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Thursday, August 01, 2013

BT Comm'r Candidate Breslin Has Sordid Political Past

Paul Weiss, President of Bethlehem Township's Board of Commissioners, was bounced off the ballot in May's primary. Democrats selected Raymond Russin, while Republicans backed pat Breslin. Both are supported by developer Abe Atuiyeh, presenting a question whether they'll be representing him or the people.

Breslin, who once lived in Hellertown, was in 1996 an assistant treasurer on Bob Kilbanks' then Congressional race against Bethlehem Mayor Ken Smith and Easton attorneys Ed Smith (now a judge) and Jim Brose. This member of the Christian Coalition, was caught, red-handed, stealing campaign signs along Hwy 378 in the daytime. A Catholic priest - the late Father Jim Torpey - dimed him.

Though he denied it, Breslin was dismissed from Kilbanks' campaign.

Weiss is being urged to mount a write-in campaign.


Anonymous said...


This is a little over the top don't ya think? There was a bitter sign war between the Smith and Kilbanks campaign with supporters of both taking and removing the signs of the other. That does not excuse either side. However, the Father (a Ken Smith Supporter) did not catch Breslin "red handed", instead he jotted down a license plate number which was traced to a vehicle Pat owned allegedly.

Pat resigned on his own so as not hurt Kilbanks and the two remain close friends to this day.

No charges were filed and no person was ever convicted. In fact the issue was only raised by the Ken Smith campaign. Did Pat Breslin remove a Ken Smith sign because the Smith people had stolen, knocked down, and damaged hundreds of Kilbanks signs 17 years ago? Maybe, but the world will never know. :)

Bernie O'Hare said...

The Father saw him in daylight and Breslin was canned. Why resign if he is innocent? Since Breslin wants to hold public office, his political chicanery needs to be pointed out. Also, where does he really live?

Anonymous said...


If he is lying about where he lives then I cannot and will not defend him. However, other than questions, I have seen nothing that proves that it's true.

However, the fact that an over zealous supporter may or may not have displaced a sign when both campaigns were doing it 17 years ago when the guy was a young adult is hardly news worthy. The father did not go to the police - He went to the Ken Smith campaign...And he did not report a name --He reported a license plate number. It was never proven, it was never even pursued, and we are discussing something that ended up being a non-issue even when it happened nearly two decades ago.

Honestly, If the worst we can say about a person running for office is that his car was used to displace a campaign sign 17 years ago - Well let's just say there are a few people running in New York who would PAY to trade places! :)

Anonymous said...

He still lives in Hellertown and was provided a Bethlehem Township address by Abe. BT residents will be sorry if Abe Atiyeh gets control of the Board of Commissioners.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"the fact that an over zealous supporter may or may not have displaced a sign when both campaigns were doing it 17 years ago when the guy was a young adult is hardly news worthy. The father did not go to the police - He went to the Ken Smith campaign.."

Actually, it went to the state police. It is true no charges were filed. The Father did see Breslin removing signs. He was removed from Kilbanks' staff. This kind of deceptive behavior is something voters should hear before they vote, especially since Breslin is not his own man. My legal suspension occurred in 1985. I am not running for anything, but if I were, that would be fair game, too.

Breslin can explain what happened and voters can decide what weight to attach to it.

Anonymous said...

Pat has already lost his witness. Members of his church are talking about his lie about where he lives. He told others he lives in Bucks County on a farm his grandparents left him. Well it says you cannot serve two masters, so he will have to serve Atiyeh.

Kevin Cerino said...


You seem to think that this is a major issue despite this happening over 17 years ago. What about Joe Capozzolo? He was caught defacing campaign signs less than ten years ago. You admitted in your own blog that you planned on voting for Capozzolo last year.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Kevin, That was a major issue with me for Joe. I had a conversation with him about that incident. he did not remove the sign, but spray painted something on it. He is related to the guy he was involved with, and it was some kind of joke between the two.

Bernie O'Hare said...

And Kevin, I did write about it when he first announced his interest in County Council.

Anonymous said...

The voters & residents of Bethlehem Twp better wake up and understand what is going to happen if Abe get's these two mouthpieces elected into office!

Anonymous said...

"Both are supported by developer Abe Atuiyeh, presenting a question whether they'll be representing him or the people."

Callahan is supported by you and a bunch of heavy hitting pay-to-play types. The same question should be asked about John's motivations. We know how a similarly funded elected official runs Allentown. Your questions is a good one and should raise alarm regarding John Callahan.

