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Monday, January 28, 2013

Obama Organizer To Run Reynolds' Campaign

Laura Collins
Are there any idealists left? If there are, would you ever expect to see them running a political campaign? Those who put in long and hard hours on political campaigns are true believers. But only a few retain their ideals. One of them is Laura Collins, who is working for Willie Reynolds' Mayoral campaign in Bethlehem.

Even though I'm a bottom-feeding blogger whose idea of a good time is looking through Willie Reynolds' garbage cans, Laura met me last week at Panera Bread.

"You do know I'm a stalker, don't you?" I asked her.

She just laughed at me.

A little nervously.

Laura is a Bethlehem-area product. Freedom High School. Villanova. Taught English in Argentina and Uganda. But during last year's presidential race, she was a field organizer in the Bethlehem area for the Obama campaign.

Laura met Willie Reynolds during that campaign, and he spent a lot of his time volunteering, going door to door. She said Willie would show up, even when the office was empty.

With the campaign over, Laura was preparing for another trip overseas when the phone rang. Willie asked her to work his Mayoral race, and she agreed.

"I found her to be a tireless campaigner who understands the important issues facing Bethlehem," explained Willie. "In 2012, President Obama won 66 percent of the vote in Bethlehem and Laura’s work in our neighborhoods was a big part of that.”

Ironically, Laura used that same language to describe Willie. She stayed because he is committed and willing to work.

"He's everywhere," she told me.

I know. Maybe he should start a blog, too.

I told Laura that Willie's opponent, Bob Donchez, is admired and respected in Bethlehem. I think even the Pope is preparing to endorse him. She agreed. She thinks Willie works hard and has good ideas and is the best person to move Bethlehem forward. She told me the campaign will be based on his ideas, not slurs.

She's an idealist. You can even see it in her eyes. It's very refreshing for a bottom-feeder like me.

Obviously, Willie's commitment to Obama is what inspired her. I had to ask. Were there any other Bethlehem politicians out there, knocking on doors for Obama?

Two. One of them is State Rep. Steve Samuelson, who would stop by if he had time to kill. Another is Mayor John Callahan, who would come to an empty office and work the phones, sometimes bringing his daughter with him.


Anonymous said...

Willie would be a great mayor. I just suspect he will have to wait a little bit longer.

kareemofbuckwheat said...

if he is to win he will have to go on the attack just like callahan did when he defeated Delgrosso.

Look at everyone of donchezs votes over the past 16 years. question him being on the public dole all his adult life.

ATTACK, ATTACK, ATTACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

An Obama organizer and kool aid drinker. Nice. Reynolds may have had a chance, but now, no.

Anonymous said...

She seems very nice. But, a poorly trained monkey could have mustered 68% for Obama in Bethlehem. The successor has been chosen and there's no need for costly elections. Let's move directly to the swearing in and then we'll party.

Anonymous said...

Willie is setting the stage to run again, eight years from now. He might be a marathon runner, but a leader he is not, not now, and now in eight years.

Anonymous said...

Too bad she's wasting her talents on politics.

Anonymous said...

Coattails, how lovely.

Anonymous said...

she is fantastic. glad she is staying local

Anonymous said...

@ 9:49 Willie is that you?

Bar Johnston said...

Laura is a great hire for Willie. She knows field and will Manage that campaign well. Trains will run on time - and thats a talent.

As for your piece, thank you for highlighting people that show up and work hard. It doesn't happen enough.

Bar Johnston

Anonymous said...

Is Reynolds giving away free cell phones like Obama?

Bernie O'Hare said...

Bar, Laura actually reminded me of you. Like you, she is a positive person not in to slamming other people. She is just trying to get the message out about her candidate. Like you, she was even nice to a bottom-feeding blogger.

Anonymous said...

Another flaming liberal running for Mayor. Enough is enough.

Anonymous said...

To give credit to any person who allegedly convinced two-thirds of Bethlehem to vote Democrat is insane. Bethlehem has been a Dem voting city since dinosaurs walked along the Monocacy. Right Bernie? You were around back then.

Libby Segal said...

I think this was is a fantastic choice. Laura is full of great ideas and sticks to her values. She's intelligent and a total people-person--a gem. Willie couldn't have made a better decision.

Bernie O'Hare said...

9:09, Yes. It has elected Rs in the past, but not its recent past.