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Thursday, April 04, 2013

Local Masons Donate $500 to Bethlehem's Mounted Police

Pictured left to right are: Thomas A. Richards, P.M., Larry R. Shafer, J.W., Jerry J. Batcha, S.W., Charles W. Price, P.M., Officer Timothy Brooks, with George, Officer Jon Buskirk, with Pharaoh, D.D.G.M. Robert D. Brink, P.M., Mark F. Traupman, W.M., and Daniel W. Leiber.
Bethlehem reintroduced The Mounted Police Unit to its historic downtown in 2009. Thus unit, stabled at the Burnside Plantation, welcomes donations, contributions, and voluntary assistance to help off-set budgetary costs. Bethlehem Lodge No. 283, F.& A.M. as proud to do so with a $500 check presented on April 2.

Pictured left to right are: Charles W. Price, P.M., Larry R. Shafer, J.W., Jerry J. Batcha, S.W., Mark F. Traupman, W.M., Officer Timothy Brooks, with George, and Officer Jon Buskirk, with Pharaoh.


Anonymous said...

You outed some Free Masons. Sort of thought these guys did not want to be publicly known. Now we can ask them what goes on in that building when there are not any weddings or events.

Anonymous said...

they discuss the launch codes for the pyramids...

Anonymous said...

It's funny that people continue to call the Masons a secret society. They all wear pins, rings, and hats identifying their membereship.

Their meeting places are plastered with logos and signs. The internal practices are just part of the attraction to join.

You can hovever find everything about the Masons if you Google the group. Those launch codes are out of date, however.

It would be great if all social fraternity groups did as much for people as they do. It's a charitable organization supporting childrens hospitals, eye care, reading centers, etc.

Movies such as Demons and Angels have created a lot of misconceptions.Their is no pot of ancient gold to be found in hiden places. Watch the History channel for a better understanding of the group. Other similar groups like Knights of Columbus don't get as much coverage.

Anonymous said...

Nice aprons!

Anonymous said...

Good for them and thank you. The eyeball in the pyramid thing is kind of freaky, though. But so are the K of C hats and swords. Guys in funny hats and skirts have raised a lot of money for good things in this country.

Anonymous said...

@ 1:10

Don't look at the back of your One Dollar bills, you'll really be freaked out! LOL!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I like the minstral outfits.