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Monday, January 07, 2013

Reynolds Expected to Announce Mayoral Bid Tuesday

Willie at Firecracker 4-miler. I think I beat him
Bethlehem City Council member J. William Reynolds, a lifelong resident of the city, will announce his intention to run for Mayor on Tuesday afternoon. Instead of doing it at some social hall or eatery, he's announcing outside of his home, in front of a small group of his neighbors, family members and campaign volunteers.

According to Reynolds, this is to emphasize the importance of Bethlehem’s neighborhoods while also recognizing his strong grassroots support.

It's also cheaper.

Reynolds, who grew up just a block from Liberty High School, has walked to every school he's ever attended. He's like Bethlehem to remain a City with strong neighborhoods in which kids can walk to school.

A Moravian College grad, he's in his second term as a Council member and teaches in the Allentown School District.

Reynolds was a stand out basketball player at Liberty and Moravian. He's also an avid runner who regularly competes and excels in road races throughout the Lehigh Valley.

But this is no road race. Willie is up against affable Bob Donchez, a retired Allentown teacher who has served on City Council since 1996. Currently a legislative aide to State Rep. Dan McNeil, Donchez was top vote getter in the 2011 City Council races. He pulled in 5,176 votes. Reynolds came in second, with 4,466.

This announcement is good news for Bethlehem Mayor John Callahan, who should soon be announcing his own race for Northampton County Executive. A contested Bethlehem Mayoral race will increase Bethlehem's turnout, and that in turn should increase the number of votes being cast for Callahan.

But Reynolds is in this race to win, not to drive up turnout for someone else.

I will make every effort to attend Reynold's announcement on Tuesday, although one of Bethlehem's independent haulers might mistake me for a piece of garbage and take me away.

It happens.

Blogger's Note: I was going to embargo this until Tuesday, but The Express Times went with this story and Reynolds' web page is live.


Juan Luis Pedro Felipo de Huevos Epstein said...

I wish Willie a lot of luck. He is a good guy. His father was my professor in a few of my political science classes while at Moravian College. They are both good guys and good basketball players.

Anonymous said...

Willie is the Callahan candidate and will ensure a strong Democratic voter turnout in Bethlehem. Can he win, no. will he help Callahan, you bet!

Anonymous said...

More than ever, the City needs mayoral leadership with a plethora of financial, business and governmental experience to come in an clean up the mess left by the current and past mayors. Reynolds nor Donchez have that experience. Good luck to the City residents with this slate.

Anonymous said...

I hear Callahan is going to be president of Arts Quest

Uncle Remus said...

I wish willy well. donchez has been asleep at the wheel for 16 years. he is a major contributor to the cities financial troubles.

Anonymous said...

From my understanding, the relationship between Callahan and Reynolds is nothing short of “tight”. Should they both win, it will not be a win-win for the city or the country as you know what happens with good ol’ boys club.

Anonymous said...

Let's hope Callagahan gets the job at Arts Quest or maybe the Delaware Joint Toll Bridge Commission. Reibman and stoffa messed up the County. Callaghan and Reynolds screwed up the City. Maybe Donchez can fix Bethlehem and restore some of her greatness.

Bernie O'Hare said...

9:41, Although I suspect Callahan and Reynolds are "tight," as you say, Callahan did not support Reynolds in his first bid for City Council.

Both Reynolds and Donchez are good choices. I would lean toward Donchez, but I like them both.

Bethlehem City Council gets heaped with criticism during Council meetings from a very active group of citizens who attend every meeting and might know as much about what is going on as they. I think this makes them better Council people. In fact, despite the lapse when it failed to reach agreement on the appointment of a Controller, I consider Bethlehem City Council the finest municipal body in the LV. That is not thanks just to its embers, but is also due to the citizens who attend every meeting, a well as numerous members of the administration.

Anonymous said...

I must respectfully disagree with your coment on willy and callahan. they were part of a team that started out with cunningham running for mayor and reynolds, dolan and a few others that didn't make it. In my opnion, willy and cunningham, callahan are still three elephants nose to tail, dolan stepped a bit to the far side. None of them stepped to the plate and now the fiscal problems are tumbling down on callahan, he is out just in time. Been a "D" here in Bethlehem for over 40 years and what this group did gives me pause.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:38, you know not of what you speak. Reynolds first ran in the 2007 primary, and in that race Callahan and Cunningham supported Ron Heckman. Dolan ran in 2005, and was supported by Callahan, along with 2 others who lost.

Reynolds got most of his support in 2007 from Donchez.

Anonymous said...

His announcement sounds like Mike Fleck's in 2007. (Except Fleck didn't live in that house yet, that came a few weeks later).

Anonymous said...

Best council in the valley? I question that, although, perhaps the bigger problem for their debacles of labor disputes is the bumbling city solicitor. The courses he teaches at NCC are a joke.

What I will say, is any council that lets someone retire, then next week takes it back and wastes tax payer's hard earned dollars to lose in court and have to let that person retire--is a council not worth keeping.