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Monday, January 28, 2013

Another Naughty Email Update

Back in September, two NorCo Register of Wills employees were canned following a two-year investigation by Director of Court Services Archie (Inspector Gadget) D'Isidore. They were busted for violating the County's "electronic resource policy," which is a fancy way of saying they were sending naughty emails. Playing hardball, the County denied a union grievance and even refused to pay unemployment.

Both of the two fired workers, represented by Attorney Brian and Colin Monahan, were awarded unemployment because the County was in no position to claim there was any misconduct. It allowed these employees to exchange emails for two years without taking any remedial action. In fact, D'Isidore gave them positive performance evaluations while secretly looking through their emails to boyfriends.

Thankfully, one of these workers will be back at the County today. I certainly hope that the second gets re-instated soon as well.


Anonymous said...

Stoffa wants to run for council to save or make sure his legacy is preserved. Stories like this post can not correct a legacy after one term on council.

Bernie... sadly Stoffa did it to himself. The blame is his alone not Lamont McClure.

kareemofbuckwheat said...

Stick it to Archie - run his butt out of town

Anonymous said...

Hooray! Two time and resource wasters back on payroll!

Once again, all is as it should be ...

As The Trough Turns.