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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Nazareth (Middle School) Blue Eagles Scrimmage at Beca's Lil' Hawks


My grandson is playing this year for Bethlehem Catholic's equivalent of a middle school football team. They call themselves the "Lil' Hawks." Marketers would tell them to come up with some other moniker than "Lil'", like "Swift Hawks" or "Deadly Hawks." But the name is accurate. They are little. Not many of them, either. maybe twenty or so.

Early yesterday evening, before the lightness faded away, Beca's team hosted Nazareth Middle School for a scrimmage. The Blue Eagles. That's another name that needs a change.

They came in two buses. A never-ending line of at least fifty of them descended down onto the playing field, and some looked like they belong in the NFL. I thought the Beca time was in for a tough time.

They were, but so was Nazareth. Neither team was able to score against the other. Both had excellent defenses. Both could walk away proud.

The above video shows my grandson running for his life. I'd like to say I taught him all those moves, but fortunately for him, I am not biologically related to him.

I'm sure he slept well.

First real game starts next week against Dieruff. I'm told the football program there is vastly improved, and just beat up Northampton in a scrimmage.


Anonymous said...

Wow! He has serious skills and sees the field like a pro. Does he have any size, Bernie? He looks like D1 material. What balance and footwork. Reminds me of old Chuck Foreman of the Vikings. Again, wow! I enjoy these posts. It's got to be all you, btw.

Anonymous said...

12:31 = jealous racist douchebag

Bernie O'Hare said...

I''m sending your comment to Dat. It will make him smile. He's 5'7" and is growing every time I see him. I don't think he'll have the size for Div I.