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Friday, January 18, 2013

Mike Fleck Will Not Seek Re-Election to Easton City Council

Mike Fleck with his video guru, Mick Dee
For as long as I've been blogging, I've been picking on political and business consultant, Easton City Council member, Pawlowski campaign manager and occasional lounge singer Mike Fleck. So you can imagine my surprise when he invited me to visit him at his Allentown consulting biz yesterday. Ron Angle warned me it was a trap, and that once I walked in there, Pawlowski would jump out of a closet with a tomahawk. But aside from seeing my picture on a dartboard, the eleven people in that office were polite.

It was an expansive interview, and I'll share those details on Monday. But for now, I want you to know that Fleck told me he has decided against running for re-election to Easton City Council. "I have no desire to be an elected official ever again," he told me.

Part of the reason is his consulting business, which is taking up more and more of this time. Another big reason is his five-year old son, a basketball star in training. He wants to see his son play as he gets older, and I can understand that completely.

Every second we miss is a second we'll never get back.

Fleck added that he and his wife are seriously considering a move to Allentown, since that's where both of them work.

I'll have more on Monday.

I did check my car before leaving Allentown.


Anonymous said...

Is this the "New Fleck"?

GodHatesFigs said...

Are you going to cover the Westboro Baptist Church's planned protest on Sunday at several Valley Churches? That would be the pinnacle of bottom feeding bloggin'.

Anonymous said...

I STILL haven't received my newspaper this morning.

I've really had enough of this guy's incompetence. Wake up, Mike. It's time to deliver the papers!

Bernie O'Hare said...

"Are you going to cover the Westboro Baptist Church's planned protest on Sunday at several Valley Churches? That would be the pinnacle of bottom feeding bloggin'."

What do my Sunday plans have to do with this post? I don't know if I want to attend a function when this hate group will likely not show.

Anonymous said...

Thanks be to God!!!

Fleckster, don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!

This is the best news from your blog, ever!!!

Barack Hussein Obama said...

My name was spelled incorrectly by my secretary, she has been dismissed.

Barry Hussein Obama said...

Mittens stashed away the golden tablets to avoid paying taxes on them, praise be to Allah that he did not win the Dictatorship.

Anonymous said...

The move probably makes sense. There probably is more of a future for him in Allentown politically and financially. Easton has declined. Its population is down. Its importance and rank is down also. It use to boast a center for finance and law. The banks have packed up and left and so have the lawyers. The government has changed. It's no longer the typical political machine city. Panto is probably the last of the strong mayors to hold office. The city looks more and more like a township or borough everyday. That would not hold much promise for a guy like Fleck who enjoys big party politics.

Anonymous said...

12:30 and still no newspaper. Get the hell out of bed and do your damn job, Mike. You can't sleep all day. This is not the bridge commission. This is newspaper marketing damn it!

Anonymous said...

Huzzah for the City of Easton!!!!

Anonymous said...

He is going to fit in well in Allentown, especially with that "power" suit and tie combination. Wow! Who picked out that combo? Stevie Wonder?

Anonymous said...

Same fat fleck used carsalesman and for the 5:07 comment. Fat Fleck and allentowns king palumpa have the same tie maker we all no Omar the tent maker also has most of the clowns of alentown tie onsables put together for the man with the expanding belly¿


Lennay Kekua said...

Fleck is the father of my baby.

Anonymous said...

The Fleckster Fleckmeister should have thought about this long ago. This is a great way for him to bolster his war-chest. I am willing to contribute to his coffers if he promises to:
-1- Never run for office in Easton, again.
-2- Leave Easton and Northampton County for good.
-3- Become Lehigh County's problem. Ahh, I mean move to Allentown.

Anonymous said...

Maybe once Reibman gets his ass kicked, Fleck will change his mind


Anonymous said...

yes now he gets to make us miserable