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Friday, August 02, 2013

The Officer Barbradys of Gracedale

"Move along, people. Nothing to see here," is what MIA McClure and others said last night in reaction to news that County nursing home Gracedale is losing money. He, Council member Bob Werner and Gracedale Administrator Millard "Dee" Freeman insisted at lat night's Council meeting that Executive John Stoffa's concerns about the nursing home spending its annual subsidy in six months might be premature. Stoffa himself stated that he failed to account for revenue owed, and is unsure how to account for the $700,000 in generators.

Freeman told Council that expenditures are on track, so that's not the concern. Revenue is off because $475,000 is still due from last year, as well as $1.736 million in Medicaid  and $353,000 due as a result of a rate increase.

"We're hoping that by final budget, we'll be back on track," said Freeman, noting that revenues pick up in the final six months.

He also acknowledged that his initial budget projection for next year is calling for a $5.9 million County contribution.


Anonymous said...

Stoffa running to the Press trying to run down Gracedale with more of his negative buillshit. What else is new? He wants desperately for
Gracedale to fail and it will be a relief when he and his teabagger Republican council chums are out of office.

The guy is a bum.

Anonymous said...

gracemess is all smoke and mirrors

get rid of the white elephant and eliminate all the hype

Anonymous said...

Was Gilbert present?

Bernie O'Hare said...

No. He was MIA again.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"The guy is a bum."

... says an anonymous coward.

Anonymous said...

The damn shame of this all is that Stoffa was taken at his word and now Marcus and Freeman basically said you can't say any of this. It would have thrown the private mangement company under the bus as well as Marcus who is auditioning for a job with the next John to take over the executive office.

Much Ado About Nothing. I find it funny BO you spout what Stoffa says without asking Freeman and Marcus.

It was clear watching the video McClure did his homework as his dialogue with Freeman really made Stoffa's memo and comments look like out right lies.

Anonymous said...

Callahan will lose the respect and support of many if he keeps that incompetent Marcus on as Director if Human Services. the Department is a mess because the Stoffa hack to this day doesn't have clue and lets the inmates run the joint.

I doubt Callahan is that stupid.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I doubt Callahan will keep people he does not know, but he won't make decisions on the basis of some comment from an anonymous coward.

Anonymous said...

Yes take it from the rodent who hosts the pestlience preying on others with no fear for there is nothing to steal from him. The friend who finally got a $1.4 million slap for committing fraud. So conveniently ignored as you trash others with half truths, distortions and perverse biases.

Bernie O'Hare said...

You'll see him tomorrow, Tricia.