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Friday, May 06, 2011

Dent Joins House to Support Oil & Gas Drilling Bill

LV Congressman Charlie Dent yesterday joined all House Republicans, excepting two who were absent, and 33 Democrats, to adopt a bill to advance delayed oil and natural gas leases in the Gulf of Mexico and off the coast of Virginia, and did so in the belief it will create thousands of quality American jobs. The final tally was 266 to 149.

“This crucial legislation will increase the long term production of domestic energy resources and generate thousands of American jobs,” said Rep. Dent in a news release. “It is important we make certain drilling off our shores is done in a clean and safe manner, but we can no longer allow this Administration to excessively delay the development of American energy." Basically, the Bill requires the Department of Interior to ensure that three leases granted in 2007 are completed no later June 2012.

Many House Republicans have also argued this exploration would ease prices at the pump.

President Obama opposes the House measure because it would use an "outdated" environmental analysis.


Anonymous said...

Sponsors of the oil drilling expansion bill received 8.8 Million dollars in political contributions which of course had nothing to do with their votes.

Clams with $ signs on them. Not the mucky oil stained stunted clams that you get from the Gulf.
You know, from that pristine bottom that no longer has a few million gallons of oil sitting on the bottom.

Drill fine, but do it responsibly subject to strict regulation by an agency that isnt populated with ex-industry lobbyists.

Good job Charlie.

Anonymous said...

The Republicans are owned lock stock and barrel by special interests.

The joke is the little god fearing guy buys their social jive and supports the 2% ruling class.

When you look next to you on the bench in your survival shelter it wont be Donald Trump.

Drill baby drill.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"The Republicans are owned lock stock and barrel by special interests."

How refreshing that we have a choice and can select Democrats, who are independent of unions, trial lawyers, finance insurance and real estate industry, George Soros, transportation industry, etc., etc.

Anonymous said...

If they were really serious about this, the bill would be drafted in a fashion that these reseerves would stay in US interest. If you want to curb US prices, you need to flood the US market with supply. Sending it to China only benefits Investors not the US consumer. Why tap into our strategic reserve underground for the benefit of China.

Anonymous said...

Barry the ghetto huckster has delivered $4/gallon gas with his economics wizardry.

It's still a better performance than his golf game. Despite his flailing, spies report he still can't break 100.

Michelle is now refusing to be on top because she's tired of Barry screwing up.

Meanwhile, he burned kabillions in jet fuel to visit NYC for a campaign photo op using dead infidels as props.


dmcanady said...

The oil wells that are currently in operation are not producing at their capacity. That is the first point the second point is the large oil companies have reduced the refining capacity here in the United States. A simple google search will tell you by just how much. Refineries have been closed down so no amount of dilling will reduce the price.
Third the track record of the oil companies when it comes to the enviorment is sirously lacking, the latest desaster was from BP the same company that failed to maintain it's pipe lines in Alaska and just paid several million in fines.
Charlie Dent simply can not be trusted. I have said it before and will say it again Charlie Dent is geneticaly incapable of telling the truth. Has no respect for the Constitution and will throw you or anyone else under the bus in order to maintain his job.

Donald said...

I was going to comment and then I read the comments - I just can't lower myself - Sorry Bernie - I think your blog can do and does a great service to this community but allowing these racist comments dilutes your effectiveness.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Donald, I do not like personal attacks aimed at anyone bc of their race. Anon 7:30 is very close, if not there. I probably should have deleted the remark.