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Monday, January 28, 2013

Rogue Deputy Suspended?

One-on-one, Northampton County Deputy Sheriff Tom Bachik is very personable. Just like me! But give him a podium and he becomes a Bezerker. With ridiculous rants about OT for Hurricane Sandy and Easton football games, he has done more to damage the image of Deputy Sheriffs than I could ever accomplish on this blog.

It is Bachik who managed to piss off the entire court - all nine judges - after accusing them of playing favorites. Even I could never do that, and I've really tried. They're still nice to me. But they actually issued an order banning Bachik from their courtrooms. When Sheriff Randy Miller refused to tell the judges to pound sand, Bachik started a movement to have him fired. In addition, he wants the Home Rule Charter changed to make the Sheriff an elected position. That way, he can install some of his public sector union buds. The hell with professionalism.

Other deputies are embarrassed by the guy. "He makes us all look bad," one deputy told me. "He's not representing the union," added another.

Well, apparently, Tom has been suspended. That's the word from some deputies who would prefer not to be named.

You just can't go around calling your boss a liar, Tom. That's a little more serious than naughty emails.


Anonymous said...

Stoffa nails another employee.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Don't think Stoffa had much to do with it, if anything.

Anonymous said...

This guy should be made Chief of Police in BANGOR BOROUGH, He could then head the consolidation of all Departments.

Anonymous said...

Why do you always have to throw an anti union jab when you talk about electing row offices..There are many arguments against doing something as dumb as that, the least having anything to do with unions..The biggest problem would be electing people with well known names to office who have absolutely no experience in said office..Then you are stuck with then for our years..The next problem would be the fact that many appointed folks who are doinga good job are not politically astute and would most likely have a hard time getting elected no matter what their qualifications..Most unions, with the exception of the building trades, have little money to put into local campaigns. Doubtful that they'd even be interested in the row office campaigns..If unions cared about these campaigns at all and showed enough interest to put in the time and effort what happened in 2009 when Republicans swept the County seats? So, as I've said, there are many reasons to not elect people to row offices,union involvement is not one of them...That's just dumb..

Anonymous said...

actually, not so dumb.

in a low-interest, low-turnout election (as row office elections are sure to be), a small voter block like AFSCME could be very influential.

Uncle Remus said...

besides everyone knows that all union pukes are mere sheep only voting as they are paid to do

Anonymous said...

Insubordination even under the guise of union protection will not ever be tolerated.

Anonymous said...

Mr.Bachik, It would appear you have a good gig at Northampton County.Take a break and shut up.Maybe if you become invisible you can survive. Good Luck

Peter J.Cochran said...

Bernie, I remember 22 years ago when I took a test for Domestic Relations Investigator, it was snowing ,and they said the door closes at a certain time,so I was early, they allowed people in late! Then we were all on tables in a rectangle, I took the precaution to passed a legal pad around to sign in with address ,and kept the list who was on the test date,---GUESS WHAT, they hired a guy that was not even in that room on that snowy day.What did that tell me? The personnel head was an Attorney, AND WE HAD A LITTLE GO AROUND about his procedure, but I lost!!!Hear I am 3,800 or so fugitives later.We get what WE get.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Peter, You are right on the money about that. Lots of game playing in year past, to be sure.

Peter J Cochran said...

Bernie, you as many may not be aware that this county , under one SHERIFFS control paid off about 7 or 8 young men TO GO AWAY because they were INTERVIEWED BY A man named KUNKLE that came to their houses for a personal interview. The county had to pay them to go away! The Sheriff denied that he knew that his COL.,he worn the birds on this shirt unauthorized -was having relations --FONDELING with a guy in the a park. This guy could not have been a E-3 in the NAVY for Christ sake. The Sheriffs ID clocked him in the court house after hours., and he denied he was there,to know about this situation. Anyway KUNKLE went to jail,I think two side of the boarder,Nj and PA as the result .Anyway get out your rubber gloves if any questions in an interview

Anonymous said...

Bernie, your girlfriend WWWE hijacked your blogsite and blew it up to 92 postings, mostly repetitive personal attacks. Where are you? Take that crap down!!

Clinton D. Oxford said...

To Be Sure: While it is CERTAINLY not nice.....to tell the Empirical Court; that it has NO clothes.....The Mens-Rea of Criminal Culpability is now established, should he EVER end up on the WRONG-side-of-the-Law....(in Northampton Cnty)....."It is Bachik who managed to piss off the entire court - all nine judges - after accusing them of playing favorites. Even I could never do that, and I've really tried. They're still nice to me. But they actually issued an order banning Bachik from their courtrooms." #1853

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