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Thursday, May 19, 2011

LC Republicans Dump Office Staffer Kim Beitler

Late last month, I told you that, thanks to the $37,635 in ... ahem ... "professional services" paid to Scott Ott last year, the party is broke. Bossman Wayne Woodman, elected precisely because he was supposed to bring in the bacon, has failed to deliver.

And guess who suffers?

That's tight, it's the low person on the totem pole. Yesterday, office manager Kim Beitler was shown the door, with one day's notice. She did manage to send a gracious email to her many friends among rank and file Republicans.

"Wow, what to say. Goodbyes are never easy and it's with a heavy heart that I say goodbye to all of you and to this office which has become a home to me for the last four years. I have learned today that today would be my last day with the LCRC and I will miss you all. I have enjoyed working with you and for you! You are all talented and committed individuals and I thank you for all your hard work and dedication. I thank you for supporting me, inspiring me and challenging me. I hope that while I was here I served you all well. Please keep in touch with me because I would love to continue to hear from you. You have all become my friends and extended family. You can continue to reach me at kim8thward@yahoo.com or by phone at 484-xxx-xxxx. I will be busy in the next few weeks looking for employment so please let me know if you hear of any openings anywhere. I challenge all of you now to stay involved, informed and committed in your communities and this committee. They are both yours to create. God bless my friends! In service and respect, Kim Beitler"

A classy lady to the end, unlike her superiors.


Doug Hoppe said...

BO, I know you will find this shocking but for once I agree with you. The lady has much more class than he ex bosses.

Anonymous said...

Kim brought a high level of professionalism to the LCRC office. It's such a shame that Wayne couldn't just dig into his pocket and pay her salary. For God's sake she only worked 25 hours a week as it was. She was organized, gracious, non-threatening and kept her opinions to herself. Wayne has divided this committee....much like Dean did when he was chair. However, Dean stayed out of primary elections..... well..... we all know that WAYNE DIDN'T DO THAT!

Anonymous said...

Kim leaves large shoes to fill.