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Thursday, April 18, 2013

GOP Robo Call Warns Voters About Tricia Mezzacappa

A robo call from 253-753-9030 is warning GOP voters about Tricia Mezzacappa, citing her disorderly conduct conviction, current harassment charges and the negativity that she has embraced on her hate blog. Callers have told me that this call is being made by a PAC, but they were unable to remember the name.

If you get the call, try to get the name of the PAC involved, and post in the comments, along with whatever other details you think are relevant.

Updated 12:15: Robo Call Comes From PaCAN.

PaCan, which bills itself as "Pennsylvania’s Grassroots Small Business Advocate," has sent me an email, taking responsibility for the robo call. Here's the email.

We appreciate your coverage of this issue. Ms. Mezzacappa should never have been embraced by the former Republican Chair or as a serious candidate for Northampton County Council. It is an embarrassment to everyone who wants to see responsible government in Northampton County. We are working hard to educate Norco voters. We're also fund raising for a more sustained effort. Here's the text of our robocall below:

"This is an alert for Northampton County Republicans regarding Tricia Mezzacappa, candidate for Northampton County Council.

In the past, someone like Mezzacappa never would have made it onto the ballot.

Mezzacappa has a conviction for disorderly conduct after making death threats and is now being prosecuted for harassment. And, there's more...a lot more at www.MeetMezzacappa.com.

Please Vote May 21st and keep Tricia Mezzacappa from hurting the other fine Republican candidates in November.

Paid for by PACAN's PACAN PAC."


Anonymous said...

It could be from Big Pork. The other white meat has had enough.

Anonymous said...

Finally..a measured response from sane R party members. Right on!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I don't get it. She is the poster girl, the center fold out for teabaggers. This is an outrage.

Anonymous said...

Can't state Rs just give her a no-show job and nice salary and put her away quietly? That's what Ds do. She's no worse than a daytime staggering wife strangler. She just needs rehab.

Chinese Buffet said...

PA Can, that was the pac. Great name ID for Tricia.

Anonymous said...

www.meetmezzacappa.com goes to your website Bernie?

Bernie O'Hare said...

Yes. I noticed that. I better be nice.

Anonymous said...

they need to take that gun from her or are they going to wait til she shoots someone?? why would you vote her for anything??? she truely needs help

Anonymous said...

Actually, www.meetmezzacappa.com has not been redirected to Bernie's home page. It has been redirected to Bernie's search results of only those posts that are tagged with "Tricia Mezzacappa." They have paid for the domain name, but probably never installed an actual website of their own.

And before anyone jumps to conclusions, this does not mean BOH has any control over the redirection to his website. Any domain owner (who has their own hostserver account) can redirect their domain to any other website url in less than 2 minutes, if they know how - and it isn't difficult to do.

The PAC people probably have a number of tech savvy individuals.

Bernie O'Hare said...

That's OK with me.

Anonymous said...


I know you have had your problems with this woman. And I know that those problems are pretty serious. She did things to you that are criminal.

But come on! Don't you think that you are going a little too far? You are now going after her like you are blood thirsty and seeking revenge. Your actions are no better than the Blog Mentor and his black labeled "enemy" list.

Why would you do such a thing?

Bernie O'Hare said...

I did not initiate this robo call and had nothing to do with it. I have reported it, and I consider this reporting very necessary. She is running for two public offices, and the public needs to know that she has some serious issues. This is not about revenge. This is about making the public informed so they can make intelligent choices.

Anonymous said...

Tea bagged??? Her behavior is exactly what the D's protect. For them it does not matter how someone behaves. They see themselves in every trouble person which is why they protect them. The R's are reminded by people like her that people like her and worse exist on both sides, but the R's do not reward people with such behavior. Like raising kids. The D's understand their children's bad behavior because it can be familiar. So they give them a pass and leave the discipline to society. The R's don't give this same pass and make it a priority to deal withthe bad behavior even to the point they force them to leave the nest when age appropriate. We do the hard job they won't which is in part why the Marines on the front line can never be D's. and why the D's do not really give a damn about them. Yet they will be happy to be defended by them. So we have the cuddled cowards and the defenders. As a woman, give me a real man.....

Anonymous said...

My uncle was a Marine, Pacific Island hoping in WWII, he was a democrat.

Anon 9:38, Once again another teabagger proving you people are assholes, ignorant and crazy.