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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Iron Lady Endorses Bell, Velez, Todd and Donovan

She's the Iron Lady of Allentown politics. A Democrat, she looks a bit like argaret Thatcher. Her politics are completely different, but Jeannette Eichenwald has the same steely resolve. She has been the sole voice on Allentown City Council to speak for open government and transparency. She is the sole small "d" Democrat. And at a news conference yesterday, she made it clear that she supports Carmen Bell, Kim Velez and Alfonso Todd in this year's race. She also supports Michael Donovan, who is running for Mayor as an Independent.

Here's why.

"They truly represent the ideals of democratic government. There should be discussion, opportunity for the citizens of Allentown to be part of this very crucial decision. It is their water. It is our water that is presently under consideration for being leased for close to five decades. Every opportunity that we had to allow for real citizen input beyond just merely a discussion at some of the meetings. First, we wanted to create a committee, and that was denied by the other members of City Council. We tried that twice. To have the discussion on the ballot of the water leasing; twice denied by other members of City Council.

"We need a City Council that will have open discussion, free discourse, for only in that way will we best serve the citizens of Allentown."


Anonymous said...

As big as an issue that this really is, the majority of residents in Allentown just don't give a shit.

Anonymous said...

It's questionable that it's a BIG issue. Many municipalities around the country are getting water/sewer service on a regional basis. Maybe more than those with self contained systems.

The local water/sewer services are currently partly regional. Water is supplied to entities surrounding Allentown. Sewer capacity has been shared for decades.

The water generally originates outside the city (Shantz Spring and the rivers).How does Allentown claim the water is all theirs?

It's time these local empires are consolidated and regional solutions provided.

The term 'control" is heavily used. What do they mean by control? State and federal regs are the driving force in this area. Sewer regs are regional. You can't do what you want locally.LCA has no history of regulatory violations.

The gut issue here is political. Some number of people want a form of government (town meeting versus elected reps).

Don't make decisions just because you don't like someone in office.Ok the water/sewer oposition has a slate of candidates more to their liking.

Decide if this slate can do a better job of governing. I'm not impressed with the slate. Too much focus by them on an issue that should become regional.Not heavy on qualifications beyond fuzzy talk about desire of representing the "people".

Anonymous said...

Now she wants democracy in Allentown? Where ya been besides rubber stamping for the Chicago Prince, Iron Lady? Welcome aboard, I guess.

Bernie O'Hare said...

9:48, Where the hell have you been? Eichenwald has been a consistent voice for the little guy on City Council, ever since bus routing changes ruined half the little businesses on Hamilton Street. She's the only one there who has not been a bobblehead.

Johnny London said...
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Johnny London said...
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Johnny London said...

Nice to see that those who DO 'give a shit' have the courage of their convictions and actually sign their names to their remarks, unlike the anonymous couch potato(es)... Also a relief to see that the only thing resembling Margaret T is the steely determination - Hey Allentown Iron Lady: YOU ROCK!

Anonymous said...

9:19 Doesn't have a clue.

Anonymous said...

Bell isn't sure if the Great Water Sell Off is a good idea or not. She wants more info and input.