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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Bob Donchez Unveils Plan For Fiscal Responsibility

Bob Donchez 
As people darted in and out of the Bethlehem Public Library, Mayoral candidate Bob Donchez unveiled a ten-point plan to address City finances during a news conference late yesterday morning. This includes reducing the number of take-home vehicles to less than a dozen. Donchez said he's even consider using his own car if he can still get liability coverage from his insurance carrier. "I would have to set the example," he said. "The Mayor sets the example."

Does he have a secret union-bustin' plan, as claimed by Johnathan Schadenfreude in a recent blog entry? In a word, No. Donchez has no plan to privatize city services. What he does plan to do is replace some grant-funded positions with contract workers, which will enable him to reduce legacy costs like pensions. Some City staff, like the Fair Labor Compliance Officer, is a contract worker.

Donchez likens his budget proposals to "families who brown-bag it instead of eating out" or who "rent videos instead of going to the movies."

Below is an abbreviated version of his 10-point proposal:

1. Assemble a taskforce of financial and business experts from the public and private sectors to review all aspects of the city budget.

2. Protect or improve the city’s bond rating by scheduling only necessary projects, and only after the most economical financing is in place to pay for them.

3. Reduce employee use of city vehicles for commuting.

4. Implement alternative methods of budgeting in order to save money, such as performance-based or zero-based methods.

5. Convert city positions that are funded with grant monies to service contract positions, thereby eliminating additional budget costs and legacy pension costs.

6. Limit the use of outside consultants and rely more on in-house expertise.

7. Initiation of a two-year budget planning process so that the administration and City Council can better plan how limited resources can be allocated longer term.

8. Periodic review of revenue and expenditures with City Council's Finance Committee.

9. Build a “rainy day” fund, which would give the City more flexibility to meet fluctuating cash flow demands and/or unforeseen emergency needs.

10. Limit travel to conferences and meetings to what is required to maintain professional certifications and credentials.

Donchez' opponent, J. Willie Reynolds had no immediate reaction to Donchez' fiscal plan. He suspended his campaign yesterday to reflect on the Boston Massacre, which he called an "American tragedy."


Mark Baker said...

this plastic faced pol must have formed a committee to figure out these points. He hasn't had this many original thoughts in his whole life. His indecision over the last 17 years has contributed significantly to bethlum's woes.

At least with a "task Force" he'll have someone else to blame when it all goes wrong.

If he had any guts or brains he would privatize the golf course, the grass cutting, the ice rink and the city garage. Then you would get significant savings and reduce legacy costs.

Going after a handful of loyal employees who are grant funded will only cause excellent people to leave the city. How many cousins that need jobs that does boooby d have?

If you want a man who only wants to be liked, if you want a man who can't make a decision, if you want a man who is in it to score one more pension, if you want a man that has been part of the problem for almost 2 decades, if you want a man that knows nothing of leadership and management, if you want a follower then this is your horse.

I fear for the future of bethlum. There is no light at the end of the tunnel with a boooby d administration.

Anonymous said...

Is this the second or third committee or task force he wants to form?
Where are the specifics? How much can doing away with vehicles save?

Anonymous said...

Hey take it easy. Stoffa ruled by special committees and citizen panels. His "citizen" panels.

Mark Baker said...

Do you know why boooby d liked being president of council? President of council always votes last. that way he didn't have to make a decision. he could always FOLLOW the majority.

Wears sunglasses so you can't see the eyes. the eyes tell the truth.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Bernie, Geeting already decided this was a bad plan.

And since he no longer allows dissenting views on his blog, his opinion is now a statement of fact.

The Banker

Bernie O'Hare said...

Jonathan Schadenfreude? I have no respect for him as a person, and even less regard for his views.

Anonymous said...

Don't know Jonathan but if we are going to begin calling out people on whether we respect them as people perhaps we start with BO who cheated his own clients before he was disbarred

Bernie O'Hare said...

Gee, what an earth-shattering revelation. It's only made every day. I don't respect Jonathan as a person because he laughs at the misfortune of others and kicks people while they are done. I kick people until they are down.

Anonymous said...

It is a revelation unless you have no new readers in the last few years

Anonymous said...

Did you make full repayment? Or only in cases in which you were caught?

Anonymous said...

He lives in A hovel, wears Salvation Army clothes off the discount rack, drives a death wagon, and has a real life nurse ratchet in his life. Yeh I'd say Bernie is paying for past misdeeds

Anonymous said...

Yes but that is no comfort to those he harmed

Anonymous said...

Everyone knows Callahan pushed Wille to run in order to gin up botes in Bethlehem to help Callahan countywide.

No surprise there.

Anonymous said...

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