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Monday, August 26, 2013

Allentown Woman Charged in Starter's Pub Infanticide

Coroner Zach Zysek: Baby was a health boy
A 26 year-old Allentown woman, Amanda Catherine Hein, has been charged with the infanticide of her own son, right after giving birth to him in a toilet stall at Starters Pub in Lower Saucon Township on August 18. Northampton County District Attorney John Morganelli was able to explain what happened at a Monday afternoon news conference, but not why. "I can't get inside this lady's head," he remarked, but she "made a very, very bad choice. Whether it's an hour old or a minute old, a person's life was taken."

Here's what happened, as determined by an investigation spearheaded by Lower Saucon Police Officer James Connell. On August 18, Hein was with three male acquaintances to see a Pay Per View event at Starters. She began to complain of back pain and left to use the rest room. Her friends became concerned because she was gone for forty minutes and did not answer their text messages. When she returned, companion Louis Rivera noticed that she appeared to be wet and thought it could be blood. He repeatedly asked her if he could take her to the hospital, but she declined. She did go outside for a smoke, and then returned to watch the remainder of the Pay Per View without telling anyone what had happened.

She had never told anyone that she was pregnant.

In a toilet stall, she delivered a 33-36 weeks old healthy boy, wrapped him in a plastic trash liner retrieved from a trash can, and slipped him into the toilet tank well while he was still alive.

The baby's body was discovered the next day when Starters staff cleaned the rest room before opening.

According to coroner Zach Lyseck, who ruled the death a homicide, the baby suffocated.

Hein admitted to wrapping her newly born son in a plastic trash bag and placing him in a toilet tank well alive. She's been charged with homicide, and could face the death penalty because the murder of anyone under age 12 is an aggravating factor. But Morganelli stated that decision will be made later.  She is being held without bail after a preliminary arraignment before District Judge David Tidd.

Lyseck pointed out that every hospital in this area has cradles where mothers can drop off new born infants, no questions asked.

Updated 7:16, to reflect preliminary arraignment before Judge Tidd, as per The Express Times.


Anonymous said...

More tragic then words can describe.

Anonymous said...

How could she not have been arrested yet? What is wrong with this picture? She murdered a baby!

Bernie O'Hare said...

The reason would be that she is in the hospital, committed for mental health. That was my guess and a source confirmed that with the ET's Shortell. No worries. She will be jailed.

Anonymous said...

If she gets the aborsh a couple hours earlier, there's be no story. Timing is everything. She should get a couple hours grace period. Choice takes time, sometimes. It's not like the kid had a name or social security number yet. Let's get off our high horses here.

Anonymous said...


Lehighvalley live is reporting she has been in front of mdj tiff, and has been remanded to ncp.



Anonymous said...

MDJ Tidd not Tiff, stupid ipad


Bernie O'Hare said...

There you go.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

6:56. You're a fkn asshole.

Anonymous said...

Truley tragic

Anonymous said...

Teh One, hisomnipotentself, will tell you this poor young women should not be punished with a baby.

She was just choosin'...