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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

How I Rate NorCo Council Candidates


1) Gerald (Jerry) Seyfried. - A former Executive, former Council member and former cabinet level official, I know nobody more knowledgeable about the County than he. Jerry claims Amanda Seyfried gets her good looks from him.

2) Ron Heckman. - This former Council member and former cabinet level official claims I have a shrine at my estate, containing candlelit portraits of Charlie Dent, Ron Angle and John Stoffa. And he's right!

3) Deb Hunter. - She's run once before and barely lost, but has continued attending meetings and even participated in the County's first ever Citizen Academy. She is an independent thinker, and like any good teacher, does her homework.

4) Kerry Myers - Unlike most of today's crop of politicos, this man has spent his adult life as a volunteer. In his case, it has mostly been in youth sports. He brings passion and a pledge to remember our veterans.

5) Christen Borso. -  She has been attending meetings for months, is a well-recognized business person who can bring that perspective to Council, and is another grad of the Citizen Academy.

6) Bill Wallace. - Intelligent and personable, Bill is just too partisan. I question whether he can play nice with Republicans. All of his activity has been party-oriented.

7) Jason Toedter. - This guy thinks voters should elect him because he has a Master's Degree.

8) Tom O'Donnell. - Ill-informed, cranky and divisive.


1) Peg Ferraro. - I am still very upset over the way she deposed Ron Angle. But she has the experience and, in many respects, is often the wisest member on NorCo Council. Being objective, she'd have to be rated highest.

2) Seth Vaughn. - This Physician's Assistant threw a big scare into Ken Kraft in the district race two years ago. Like Ken, he's a Marine. He's also an Iraq War vet, and brings that perspective along with his medical knowledge. Vaughn regularly attends Council meetings as well.

3) Glenn Geissinger. - Like Democrat Kerry Myers, Geissinger is known for volunteerism. Like Republican Frank Hesch, he runs a small business. A former Bishop in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Geissinger has been a regular attendee at Council meetings.

4) Frank Hesch. - A co-founder of the Whitehall Chamber of Commerce, he is a well-regarded small businessman, the kind of Republican we all tend to admire.

5) Mat Benol. - Despite his Libertarian and tea party leanings. Benol is no extremist. He listens to what others say, and attempts to build a consensus. He is a frequent meeting attendee.

6) Hayden Phillips. - A retired marine colonel, Phillips is a tea party member. I have seen no evidence that he's really mounted any sort of campaign.

7) Tricia Mezzacappa. - Racist. Disorderly conduct conviction after a borough hall tirade that included death threats against an elected official.Currently faces harassment charges for impersonating a third person and deceiving voters that she had his support. Her account at The Express Times was suspended afyer she repeatedly posted this death fantasy about me: "Deep breath, aim, shoot, and....one hollow point goes right through his skull, he's dead before he hit the ground, kersplat....PERFECT" She has a Master's degree.


Anonymous said...

I tend to agree with your ratings Bernie and I rarely agree with anything you write.

I like the idea of a mix of county experience and new.

Anonymous said...

Re: candidate Mezzacappa. You left out that she said in a court filing that she is "unfit" to stand trial because she is taking potent medications for a mental disorder. That's something an informed voter might want to know.

Anonymous said...

Voters also might want to know that Mezzacappa mismanaged her personal finances and sought protection from her creditors in bankruptcy court beginning in 2005 and ending in 2010.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Those problems continue. According to records at District Judge Yetter's office. Mezzacappa is not paying her fine. She has not made a payment since 2/19, and a payment hearing has been scheduled. While not paying her fine, she still had the money to sue The Express Times.

Anonymous said...

She will come in third in the Republican Primary.

Anonymous said...

For the Dem's it will probably be Hunter, Seyfried, Wallace, Borzo, Heckman, Meyers,Toader, O'Donnel.

Anonymous said...

County Exec=
3-Brown-Unknown, but bad mayor
4-Reibmann-Bad dream
5-Angle-He's Backkk!

