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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Jennifer Sletvold Running For Northampton County Judge

Prominent Easton Attorney Jennifer Sletvold has announced her candidacy for Northampton County judge this coming November. She'll be running to replace Judge Leonard Zito, who will soon reach Senior Judge status.

Jennifer is a bit modest in her news release. After clerking for now Chief Justice Ron Castille, she was employed in a high-powered Philly law firm, where she survived among the sharks in the City of Not-So-Brotherly Love. She's a very sharp lawyer and would be an excellent addition to the bench.

A few years ago, I made fun of her "designer glasses" at a zoning hearing, in what I must admit was a cheap shot. She later told me she purchased those glasses at a dollar store. Bethlehem City Council Solicitor Chris Spadoni is also eyeing a run. I've made fun of him, too. I've claimed he once ate a dentist, but that's true.

Either way, I'm in trouble.


kareemofbuckwheat said...

vote for jenny. she is much easier to look at than chris

Peter J. Cochran said...

I have not ever met her, and I have had contact professionally with most of the trial lawyers for one reason or other. She appears well and able to take on the duties of a Judge.She has a background and the education and at least has been in a trial herself. I say good luck to this nice young lady.

Peter J.Cochran said...

Not prejudiced toward Chris at all ,this guy is super, he goes to Alaska in the middle of know where to fish ! How does it get any better than that for a personalty? Two great people to run .

God Hates... said...

I find it amazing that both you and your best buddy Mezzacappa are supporting this person for judge.

"Tricia Mezzacappa -- Hi Jen, my afternoon appointment was just cancelled, and I saw this in facebook. I will be there for sure."

Bernie O'Hare said...

Although Sletvold is an excellent candidate, I will not make up my mind until I know who is running.