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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Donovan: Do You Wish To Lose Control Over Your Most Precious Asset?

Michael Donovan is usually quiet and unassuming, but not at yesterday's news conference. At yesterday's news conference concerning Allentown's proposed water privatization, this Cedar Crest professor and independent candidate for Mayor took the Socratic approach to Allentown's proposed water lease.

"Do you wish to lose control of your most precious asset?

"Do you wish that your government gives away this extremely important asset?

"Do you wish to have an opportunity to say No, because if you do not even have an opportunity to say No, you've been shut out?

"Do you wish to have the opportunity to give your reasons why you wish to say No?

"Some will say that the LCA [Lehigh County Authority] arrangement is the best option. It may be financially, and a you know, I have a great experience in finance. But I ask, what is the cost of giving up control?

"What is the cost of politicians covering their poor decisions over a decade?

"And what is the cost of giving up and shutting down dissent?


Anonymous said...

Almost everyone that the Blog Mentor has spoken out against is doing really well for themselves. Wouldn't this be a kick in the pants for him if Alfonso Todd and Michael Donovan win a spot in City Government? Knowing such, over at LehiPoli blog, he claims that he is going to be a major player in the next upcoming elections. Well I hope so. It will be nice to finally air his dirty and exposed laundry on the regional level. Then there will be no one to blame, especially on his 20+ person black/enemy list, but himself and his wife.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

1:22 AM, I believe you are not allowed to comment on this blog; even anonymously. But feel free to keep tabs on BO, especially 8 minutes after that first comment was written about you!

Anonymous said...

Grieving Father? Yeah, right! Give us a break!!!

Anonymous said...

Pawlowski's empire is here to stay, Donovan will be lucky if he can match famed Allentown archeologist Mike Molovinsky's 2005 benchmark of 3% (a lot like 3'').

Anonymous said...

How would you know if it is 3"? Were you on your knees?

Anonymous said...

God bless him but for Heaven's sake why did not a single A-town Democrat join the city Republicans why cried the alarm over the then proposed police and fire contracts that caused this mess.
Dean Browning, Vic Mazziotti, and Steve Bodnar, all numbers guys had it figured out yet their projections were met with utter silence from many of the same people who are now appalled by the consequences.

Scott Armstrong

Anonymous said...

Where are the Republicans and their friends in the Tea Party on this Issue,since it affects themif they are Allentown Taxpayers. Scott Armstrong seems to be theonly one opposing. Republicans,letsget involved with opposing the water and sewerlease. Be at Council Meeting starting at 530 Today. Speak OUT.

Anonymous said...

Please ask Mr. Donovan to give a contact phone number so residents can call.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the few remaining Rs believe that government maintains most of its assets very poorly and at unnecessarily high cost. Perhaps they don't trust government to properly steward water management. Just as when they were receiving boat loads of tax breaks, perhaps this another instance when Pawlowski's interests and those of wealthy Rs are in concert. Voter turnout notwithstanding, he gets 72% of the vote in a city where he's untouchable. He has a mandate to do whatever the hell he wants. Just like the left's silence on Obama's drone assassinations and secret Oval Office kill list, Donovan and others should pipe down. Pawlowski gives you 90% of what you whine for. Where are you going to go to do better than that? On the big money spending issues, he's the best thing to happen to connected Rs since the invention of sex and the air conditioner.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Scott, This is a little more basic than the Democrats and Republican game. It's even more basic than thewater lease. This is about the death of democracy in Allentown.

Anonymous said...

I think Donovan's candidacy is reflection on his personality; he's clueless. To think that you can run an independent campaign focusing on an important policy issue is ridiculous. 75% of the voters in the city could care less about the issues, they'll vote straight ticket Democrat and that's it. Donovan could have a much greater impact if he volunteering his time and energy supporting those City Council candidates (i.e. Kim Velez, Alhponso Todd) not being supported by Ed Pawlowski.

Anonymous said...

Well, Allentown introduced stinkbugs to the United States. Why not continue the trend?

Anonymous said...

It would be helpful if the anti-lease candidates offer their solutions to the problem. As it is they can get alot of mileage simply by opposing it with no alternative solution.

This issue is expected to be settled before the election and before they take office... So it is imperative that they present an alternative solution that can be vetted.

What do these people have on their table after the issue is settled to the satisfaction or disatisfaction of the voter

And I don't want to hear slogans alluding to open government. Indeed we want open government but candidates should tell us their agenda.

We want the truth about their experience rather then e,bellishments. It is interesting to see how some people with truly relevant experiences are dismissed and other with little experience are put on the red carpet.

Dennis Pearson

Anonymous said...

