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Monday, January 14, 2013

LVR Attends a Bridal Show

Kara Miller (L) and Christine Seiple (R) want that honeymoon at St. Lucia
You usually see my Bethlehem Press by-line next to all kinds of local government and political gatherings. Hot stuff. But I must have screwed up. Instead of a Mayor or County Exec, my editor recently sent me to cover the Lehigh Valley Bridal Expo at Lehigh's Rauch Fieldhouse. On Sunday, January 13. During NFL playoffs. "You'll love it," he assured me. If I win the 5-day honeymoon to St. Lucia, I'll agree. But for a guy, this is about as popular as a colonoscopy.

Now don't get me wrong. There were 3,500 people at this event. Most of them paid $6 just for the privilege of being there, too. But only a small percentage of those 3500 were guys.

"This is a girls' day," one future bride told me. Seriously, what the hell do we know about floral arrangements or wedding cakes?
Lovebirds Mark Prestifilippo and Andi  McCleland will tie the knot in May
There were some cool limos in there, along with the Brew Works. That was about it for us. I did see hoagies, but they were ruined with cucumbers. No ham No cheese. Just cukes.
John Orlicki, J and J Luxury, was watching the game from the limo
The place was packed with 125 florists, jewelers, DJs, wedding planners, travel agencies, reception halls and make-up artists. I asked one if she could do anything for me, and she aid she'd need a blowtorch.
Colleen and Terry Laky take an order for Macungie's Piece a Cake
I was almost denied admission. I told show organizers I was with the press, but had no credentials. I did have an index card, with the word "Press" filled out as a joke. Believe it or not, that got me in!

I'm going to try that at the NFL Superbowl.
For the bride and groom on a budget


Anonymous said...

Good lord! Must have been painful.

Anonymous said...

How many jobs do you have? Work at the courthouse, blogging, driving bus, working for Bethlehem Times, and several other non-notable jobs.

Der Weinerschnitzel said...

@9:00,BOH's most notable job is shining light on local politics he is a beacon of truth and has been for some time! Pooh pooh him all you want BOH has had haters for years and it only motivates him, he used to be a blimp now he is running marathons and bagging MILFs at Wegmans in the produce section.

Anonymous said...

He bags groceries at Wegman's, too? Where does he get all this time to do all of these things?

Home Income said...

How many jobs do you have? Work at the courthouse, blogging, driving bus, working for Bethlehem Times, and several other non-notable jobs.
Better to have multiple "non-notable" jobs, rather than sucking on the teat of taxpayer. As a bus driver and blogger who found the right money making blog program myself, your comment proves you to be a snob and an idiot.

Bernie O'Hare said...

6:44, It was.

9:00, The bus driving claim is a false rumor started by Tricia Mezzacappa. I don't know why she has to lie about everything, but she does. I don't consider this a defamation bc there is nothing offensive about being a bus driver.It;s actually a step u for me. But it's still a lie.

9:29, Thanks. I wish.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"Home Income," Thanks. You're quite kind.

Uncle Remus said...

and he's not a union puke like most of the haters.

keep up the good work BO

Anonymous said...

No BO you don't drive a bus, you just throw people under them.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I do expose the phonies, and it's a pretty wide field, from pols to people with hidden agendas to false prophets.

Anonymous said...

BO did you get any fluff covering this one or did you spank your little pig when you got home?