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Monday, May 16, 2011

Att'y Orlando: Pick Loren Rabbat in Upper Mount Bethel

Slate Belt Attorney Anthony Orlando is making a pitch for Loren Rabbatt as Supervisor in Upper Mount Bethel Township.

"As many of you know - and others have forgotten because we are all very busy - this Tuesday is Primary Election Day in PA. First, I want to remind everyone to get out and vote. I know that its just a primary in an off-year for most races. However, this year we are electing two members of the Board of Supervisors (BOS). For those of us who were particularly concerned a few months ago about the prospects of a prison being located in our Township, you are well aware that the Supervisors would literally have been our only defense had this project gone forward. The willingness of some Supervisors to even entertain such an ill-conceived scheme (and some apparently were) speaks to the necessity of ensuring that the members of the BOS understand how we feel about sensible economic development. I have looked closely at the Supervisor field and have personally concluded that the person who most aligns with how we think about this issue (based upon on what I have read and discussed with most of you) is Loren Rabbat.

"I know that many of you, particularly long-time residents, are already familiar with Loren and have supported her in the past. I hope you will do so this time as well. For newer residents like myself, you may not be as familiar. I have taken the time to speak with Loren and have gotten to know her record and views on key issues affecting our Township - particularly on appropriate economic development. Many of you know that Loren has a sound environmental record and supports protecting our open spaces and natural resources - she was a founding member of the UMBT Economic Advisory Council (EAC). Loren is also a strong proponent of recreation facilities - she was founding director of the UMBT Community Park Foundation and has helped to secure necessary funding for our new park. Loren has also served our Township previously as a member of the Zoning Board and as a member of the BOS. Most important to me were Loren's views on economic development, since this is really the problem that has led to fights against the Marshfield development and the GEO prison. Loren recognizes the need for the Township to take a pro-active approach to ensure responsible commercial development that will enhance our tax base and promote jobs. However, she is committed to doing so in a way that will preserve the beauty and serenity of our Township. I know that is going to be a challenge, but I think that Loren can be counted on to work hard and do what is necessary to ensure our community remains vibrant.

"I know that Loren is very eager to earn your support and would be more than happy to discuss any questions or concerns you may have . You can reach her at (570) 897-6166 or on Facebook.com at "Political Buzz in Upper Mt. Bethel".

"In an off-year primary, EVERY vote will count. So don't forget to make time to get out to the polls on Tuesday (they are open from 7AM - 8PM). I will be voting for Loren Rabbat for Township Supervisor and hope you will consider doing the same. Thank you."


Anonymous said...

Upper Mount Bethel? Really? Who cares?

Bernie O'Hare said...

People in Upper Mount Bethel.

Anonymous said...

why Upper Mount Bethel you ask, b/c Ron lives there; and Bernie does what Ron tells him

Anonymous said...

Why wouldn't you build a prison in the sticks? Makes sense to me.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:06 doenst know jack. Ron isnt supportive of the Rabbat. So why would he tell Bernie to run an article like this. And anon 4:10, why not build it in your ass, next to your head?

Bernie O'Hare said...

I ran this piece bc I liked the email Anthony Orlando sent on Ms. Rabbatt'a behalf. I suspect Ron and she may clash, but I like her open attitude and her F/B page.

Anonymous said...

Bullshit, she is another Angle plant. He has them everywhere.

Doug Hoppe said...

but cut her a break - she is nowhere as ugly as angle and certainly puts bo to shame as far as smarts go.