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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Stoffa Eyeing a No Tax Hike Budget in 2014

Stoffa at Ann Achatz retirement last year
During his Executive Report to Council last night, John Stoffa went over some things he'd like to do before his term in office is over. Last, but certainly not least among taxpayers, is a 2014 Budget that contains no tax hike.

Aside from the half mill tax hike for open space that he actually promised to give voters before they elected him, Stoffa has somehow muddled through 8 years in office without ever imposing a tax hike. Along the way, he's been attacked at one time or another by just about everyone, even his allies. Well, he's obviously been doing something right. I don't think he knows what the hell it is, so don't ask.

I think it's magic.


Anonymous said...

Really?? Please!

Anonymous said...

Pity the next Executive who has to pay the bills.

Anonymous said...

Yeah anon 1:37 AM... imagine 2000 plus employees not getting paid over an 8 year span, or vendors,or Human Service providers.HHHHHHMMMMMMMMMMMMM let`see $325,000,000 per year times 8 years only a 2.6 billion dollar debt to pay. Not bad.

Anonymous said...

budgets are all smoke and bs anyway

Anonymous said...

He's eatingthe seed corn. I like him, but he's running structural deficits that will come due with a vengeance.

Anonymous said...

All that is left is to further bankrupt the county and build a multi purpose dome with public dollars.

Anonymous said...

No one has to worry. After Jan 2014 when calahan gets in office. He'll raise the taxes so high that everything will get paid for including some of his new ideas. Hell we might even get that new Morgue and employee parking garage as well. I think we're gonna find out that John was an angle compared to what you'll see happening is Calahan get elected. Hopefully NOT. Think people think.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"He's eatingthe seed corn."

The cash reserve is exactly where Dorann Hammon wants it to be, not one cent lower.It is still too low, in my opinion, as well as that of the independent auditor. But McClure et al have pushed reducing the cash reserve and voters rejected Angle.

Anonymous said...

Reibman raised taxes through the roof, lost the election because of it, and created a 60 million dollar slush fund that stoffa has overseen for eight years. Stoffa was the benfactor of a tax hike that wasn't needed and squandered 25 million on the swaption because of his inability to make a decision and you think he is doing something right. History will not be kind to Mr. Stoffa and his staff of idiots.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Glenn Reibman raises taxes after spending all the County reserves. John Stoffa inherited a $60 MM fund balance, not a slush fund. That myth was circulated by Lamont McClure when he ran for Executive, and voters rejected him.

Of that $60 MM, $25 million was set aside as a stabilization fund against emergencies like a collapsed roof or a bridge that needs immediate repair or cost over runs on a parking deck. A rainy day fund.

About $15 million was set aside for the swaption.

Nearly another half million is set aside to pay for outstanding purchase orders.

There are always millions set aside, usually $5-6 million, to plug the hole in the previous year's budget and make it balance.

Only about $15-18 million was unassigned, so the County can pay bills.

Over the years, the swaption money is gone and the unassigned balance is lower. But other than that, it is exactly where it was when Stoffa assumed office.

He has been a responsible fiscal steward.

Anonymous said...

Once the new guy gets in, your Stoffa fantasy will be exposed for the silliness it is Bernie. He blew it on the swaption. He has burned off the surplus. He has obligated the county to long term debt not covered by current revenue.

As another person posted history(other than you) will not be kind to John Stoffa when the real facts come out in the next few years.

He may be honest as per your opinion. However, everyone that really knows him knows he is one of the dullest knives in the drawer.