Anonymous said...

Bethlehem Township is run by fools, look around and see the sprawl. It's clear to see. The developers paradise. Fuck it, pave whole place.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Doesanyo Emerson fund 40 per cent of Callahan's campaign, as Atiyeh is doing with Breslin? When that happens, give me a call and I'll be the first to condemn it.

What bothers me about Breslin is a lack of independence, his residency, and his honesty. I don't car much for campaign sign thieves.

Kevin Cerino said...

Express-Times, The (Easton, PA) -

Thursday, June 5, 2003


BANGOR - Mayor Joe Capozzolo pleaded no contest Wednesday to a charge

of criminal mischief for defacing the re-election campaign signs of
Bangor Area School Board member Michael Baird.

A defendant who pleads no contest does not concede guilt but admits
enough evidence against him exists to prove he committed a crime. The
plea is treated the same as a guilty plea for sentencing purposes.

Capozzolo paid a $300 fine, $117 in court costs and $15 in restitution
Wednesday, court records say.

In May, a police officer reportedly saw Capozzolo painting a Baird
campaign sign with red paint. Three other signs with similar markings
in red paint were found afterward.

Capozzolo had previously said he was innocent. On Wednesday he said he would not contest the facts of the case.

"I guess I let my passion get in the way of my common sense and it was not personal to anyone," Capozzolo said. "This was political. I hope no one took it personally because it was not intended to be that way."

The incident seems to have stemmed from a dispute over school district
building plans.

Capozzolo has vehemently opposed the idea of tearing down Washington
Elementary School and determinedly lobbied the school board to build a
school in Bangor. The mayor said he would hold another news conference
about the matter next week at the site in Bangor where he wants a
school to be built.

"I am trying to save Washington Township school, and I'm trying to get the best education possible for the children of Bangor, which is a
neighborhood school on the Fourth Street site," he said. "And if it
took this to get the word out, so be it."

Baird said a lobbying effort might have been Capozzolo's intention all

"Maybe he was hoping to get some kind of publicity out of it," Baird

But if that was his intention, Baird wondered why Capozzolo didn't
simply call a news conference to get the word out about building a
school in Bangor and saving Washington Elementary School instead of painting over his signs.

Baird has said it may be more expensive to renovate Washington
Elementary School than to build a new school. And Baird said he has
not opposed a school in Bangor.

"I was one of the ones that had an open mind whether there should be a
school in Bangor or not," Baird said.

But Baird also said the site where Capozzolo wants the school to be
built has several problems, such as no room for future expansion
because it is surrounded by homes.

Baird's deceased wife's maiden name was Capozzolo and she was the
mayor's second cousin. Asked if he felt the family relationship had
anything to do with the incident, Baird said, "Well, he said it wasn't personal, so I hope not."

Baird said he has not talked to Capozzolo since the incident and is
not expecting to get an apology.

"I'm not going to hold my breath," Baird said.

But school board President Joseph Boyle said Capozzolo should tell
Baird he is sorry.

"I think it would be incumbent upon the mayor to offer an apology to
Mr. Baird, especially in light of the election results, because Mike
is still a candidate in the fall," Boyle said.

Reporter Jeff Schogol can be reached at 610-863-4025 or by e-mail at


Kevin Cerino said...


According to the above Express-Times article, Mr. Capozzolo
plead no contest to criminal mischeif.

He stated "I guess I let my passion get in the way of my common sense and it was not personal to anyone. This was political. I hope no one took it personally because it was not intended to be that way."

The quote have gave to the newspaper seems contradict what he told you about the incident being a joke between reletives. So, which time was he telling the truth, and which time was he lying?

Bernie O'Hare said...

Kevin, I believe Cap and Baird are related. Also, he did not lie to me. He told me he painted something on those signs. I raised the question when he sought a Council appointment, and was somewhat satisfied by his honesty and remorse. It is still a practice I detest, especially since I consider it an affront to democracy.

Contrast Cap with Breslin. He denied the incident despite being caught by a Catholic priest. He is a carpetbagger carrying water for Abe. I. Am not as foolish as his Amway customers.

Anonymous said...

Could Bethlehem Township be on the cusp of returning to the early 1980's culture of greed and corruption revolving around zoning and subdevelopment?? Back in the day it was all about who you knew and paid. Couple of officials went to jail after a major investigation by Northampton County. Stay tuned on this one.

Anonymous said...

It's the year 2016 and the shit continues: