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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Mezzacappa: The "God Hates Fags" Candidate

Angry at how things are going in the defamation case against her, Tricia Mezzacappa hijacked this blog on Monday evening, spamming it with 745 repetitive, defamatory and vulgar comments. I deleted them. She tried again on Tuesday morning with about 200 spam comments, but I deleted them as they were made. On Wednesday, she continued her blog terrorism. I did delete a few hundred comments, but had to leave for work, while she loaded this blog with 350 or more spam comments.

How do I know it is her? She uses an anonymizer, like Somebody else, so I am unable to track her IP and ISP. But I am certain beyond any doubt that it is her because she includes complaints about the defamation case that only she, I or my attorney would know. She also makes disparaging remarks about West Easton Borough Council President Kelly Gross, against whom she has some kind of irrational vendetta. In November, Mezzacappa was convicted of disorderly conduct after threatening to drag Gross to the Delaware River and drown her. On Monday, Mezzacappa stated that she should "have cracked [Kelly's] filthy mouth. ... [T]hen the court case would have been worth it."

Some of the people being victimized by her called Easton police to complain. Police did visit her home late yesterday afternoon, but ironically, it was in response to a trespassing complaint that Mezzacappa made.

As disgusting as he comments are, I am keeping them alive for two reasons: (1) If she manages to get one the ballot, Reublican voters should know that she is both dangerous and unbalanced; and (2) She is dishonest.


Free Tax Preparation said...

I'm now believing that she could not have been serious about running for a seat on the county council.

She had to realize that her past history, her own blog posts, and her antics on your blog would destroy her chances.

I think she may only run in the hope of being a spoiler, against those she has a vendetta.

Anonymous said...

I really hope you win that defamation case. If you don't, she'll think herself invincible to any action against her and will be even worse than she is now.

Make me wonder what the trespassing complaint involved. A squirrel on her lawn?

Anonymous said...

Has a date been set for the defamation hearing?

Anonymous said...

I genuinely believe that she is crazier than the Westboro Baptist church nut jobs.

Her latest post is an email exchange between her and Orloski about how he improperly emailed her a document in place of first class service. While she has a point where she says that the cert of service said "first class" she goes so overboard and is delusional if she thinks a judge will take any adverse action against Orloski when she admits she has the document. Its called "harmless error".

The twonpeople I fee bad for in this case, in order are:

(i) whatever Judge is going to have to deal with each of her frivolous motions and turf battles;

(ii0 Orloski because he is litigating against a nightmare of a pro se defendant;

Anonymous said...

I believe her Allentown-based mentor is the fuel behind these cyber attacks. I can spot his stuff right away, as can many others. Interestingly, he still considers himself anonymous.

Carol said...

Bernie, just an irrelevant question, does this woman have children?

scepticalrepublicanrealist said...

This woman doesn't have the necessary support form the republican base in NORCO to even get enough signatures to have her name on the ballot. I'll be very surprised if she even gets half the required amount.

Anonymous said...

Fits right in with the current GOP.

Anonymous said...

Most people are very nice, considerate, and non-confrontational. If I might add, also very wise and quite savvy. If asked to sign a petition a petition by a very irrational person, they will do so. Maybe out of fear, or just simply because they have never heard of her. I would be willing to bet that if she is serious about running, she will easily find 250 voters whom have never heard of her and they will sign her petition.

Anonymous said...

Your theory is right on the mark. That is how most candidates get on the ballot.

Anonymous said...

The Easton police, who provide coverage to West Easton under a contract, are a big part of the problem, in my opinion. If Chief Scalzo and his cops would enforce the laws, Mezzacappa would be a defendant in multiple criminal cases. They let her get away with making terroristic threats, making false police reports, making false statements, harassment and other assorted violations. Are they afraid of her because she throws around threats of a civil rights lawsuit? I guess they prefer to do nothing until an innocent person gets hurt, then they'll get involved. West Easton should file a breach of contract action for non-performance, and ask for a refund!

Anonymous said...

If you scan the spam posts you'll see that each one has a different typo, indicating that whoever did it, in addition to being vulgar and unhinged, doesn't know how to use a computer either.

Anonymous said...

Please answer this question. When someone exhibits dangerous behavior can't the police or the courts have them temporarily committed for a mental evaluation? Didn't Mezzacappa recently write about shooting you (or someone fitting your description) with a hollow point bullet? Didn't she recently advocate for the shooting of a high school girl? Didn't she threaten to drown a public official and to crack that same official in the mouth? By her own admission, in your defamation case, she has mental problems. That seems like reasonable cause for an involuntary commitment.

Bernie O'Hare said...

11:26, The EPD is quite busy and I would not be too hard on them.

Anonymous said...

To the blogger who thinks Easton PD is too easy on her. She thinks the opposite so guess they are doing their job. Most times, if not all, the police are not witnesses to the incidents; they arrive after. And therein lis the problem -- the witnesses aren't coming forward to testify because they too are afraid of this nut.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"Bernie, just an irrelevant question, does this woman have children?"

So far as I know, No.

Tricia Mezzacappa said...

I dont appreciate being defamed while defmation lawsuits and counterclaims are all pending.

I dont appreciate being accused of the crime of filing false police reports

I dont appreciate being accused of threating to kill people because a poorly run and poorly managed Borough does not want to share public records

I dont appreciate being called a nut job and a mentally ill patient (among other maleveolent names) with a vendetta against West Easton Borough President Kelly Gross.

Kelly Gross has single handedly harassed me almost from the moment I moved to West Easton 14 years ago, has destroyed my massage business, has refused to allow Borough staff to answer my questions, has refused to allow Borough staff to return my phone messages, has refused to allow borough staff to open the door when I go there to pay my bill, and has voted to file 4 lawsuits to block the release of public records.

She has also cursed at me numerous times, but the laws have not been equally applied, and she was not charged by the police, even when witnesses confirmed her actions.

Make your own choices at election time, but Kelly Gross has far more enemies than friends in west Easton, some just dont vote. I hear incidents over and over from taxpayers being mistreated by this woman who runs the entire Borough with her hands in every pot.

I dont appreciate being blamed for writing "God Hates Fags" and other comments,that spam this blog. Its me writing this, and there is no "anonymizer"

and most of all,

I dont appreciate service of legal documents by hand at my home
when you know that I want you NO WHERE NEAR MY PROPERTY.

Your lack of a postmark on service of legal papers has been reported to the US Postal Inspector . It is against the law for unauthorized persons to place items in mail boxes. Your genuine game playing with service of documents will hopefully cause your action to be dismissed.

If you do not delete this objectionable post, as well as all others, then you, Kelly Gross, Tom Nodoline and Tim Jones will all face counterclaims.

Consider yourselves warned. This blog post has been copied and placed in first class mail, and sent to the above parties.

Anonymous said...

Tricia, I'm one who believes you are NOT doing the recent spamming here. It's that unfortunate character in Allentown. You know, the one with a home in Italy.

I hope this entire episode has a satisfactory conclusion for both sides.

General Zod said...

Bernie you have a serious hard on for this woman.

Tricia Mezzacppa said...

Folks, the 2 reasons I have not filed a counter claim is (first) due to time constraints. I am trying to live a fruitful life free from torment.

But the torment is continuing every day in person and online. The cops could care less.

(second) the gathering and organizing of the exhibits in the counterclaim from this blog is estimated to consume 1 case of copy paper, a box for transport, and those little dollies to wheel it all into court.

All for a case that likely wont be heard by a jury of my peers. But I feel I now have no choice. Mr. O'Hare was served with an his second injuction on 1/8/13 (in less than 1 year) to stop cyberstalking, stalking, witness intimidation..etc

His SECOND injunction for a TRO

That means he knows I object to his constant conduct.

But he still doesnt get it


Let me get this straight.

Ms. Mezzacappa is complaining about receiving proper notice of service. She is citing an amended copy. She said that she didn't get proper service of notice. By her admitting that service was attempted, how it was attempted, and that she received it; SHE IS PROPERLY SERVED!

Whooooa! Rocket Science!

