous.During storms, as much as 8" of water are on the surface of the bike path, where they cascade into a ditch and under his deck, forty feet away. Moving at 20 mph, Kresge is worried that someone could be swept away from the bike path and into deeper water.

"I'm tired of my back yard, bring a retention pond," he complained after the meeting. He said that he and other neighbors are considering a class action against the Township.

One of those neighbors, fellow Chetwin Terrace resident Roy Roth, claims the problems started when the Township or state replaced a 24" drainage pipe with a 36" pipe, increasing the flow of water from William Penn Highway.  "We cannot stall this thing," he told Commissioners.

Roth had another complaint. Weeds. He noted that vacant properties owned by St. Luke's, JG Petrucci and Field of Dreams have waist high weeds, and suggested that crops should be growing there until the land is developed.

Manager Howard Kutzler told Roth that Township manpower prevents a weed patrol, but they do respond to complaints, and he is welcome to fill out a form. Kutzler added he could probably find thirty properties in violation of the weed ordinance, but procedures must be followed in fairness to the owners.

"One fellow in a part-time position cannot slay every dragon in the Township," Kutzler advised.  


Anonymous said...

This is what happens when you lay down acre after acre of blacktop,when all planning is turned over to developers. Good luck to the Monocracy Creek.
That beautiful township is all but ruined.

John McNally said...

I have lived in the area of William Penn Hwy. and Sheridan Dr. for over 16 years and have had as much as 20 inches of STORM WATER runoff flooding my front yard and driveway! We have no storm sewers in this older section of Bethlehem Twp. and it's unlikely we ever will.

Anonymous said...

That area of the Township has been developed for close to 60 years and has no storm sewers. Don't people know these things when they move in? If the Commissioners approve a fix to this no storm sewer situation all the taxpayers will generously pay. It might be cheaper to buy the complainer out then put in sewers.

Anonymous said...

Every new acre of hardscspe adds to the run off.
Your justifications only make you apologist s look like the boot kickers you are. Poor planing 50 years ago, poor planning on top of that now.
Don't spend tax dollars. Don't built adequate infrastructure. Live in your own suburban sprawl paved over developers poorly planned Twp. and keep making up those excuses for you piss poor planning and retrograde zoning.
Stupid hacks. Anything for $$$$$$$$$$$$.

Anonymous said...

This is why Historic Bethlehem gets flooded.
The folks downstream want to thank you Bethlehem Township for your heads-up planning.
Job well done.
Can't wait till you rezone you're currently estimated open space to allow for even more runoff. A developers paradise, open for business.

Anonymous said...

You don't like the way things are? Move the hell out.

john McNally said...

Wow! nasty comments from cowards that hide behind the name Anonymous.

Bernie O'Hare said...

You have no idea, John. Some miserable people out there.

Anonymous said...

problem is I'm sure these two don't even live in the township. we've heard this manifesto before. either Bastidas or Dolan. My money is on both. sat through many city coucil and zoning meetings listening to their drivel. Poor bethlehem township, don't drink the cool-aid.