Anonymous said...

I almost hate to say this but you are pretty much on target. Mario's prayers must be working, lol, at least on your brain..Next comes the heart..Wow , that'll take a whole lot more prayer. Mother theresa, where are you??

Anonymous said...

According to our poll, (volunteers on the dem candidates) you are close. I don't know about the Reps side. Hunter Seyfried Heckman will be the top three.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"Mario's prayers must be working"

That's a reference to the Fake Rev, who can't write a post without referring to me in some way. I had no idea he tonight about me so much. He has invited me to a fist fight with him. The only time that phony prays is when everyone can watch him.

nwp said...

great ratings!

Anonymous said...

I really like Tom O'Donnell. I really thinks that he makes a lot of sense.

Anonymous said...

Borso and Hunter have the Dem machine behind them. Hunter has been a
Dem, Borzo is a convert. Weird alliances. The McClure and Callahan machines are pushing Borzo, the Callahan Garvin machines are pushing Hunter. The party is not pushing Seyfried or Heckman, interesting.

After the last four years I pray we get at least tow experienced people like Heckman and Seyfried. God the county council could use that. Hell the taxpayers could use that.

Earl Smithfield from Virginia said...

I would like to come out and publicly endorse Mezzacappa. Tricia please give me a call so I can you can photograph me and quote me properly:

"Oink, oink!"

Lighthouse said...

On the Dems, I'd rank the top two as Seyfried and Hunter. While some will obviously win in the primary, I think each of the others has some negatives that could potentially hurt in Nov.

On the GOP, I'd agree with your top two (Ferraro and Vaughn) as having the best chance of any of winning in Nov in a Dem year with a dysfunctional GOP organization.

Anonymous said...

Tricia Mezzacappa = Northampton County's version of Tila Tequila

Anonymous said...

No way. Hunter last. She will not place this year.

Anonymous said...

Why does Lighthouse feel everyone but Seyfried and Hunter have negative issues in the Fall? Curious, is that just some trash talking?

Kevin C. said...

Seyfried: He may know a lot about county government, buy can he be trusted? Does anyone remember why votes threw him out as County Executive? Wasn't he accused of ordering the Sheriff to hire unqualified, but politically connected people as deputies? And what about asking the Sheriff to break the law by looking up license plate numbers on a county computer?

Heckman: Does anyone remember when he whined like a spoiled child when someone had the nerve to point out that he was violating federal law by running for Mayor of Bethlehem while working a county job where he managed a budget of over $100 million in federal funds?

Mezzacappa: The one good thing that could come out of her being nominated is that she will likely receive more media scrutiny.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Kevin, Jerry can be trusted. He fired Diomedo bc some deputies were being sexually abused. He lost the election bc he used Severson instead of running his own campaign, as he had always done before. Some think he is the finest Executive NC ever had.

Heckman did violate the Hatch Act, and pulled out from the race when it was pointed out. I have no recollection about how he took it. Ironically, under new laws, that would not be a violation today.

Anonymous said...

I thought Mezzacappa was running for a seat on West Easton's council? I did not realize a person could run for two different seats. No matter - maybe she'll win for the county seat and end up a more high profile personality! More to go after her on.

Bernie O'Hare said...

She is running for borough and county council simultaneously.

Anonymous said...

Heckman didn't whine..He certainly could have and should have. These laws are ridiculous. What makes civil service workers second class citizens. It's bullshit. Anyway, Heckman will be a county councilman and thank god for that. he knows more about what is going on in Human Services than anyone running for executive. Considering the budget issues that will be presentewd by the state and federal cuts , the county will desperately need his expertise! He and Jerry will be one, two in the primary and second and third in the General..

Anonymous said...

Let me add to what anon 11:50 stated. I don't quite understand the cheap shots at Seyfried and Heckman by Kevin. I know both guys fairly well. I also know many of the Dem's in the area.

