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Monday, April 29, 2013

A Miracle For 192 Kids

On April 27, the gate of Easton Rotary Field swung open for the Miracle League's first day of baseball this year. One hundred and ninety-two kids, formed into twelve teams, will play every Saturday on a $750,000 astroturf baseball diamond. There's a teletron in left center field, stands, and most importantly, lots of free ballpark franks.

This ballfield, built for kids whose physical and intellectual challenges prevent them from playing in the local little leagues, is already seeing double the participants who played there last year. Some might call it a miracle.

Dave Colver, whose Herculean efforts as Project Manager are yet another miracle, spent the entire day at the field, doing a little bit of everything. He's even managed to recruit his 17 year-old daughter, Paige, to play Homer, the League's mascot. Homer gave lots of hugs, and appeared in every game played throughout a long, but fun, day.

There is no score. Everybody hits. Everybody wins.

Easton Rotary Field is located right next to Chrin Community Center in Palmer Township.

You can see more pics on my Facebook page.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful program! Just like last year's first opening day, the sun shined brightly for kids with special needs. Way to go Miracle League!

Anonymous said...

this is a terrific program ... my grandson's first year ... we are so proud of him ! thanks for running the story !

Pocono Chuck said...

It's great that a second Miracle League has started, joining Miracle League of the Lehigh Valley in Orefield.

Play ball!

Bernie O'Hare said...

Pocono Chuck, The one in Orefield is great, too. The reason NC has its own, for folks out there who may not know, is that even a small trip with a disabled child can be very involved. It's best to keep the distances short.

Pocono Chuck said...

Oh I agree with you, and know very well what you mean. Just trying to spread the word about both of these great organizations.

Anonymous said...

Bernie- you provide an excellent reason why we benefit from 2 Miracle League fields. Orefield is a haul! However, it's not a good reason why we need two different non-profit agencies running the same programs.