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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Donchez & Reynolds to Square Off on Monday

Bethlehem Mayoral candidates Bob Donchez and Willie Reynolds will appear together at West Bethlehem's next monthly Block Watch meeting. It's scheduled for Monday, April 22, 7 PM, at the Church of the Manger, located at 1401 Greenview Drive. Gus Loupos, Chairman of the City's Zoning Hearing Board will moderate, and the public is welcome. This is the first of five scheduled joint appearances.

Last time I was there, I liked it so much I slept right in the manger.


Mark Baker said...

willy will knock boooby d out in the first round. boooby d needs a committee to help him make a decision. the people will see how fake he is. pretty boy school teacher but not a leader. he's been following the political winds for 17 years.

Mark Baker said...

donchez is not trustworthy. implied that the police department endorsed him - NOT TRUE!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Mark, if you're only going to vote for trustworthy politicians you're not going to be casting too many votes.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Mark Baker, I consider Bob Donchez a genuinely good-hearted person who wants to do the right things. Some have different views, but I must go by what I see. I think Willie is energetic and hard-working and is Bethlehem's future. Bob is its present.

Anonymous said...

The future is now Bernie. Bob is past his prime. 17 years as a councilman, he is the problem. Time to put him out to pasture.

Anonymous said...

Mark Baker is just another Callahan Clan operative. They are pushing Wee Willie.

Bob Donchez has forgotten more about city government then Willie Reynolds even knows. The kid is a disgrace. A headbober for Callahan, he is clueless on government.

If you like hat backwards dullish punk mayors, he is your guy.

Mark Baker said...


You got me there

Mark Baker said...


but he did imply the police department endorsed him and the commissioner called him on it.

if boooby is the present then welcome to the 18th century