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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Vote For Panto: He's a Doctor, Damn It!


Anonymous said...

Our next county executive!

Anonymous said...

Nah. He's Barron with a better personality and grammar skills that reflect a Catholic school education instead of remedial 4th grade special ed. Politically, there's no difference at all.

Tom Marshall said...

Sal Panto is a much better leader, politician and man than Barron can even dream about.

Anonymous said...

He is an Easton guy and good at it. I don't think that necessarily transfers to county wide. Ask Bob Freeman about that.

I think Sal is where he should be. he is a savvy politician and knows he has a lock on this for some time. Besides he loves Easton and Easton needs all the help it can get so it doesn't become Allentown east.

Keepin it real

Anonymous said...

Sal Panto will be the next county executive if he runs. I have a co-worker who knows him personally. I'm told he has no interest. Shame. He would be excellent.

Anonymous said...

Wow, where were all these anointed county executive's for the past two elections. Maybe we would have been spared Stoffa.

So far if Callahan runs he is Executive,no doubt; if Sal panto runs, he is Executive no doubt; if Steve Barron runs, he it Executive no doubt.

Amazing. That's what makes politics amusing, so many ego's so few offices or orifices to put them in.

The Poet

Trudi Rowkowski said...

Panto, if he would run, would beat Callahan by a large margin and barren would be left in a bloody pulp in last place.