Move on. Nothing to see here. Her hair is longer than her brains.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Tricia Mezzacappa, You are a proven liar. You have severe emotional troubles. You are dangerous. There is no doubt in my mind that you posted the filth that has infested this blog since Monday bc you have stupidly made commments concerning the defamation case that only you would know about and that only seem to bother you. There is no doubt in Kelly Gross' mind that you havbe posted the filth that has infested this blog bc they contain false statements about her that only you have made. Both of us are willing to testify, under oath,m that we are absolutely certain you posted those comments.

You have filed false police reports, and as recently as january 8, when you falsely claimed that you were confronted in the Prothy's office by me. Not only is that completely untrue, but three prothy employees are prepared to testify that your assertion is a blatant lie.

You have threatened to kill W Estn Boro Council President Kelly Gross, and were convicted of disorderly conduct.

So far the Amended Complaint is concerned, you filed a motion to dismiss based on the assertion that one had not been filed. That assertion is completely false, something you have acknowledged yourself. That is another false statement, and one you admitted.

So far as service is concerned, Attorney Orloski filed a certificate of service, averring you had been served. There is a presumption that mail sent in the ordinary course of business has been delivered. After you informed him, with all kinds of vulgarities, that you had not been served, he emaled you a copy. That was not good enough either. A hard copy was apparently delivered to your home yesterday. That is not good enough for you either. That is bc you are an unreasonable person.

I can assure you that I had nbothing to do with that, assuming it even happened. I would go nowhere near your property.

ASs for this post, it stays. I would like to know what the hell Tim Jones, Tom Nodoline otr anyone else has to do with what I post and when. Unlike you, I do not have a Blog Mentor, and I decide what I post and take full responsibility for each and every word uttered.

I do not hide behind sock puppets like you and your blog mentor. I do not post anonymously like you and your blog mentor.

Just make sure you show up for your deposti0on. Attorney Orloski has a few questions for you, and you are required to tell the truth for once.

Roland P. said...

Mezzacappa said:
If you do not delete this objectionable post, as well as all others, then you, Kelly Gross, Tom Nodoline and Tim Jones will all face counterclaims.

Amazing... She posts the most vile stuff on her own blog, making libelous statements, using insulting images, and accusing people of criminal actions, but thinks anything that shines a light on her should be removed.

Tricia Mezzacappa said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Bernie O'Hare said...

A comment posted by Tricia "God Hates Fags" Mezzacappa bc she makes reference to someone whose name is not permitted on this blog.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"She posts the most vile stuff on her own blog, making libelous statements, using insulting images, and accusing people of criminal actions, but thinks anything that shines a light on her should be removed."

Just this week, she claimed an Allentown cop should have shot the 14 yo girl from Dieruff High School, and fantasizes about the shooting with glee. She fantasized about putting a hollow point bullet thru my skull. She claims she should have cracked Kelly Gross at her disorderly conduct hearing to make the charges worth it.

She is a disgusting piece of shit. A thug. She will be forced to accept responsibility for her misconduct.

Anonymous said...

"The EPD is quite busy and I would not be too hard on them."

I agree the Easton police are busy, but they have time to respond to every bogus call they receive from Mezzacappa - noisy cabbies, stolen letters, pig poisonings, and all her other nonsense.

The Easton police have a contract with West Easton Borough. If they are going to take the money, they should enforce the laws. I think the City is their priority and the Borough gets short shrift.

Bernie O'Hare said...

In her Wednesday blog hijacking there is this comment: "mail the complaint." Then it is followed by this: "Mail the complaint, asshole." Twice.

She had been arguing with my attorney about getting a new copy of the complaint in the mail because supposedly, she had never received the one my attorney sent to her. She was angry that he was not cowering before her, and was insisting he will take her deposition. These statements were in her Monday and Tuesday hijackings as well. It s clearly her, and once again, she is a liar.

Anonymous said...

She's so crazy, she's driving the shit-house rats out of business.

Anonymous said...

So are you numb nuts.

Anonymous said...

Tricia is, what we like to call "Three bricks shy of a load."

Anonymous said...

Brave men attacking a woman.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anonymous coward defending a woman who fantasizes about killing people and who makes death threats.