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Monday, August 05, 2013

Mezzacappa Seeks Justice Against O'Hare ... Again

For the sixth time, West Easton gun nut Tricia Mezzacappa will have her day in Court today in her never-ending effort to bring me to justice. Her hearing starts at 11 am in Courtroom #4. She's 0-5, but this is her first try under the umbrella of the Protection From Abuse Act (PFA).

A female, at least since her last trip to Denmark, Mezzacappa claims that she and I are current or former sexual or intimate partners, something that she herself has repeatedly denied.

Mezzacappa is a former walking companion who became vewy, vewy angwy when I decided to expose the criminal antics of a potential West Easton Borough Council candidate in 2011. Mezzacappa wanted this person to stay on the ballot, and was upset that I refused to play along. To make matters even worse, I then exposed Mezacappa, on Halloween 2011, as the Wicked Witch of West Easton. That sent her over the edge. That's when she claimed, for the first time, that I kicked her pet pig in a bullshit attempt to discredit me. She later added, somewhat vaguely, that there had been some sort of sexual assault, too.

On her, not the pig.

I do have my standards, damn it.

Fast forward to 2012. I'm on a quest to attend at least one meeting of every municipality in the Lehigh Valley, and decide to visit West Easton. Two Council members have already invited me, and I want a shot of Kelly Gross' pink gavel. So I went. Mezzacappa was there, and so were police. I figured I'd be safe. When she stormed out of the building as I walked in, we all breathed a sigh of relief.

Next thing you know, I'm accused of poisoning her pet pig that very evening. With rat poison. She claims I also left a taunting "Dead pigs make good ham" note on her stoop, along with another bag of rat poison.

I learned about this from a reporter when she sued me the next day. Police never questioned me because there is absolutely no evidence. It's not even clear to me that her pig was ever really poisoned.  Still, it's never a good thing to be portrayed in the press as some sort of loony stalker and sexual predator who also hates animals. Though the case was bounced the very next day, the damage was done. Blog enemies were having a field day, and I was getting even stranger looks than usual at the courthouse. I decided I had no choice but to sue for libel. South Whitehall Township Attorney Rick Orloski represented me, and Mezzacappa began taunting him on her now-disabled blog.

So now, in addition to everyone else, his kids are miffed at  me, too. With good reason.

Judgment has been entered against Mezzacappa on the issue of liability. We still need to determine damages. Judge Edward Smith has ruled that many of the statements attributed to her are libel per se.

But like a broken record, Mezzacappa has renewed her assault and pig-kicking claims in Court five times, adding a burglary here and there. Vague sexual assault accusations were upgraded to date rape for the first time this year. She is now claiming that I drugged and date-raped her in August 2011, on the very day I kicked her pig.

She even added Ron Angle as a Defendant in one of her accusations, claiming he's my back up stalker.

She never bothered serving him.

Judge Anthony Beltrami eventually barred her from making these repeated claims without prior leave of court. This is under authority of a state rule that applies to frivolous litigation. That stopped Mezzacappa temporarily, but now she is abusing process by going the PFA route. This state rule does not apply to PFAs.

Though she is immune from libel litigation for her in-court utterances, court sanctions can still be imposed for wasting valuable judicial resources with nonsense. Making easily proven false statements in court just happens to be criminal.

Although every person who represents himself has a fool for a client, I cannot ask Rick Orloski or anyone else to represent me today. It's unfair to them. I will face Mezzacappa myself.

Not only is she clogging the courts, but she is besieging the District Attorney, Sheriff and police departments, from Colonial Region to Easton, with what amount to numerous false reports. They obviously think she's nutz and have more important things to do than prosecute a common scold. I think she's nuts and a manipulative, calculating liar. Her latest antics include involvement with Gregory's PFA and even a child rapist. On her currently disabled blog, she has depicted a sitting judge in a clown wig and as himself the beaten victim of some kind of assault. She has disturbingly violent fantasies, made more so by her penchant for carrying a gun everywhere she goes.

She is abusing the legal system to harass and pursue false claims against others.

I do not know what judge will have the misfortune to hear her case today. But I can't imagine that any of them will be too happy about this on the first day of a criminal court session. I can't imagine her escaping without sanctions of some kind.


Anonymous said...

"A female, at least since her last trip to Denmark, Mezzacappa claims that she and I are current or former sexual or intimate partners, something that she herself has repeatedly denied."

That comment in and of itself is defamatory and a lie, meant to hurt the woman and her reputation.

Tomorrow the judge will give both of you a tongue lashing for wasting the courts valuable time with your feud. You both act like deranged children.

Bernie O'Hare said...

That comment is neither defamatory, nor a lie. It is called humor. Only one person is acting like a deranged child. Only one person has sued over the same thing on six separate occasions. Only one person has made false reports.

Anonymous said...

It would appear that O'Hare's case against Mezzacappa wasn't a waste of time. He won his action. Mezzacappa is the only one who wastes the court's time with complaints against people, such as the Northampton County DA and others.

Anonymous said...

Tm will be 0-6 by about 11:30 this morning. Will gun nut lawyer Josua Prince be representing her pro bono?

Anonymous said...

Go Bernie Go!

Clinton Oxford said...

Request a Transcript of the Hearing. Having an Official Hard-Copy of Tricia's statement's will be helpful in the near future.

Anonymous said...

In May 2012 Mezzacappa told the Court her potent medications for a mental disorder rendered her "unfit" to defend herself at trial. Since that time and despite her alleged lack of fitness, Mezzacappa has initiated litigation against O'Hare (including this PFA petition), the Borough of West Easton, The Express-Times, the Sheriff, the District Attorney and she has been a defendant in two criminal cases (two convictions). She also has filed numerous private criminal complaints against O'Hare and others, none of which have been approved. Her credibility as well as her mental competence should be addressed by a judge.

Clinton Oxford said...

An Oral Motion can be made for a psyche eval....in the interest's of Judicial Administration. Even if it is denied,at least you will have tried.

Anonymous said...

These so-called fiscal conservatives piss this liberal Democrat the hell off. I can't believe how much tax money this person is wasting on high school feuds (and her Republican boyfriend).

Is there any chance on recouping expenses back to the taxpayer?

Clinton Oxford said...

We are all entitled to seek Justice according to the Law. Until Tricia is found to be Abusing Judicial Process, by a Judge, Ms. Mezzacappa will continue her campain through the Judiciary to silence her critic's.

The A.C.L.U should defend Mr. O'Hare's right's.

Anonymous said...

She's abusing the judicial process. Please. If the judge doesn't see this, he has head up his ass as apparently you do.

Anonymous said...

She has an Adam's Apple, turkey neck, and longer face than Secretariat. The Denmark remark is germane.

Anonymous said...

11:51----well played, very well played.

Anonymous said...

More attacks on Trish. The judge will consider this as part of O'Hare's hate campaign against her.

Not Jim Greggy said...

Trish has firm yet supple gluts, platinum blonde locks, sharp wits, and one hell of a sidearm. I don't know what you wankers look for in a woman but to me those qualities consitute, PERFECT!