Jerry didn't know about the Sheriff deputy and when he did find out he canned him. I know nothing of him looking up license plates.

I think this is some sour grapes from some people pushing the Callahan candidates, Borzo and Hunter. Good luck with that.

As for Heckman, what Bernie said is right. The Hatch Act is very strange. In fact Heckman had no idea since both Jack Bradt AND John Stoffa ran for county council while in their Human Service Director jobs. I know Ron was surprised to find out someone called the Feds and they told him about it. I think he was really pissed that he had already invested quite a few dollars in his campaign and two months into it someone reported it rather than just telling him. Bernie is also right about Muller in Lehigh County. As Director of Administration he would be ineligible for running for county executive under the old rules.

I think you are ripping two guys because you have another agenda.

Frank M

Bernie O'Hare said...

"Frank M", you post under many different names except your own. Kevin does not, and does not live in the area at this time. He asked two good questions that deserved an answer.

As for Borso and Hunter being "Callahan candidates," try again.

Deb Hunter is very independent. Christine Borso might actually lean towards McClure. Jerry appears to be a Callahan supporter. Heckman might be a Callahan or Reibman supporter. He and Reibman are good friends, and I respect that.

Commenting anonymously does not give you the right to make things up. It does not give you the right to attack readers who do identify themselves.

Anonymous said...

Bernie, I live in East Allen, I know both guys and the most I will publically say is "Frank M', I am sure both Jerry and Ron would know who I am.

I didn't mean to offend Kevin. As to my remarks about Borzo and Hunter that is what I was told at a recent labor dinner by a
Dem party official.

I think Jerry and Ron are good guys and he was unfair and inaccurate in his remarks.

If you don't believe me fine but my feelings remain the same.

Anonymous said...

You were right to offend Kevin. Heckman never whined. If anything, that statement is offensive. Ron worked hard in that race. When some snake turned him into Civil Service , he did what was asked of him, he left the race with little complaint. Ron was , and is, an excellent candidate for public office. If he had the money to run for executive that
Callahan has, he'd. Rightly be the next County Executive.
Instead, as of this date, he is spending much of his time shepard ing his mother through cancer treatments. That's a better use of time than any county executive race

Kevin C. said...

Seyfried has ignominious honor of being the only Democrat to ever lose to a Republican for Northampton County Executive. The only one ever. He lost to a guy who had never run for office before and ran as a write-in for the primary. As a Democrat, you have to screw things up pretty royally lose that race.

Heckman actually said "I know there's someone out there who is probably proud of themselves for this, but it's a weaselly thing to do."


How dare someone point out that he was violating federal law.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"As to my remarks about Borzo and Hunter that is what I was told at a recent labor dinner by a Dem party official."

I think all the Council candidates are running on their own. I believe Borso leans McClure. I would suspect that Deb leans Callahan.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Kevin, As I explained, Jerry made the mistake of allowing Severson to run his campaign instead of doing it himself. That's why he has that honor. The fact that he lost an election is probably a good thing. We learn a little humility from those experiences. The three Exec candidates have all lost at least one election.

Anonymous said...

But Jon Brown hasn't lost.

Bernie O'Hare said...

You are correct. The three Dem candidates have each lost at least one election. John Brown has, to my knowledge, has run and won once for Bangor Mayor.

Anonymous said...

Kevin all is fair in politics Nut in a Democratic primary were everyone knew each other, it was sort of weaselly. Even other pols said it was a ball less way of doing things.

Send an emissary and tell the guy; he would have dropped put anyway. I think anyone in his position would have been pissed. It seems like he has moved on maybe one day you will too.

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures. As a Dem, O laughed like Hell at he Oz reference. I tell people as a Dem, I am exempt from thinking. I wonder how the teabaggers take the Republican cartoon. It is funny because it is oh so true.

"Yeah, its not only unions that suck, that damn healthcare is a communist trick". Gotta love it.