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Friday, April 05, 2013

Browning Challenges Opponents to Disclose Campaign Donors Now

From Dean Browning's Campaign – Saying that Lehigh County residents deserve a campaign free from interference by shadowy Super PACs and secret donors, County Executive candidate Dean Browning today said he will refuse any Super PAC contributions and pledged to disclose all contributions to his campaign within 24 hours, while challenging his two opponents, Scott Ott and Tom Muller, to abide by the same rules.

“This campaign should focus on the issues and be decided by voters in Lehigh County who are free from the undue influence of shadowy, special interest PAC’s run by party bosses and connected insiders looking for a quid pro quo,” said Browning, who earned a reputation as a reformer during his time as County Commissioner, in part, by requiring the online posting of campaign finance reports and making County Commissioner meetings available on the internet. “I refuse to accept one penny from these Super PAC’s and I pledge to disclose every contribution my campaign receives within 24 hours. I respectfully challenge Commissioner Ott and Mr. Muller to do the same. Together we can set a higher standard for how campaigns should be run in Lehigh County.”

Although not required, Browning said that he will file a Sixth Tuesday Pre-Primary report to show all donations received through the April 1st cutoff date for that report and that he will disclose all contributions received after that date on his campaign web site within 24 hours.


Mark Baker said...

vote for this guy - he's got balls

Anonymous said...

He would say or do anything to get elected.

Anonymous said...

Bernie why does he or you say in the end of the article "though it is not required" I thought if you raised or spent $250 in any reporting cycle you were required to file and I am sure there has a been a transaction of that amount

Anonymous said...

How big of Dean. I'm sure he won't have to worry about too many large contributions anyway.

By the way, sixth Tuesday pre primary reporting is only required for candidates for statewide offices.

So Dean's typically self-serving proposal is actually to demean a source of funding that Dean won't be receiving anyway and to find out information about his opponents that he is otherwise not entitled to.


Now he can go back to explaining how his vote not to send the budget back to the Executive wasn't the deciding factor in County taxpayers seeing a 16% tax hike.

Anonymous said...

By the way, why does Dean always spend his time going negative or playing "got ya" politics against his opponents?

Why doesn't he lay out his vision for the county or talk about what he did while he was in office?

Oh yeah, nevermind. See 16% tax hike above.

Anonymous said...

We'll get right back to you Dean. We're busy working OT to pay for your stupid 16% tax increase.

Anonymous said...

The candidates in this election are not getting my interest yet.

But, all the talk about a 16% tax increase is because officials don't want to raise taxes a little bit on a regular basis. When the fund runs low they have to do a big increase.

Northampton had a big increase. Lehigh didn't raise taxes for about 17 years and had a big increae in 2004.

When your revenue grows less than costs and you put off tax increases it eventually catches up.

Controlling costs is another subject.Just commenting on gradual versus catchup increases.

Anonymous said...

well someone had to say something I wasn't sure there was still a campaign going on

Anonymous said...

Dean sounds like a man who is losing the argument, then cries "you mother wears combat boots" in order to mask his ineptness.

eckville press said...

Lehigh County's millage rate for 2012 (Dean Browning's "I never voted for a tax increase") 11.90 mills

Lehigh County's millage rate for 2013 (Scott Ott's spending cuts) 2.90 mills.

Can Dean hide from the numbers?

A 75% millage reduction.

Eckville Press

Anonymous said...

If you talk to the Pennsylvania Department of State, SuperPACs are not legal for non-federal races in PA.

Regardless, SuperPACs cannot even donate to federal candidates. They can only make INDEPENDENT expenditures.

I really don't get this one, Dean.