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Thursday, May 12, 2011

ET: Gracedale Live Chat Tonight!

I'll be participating from a Gracedale Town Hall tonight, starting at 7 PM. If I'm lucky, I'll get Ron Angle to join in the discussion, which starts at 7 PM.

You can join the chat here.


Anonymous said...

How's he gonna do that, is't he going to be at his Town Hall Meeting?

Anonymous said...

Didn't you know Angle can do any thing. Ignore the people while he is doing the live chat with Bernie. Nice for him for his last ditch effort.
How many people are going to be there? I heard less then 10 if you don't count the Goons.

Anonymous said...

Owens and Flagg did a good job of sitting in for Stoffa and Angle. It was as though they were reading from a prepared crib statement from the Angle/Stoffa regime.


Anonymous said...

People with brains know Gracedale should be sold...you can fill in the rest.

Anonymous said...

..because they really don't have functioning brains? Otherwise they wouldn't let their blind hatred of unions blind them to the fact that Stoffa has changed his numbers and stories about 30 times in the past six months.

Now I know what you mean by filling in the rest and I agree!

Anonymous said...

just read it......what a waste!!!

Anonymous said...

So whats the real tax amount is it 16% or 30% or somewhere in the middle, whats really disturbing is the county council cant even come up with a correct number for the tax payers to form an opinion about.It looks like alot of the council people should not be reelected why no statement about what the actual # is instead of all this bullshit.

Cicero said...

Anonymous 11:55PM
I would just venture a guess that the tax increase will be determined by the amount of the raises for the union goons. Keep in mind that one minute this group was willing to give up $3M in concessions to save Gracedale. When the big goons heard this they took the offer off the board. So we are back to square one. The amount they get will also determine the number of layoffs. And keep in mind that the Alzheimer's group was initially formed to slam the county not praise it.

Anonymous said...

I believe that you were a union member.. i even believe you worked at Gracedale!! You collected union benefits didn't you? I don't think any barber has benefits unless you paid for them.. oh how quickly you forget

Anonymous said...

Ciro, there will be a tax hike because Stoffa needs cash for his drug addict lounge, that was the reason behind the "needed" sale of Gracedale. There is no question when it passes, Stoffa with Angle's help will work to sabotage and undercut the facility. They have been doing just that for the past three years.

The unions are still willing to negotiate but remember it was Conklin who called off negotiations to protect "potential" buyers.

When Stoffa states endangering the lives of residents, he will be cited by the State and Federal governments(they have already been alerted). Also families on behalf of their resident relatives will file civil suits.

You baggers ate like Mussolini's die-hard followers screaming, "but the trains are on time". Before Stoffa is through he will bankrupt the county with multi-million dollar fines and lawsuits.

How much of this loser can people stomach. He is the most incompetent elected official in the county.