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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Nasty People

It's hard to believe that people would criticize Bob Donchez, Charlie Dent or John Stoffa for being nice guys, but that's the world we live in. As Ann McHale once said before Stoffa beat her, "Nice guys finish last. "

They perceive kindness as a weakness when it is also a strength. It's very hard to see the good in some other people, as the latest attempted blog hijacking by Tricia Mezzacappa makes clear to me. Even worse than that is the story of a poor roofer who last Friday lost $600 in cash at a local grocery store.

He earned that $600 after a week of roofing in frigid weather. When he was paid, he went to the local Bottom Dollar in Wilson Boro, where he accidentally dropped his wallet with $600, minus whatever groceries he had just purchased. When he realized his mistake, he went back to the store and found his wallet. All the money was gone. So were his credit cards.

That's bad enough, right there. But it gets worse. Inside the wallet was a note saying, "Thanks, asshole."

His credit card was used at nearby WaWa, and hiopefully, police will catch these nasty people.


Juan Luis Pedro Felipo de Huevos Epstein said...

If these people are ever caught, one form of punishment should allow the wallet owner to be locked inside a windowless room with them for ten minutes. The wallet owner should be given a baseball bat, a jar of salt, and a bottle of lemon juice. The criminals are fully clothed minus their shoes and socks. The rest can be made up as the ten minutes begin to expire.

Anonymous said...

No one ever criticized John Stoffa for being a nice guy.

Bernie O'Hare said...


Jesus Manuel Barboa Von Mettlestien said...

Lost 600+ dollars in a wallet last year, ultimately the wallet showed up in the mail with all of my id's and cc's but they had the decency not to leave any nasty notes inside. That combined with using the CC at wawa shows the level of stupidity at work here. Think JLPFdHE's method of justice is a little medieval, perhaps the baseball bat could be switched with one of those float noodles.

Uncle Remus said...

Donchez is a nice gut. He's just not a leader

Anonymous said...

If it's all true, love to hear that the cops put a beat down on the scumbags, and the victim is made whole through restitution.

But, am I the only one here who thinks the note thing smells a little fishy?

Bottom Dollar has surveillance, no?


Bernie O'Hare said...

If you think camera surveillance is some kind of insurance against the theft of a dropped wallet, you're sadly mistaken.

Anonymous said...

Of course it wouldn't stop it, but it could document the event of someone picking it up, pulling the contents, writing a note, putting it in the wallet and putting the wallet where it was eventually found.

The brainiac(s) who pulled this off immediately used a stolen credit card right down the street, a move that screams "Please catch me!" Yet, they would be thoughtful and careful enough to do all of the above completely out of the view of the Bottom Dollar cameras?

I'm not saying it didn't happen the way the guy says. Stranger things have. But the circumstances, at least what you detailed here, do beg the question.


Anonymous said...

Yopu really are a hypocrite O'Hare. You claim to allow posts regarding "public officials" but you delete those you don't like regarding John Stoffa.

You will soon be out from under his protective wing. Unless Callahan wins, you are out in the cold.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Go take your drug cocktail.