I wonder when fa$t Eddie is going to propose another increase to the Earned Income Tax? If the lease deal falls through, I guarentee you our EIT rates will look like Philly as those who get up every morning to go to work have to pay ever more to fund the ever growing "stay at homes".

Bernie O'Hare said...

EIT can only go so high, and I imagine Allentown is at or near its max.

Chris Casey said...

I want to respond to Dennis Pearson's statement. Dennis, there was nothing stopping you from running. I think you are one of the few who really comprehends all the issues, even if you really aren't all that effective in communicating when you speak. It would really help your position Dennis if you put forth a solution to the issue at hand.
As for the Blog Mentor. he is free to run for office as well. I hope he does, we could use the entertainment.
The people of Allentown once elected Roy Afflerbach as their mayor. Why not the Blog Mentor?

And I make it a point not to see people of other political beliefs as adversaries. I try to see them first as fellow citizens with valid points of view. I may not agree with Scott Armstrong, but I will defend his right to, and respect his opinion. We could use a little more respect in the process, but even I have to admit it is hard when certain County Commissioners open their mouths.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Dennis, I think you could win if Allentown had districted seats.

Anonymous said...

Democracy is dead in Allentown ? What are you talking about? They h ave elections and people have the opportunity to vote, how else do you think the got Roy aflerbach and all the others, they where voted in. Your being a little sensational aren't you?

Bernie O'Hare said...

Not at all. 3 of the 7 Council members are appointees. Pawlowski buys his elections and his council candidates. The elections themselves are a joke with low turnout from an apathetic public. It is no longer a democracy, but an urban growth regime in which pols and big businessmen like J.B. Reilly have co-opted each other. The people are discouraged from voicing their concerns Those who do, like Fegley, are punished. Unfortunately, I think I am all too accurate,

Anonymous said...

Dennis Pearson makes some good points. I don't see much in qualifications in the candidate pool opposed to the lease issue. Lots of soft talk and "I feel your pain" slogans.

THis lease issue will be history by the election. What skills do these people have and how does their experience help? I'm not talking about Donovan. He isn't running for council.

The GOP has been out of the running because they run as "anti somethings".

What do these candidates offer other than not being incumbants?I've had my fill of community activists(BO!!!) in elected office.What are their specific skills?

At least Hendricks and Meldrem are professionals with useful backgrounds.

Anonymous said...

What does Hendrex stand for ???????
Who knows???!?????????


Dennis Pearson and

I am unsure what red carpet treatment I have received, because in reality, I have heard rumors that they want to run me out of town... ;)

As far as one of the plans in my agenda: It is to cultivate the broad amount of talent in Allentown when it comes to event coordination, promotion, and marketing and bring tourism to our great city via a collaboration between the LVIA,the City, the businesses, and the residents. This, in turn, will create annual income for the city which will increase every year if organized correctly. These city-wide events will be different from surrounding events like Musikfest and the Garlic / HeritageFest. Our events will distinguish Allentown and make it a destination location in not only name but in truth. I have created events and brought thousands of people to the Lehigh Valley like this for years in Allentown/Bethlehem and have a lengthy track record.

And as far as being a professional with a useful background, I beg your pardon? Professionalism has nothing to do with my certifications or degrees. It's a thought process and a way of life, not a piece of paper. For more details, please contact me at 484.619.6541 .

Alfonso Todd

Anonymous said...

The city is up excrement creek without a paddle. I respect Donovan. He isn't like some of these other crazies running this cycle who are either naive with no understanding of the issue or in la la land about what can actually work as a solution.

What Mike has to articulate is the alternative to the water lease. You have a pension crisis and the state says you can't stiff the pensioners through bankruptcy so you have to identify where the revenue is going to come from in order to fill this hole.

Anonymous said...

Alfonso Todd --

Your plan, basically, is to market Allentown via major events? That's your platform? Seriously?

(1) Marketing and PR is generally considered to be an administrative function of local government, not a legislative one. The only thing that Council could do would be to approve a line item expenditure for this purpose.

(2) If you want Allentown to be a "destination location", you actually NEED attractions, ie. downtown businesses, arts/music venues, restaurants, hotels, etc. for those tourists to patronize while they are in town.

Anyone can sell smoke and mirrors once; the challenge is to actually build something that people want to come back to again and again. JB, Schoen, Ruckus, the Landmark Tower, Jaindl, etc. are all doing this.

(3) Not to mention: isn't public money better spent making the streets safer, cleaning up neighborhoods, etc. than it is marketing? You don't think all of those private developers won't be willing to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on marketing downtown Allentown or the Waterfront? It's in their best interest to do so, and they'll do it better than you ever could.