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Monday, May 16, 2011

Republicans Waging Panto Write-in Campaign

A few years ago, I was with my grandson when his eyes suddenly rolled into the back of his head and he was out. He suffers from epilepsy and had several seizures before this one, but this was the first time it happened in front of me.

I was a mess.

Easton police and firemen probably saved my grandson's life. Not only did they stabilize him, but they arranged for a helicopter transport to LV Hospital.

One of those firemen was Mike Krill, who is running against Sal Panto for Easton Mayor. He was very reassuring and professional, and I'll always remember Mike kindly.

Under any other circumstances, I'd happily support him in a Mayoral bid. But not against Sal Panto, who rescued Easton from its own seizure as calmly and as professionally as Mike did with my grandson. His "clean and safe" mantra was no idle campaign promise, and Easton is much healthier now than it's been at any time within the last ten years.

Like my grandson.

I've heard Republicans are waging a write-in campaign for Sal, and I hope it succeeds so that Hizzoner can devote his full attention to running the City and Mike can continue saving lives.


Anonymous said...

Bernie, you are absolutely right. Panto is working hard for our city and has his campaign committe in full throttle ahead mod. His opponent doesn't even have a sign out in the city. His opponent is a good fire fighter but that's where it ends. He not only has ideas that can't work but he definetly doesn't have the temperment to be mayor. Ask anyone, his past history and behavioral patterns proves that he doen't belong n the mayors' office.

I too heard that there are republicans that will write in Sal's name -- why not? He has proven to be an independent thinker; certainly a fiscal conservative; bi-partisan in his hiring practices and more importantly doing a great job. He is a people person never to busy to stop and talk to the President of the United States or one of his less fortunate residents.

Bernie, you are right again.

gruntled said...

Yeah, yeah, Sal's great. He has done a great job for Easton. But no one should ever run unopposed. I will vote for Krill in the primary; ask me later what I'll do in November.
Please know this about Krill:
- "Clean and Safe" is a phrase he coined, then gave permission for Sal to use it. Search "Easton Undressed" for proof.
- The Arts Trail is a great idea...of Krill's from 7 years ago. Except he wanted it to be from I-78 to 13th St. I applaud Sal for getting part of it done.
- Can the Dems & Panto really be that concerned so that his kid has to go out to distribute flyers to republicans to write his name in? Pretty cheesy, huh? Smells like Dem spirit?

I think it's great that Krill is doing this. Wake up, Easton.

Anonymous said...

No it is not cheesy gruntled. The dems are asking for republican support to write in Sal so that he can spend the rest of this year focused on Easton. Why make Sal spend time campaigning when we already know he is the right choice?

Anonymous said...

Krill has a reputation as a kook. He used to go to County Council meetings with props. he would set off alarm clocks and make a fool of himself.

Not mayor material.

J. SPIKE ROGAN said...

If I still lived in the City of Easton I would have done a Democratic write-in for Krill.

Bernie knows very well my past with the current Mayor when his wife was appointed to fill a council seat. The Mayor was less than pleasant with me, and a bit over the top.

I sat in the audience with Krill at meetings. He never did these prop bits that is mentioned. I think someone has mistaken Mike Krill for a local wino who once kept talking about indicting a ham sandwich.

The Mayor has benefited from the hard work of two members of Council, neither named Panto. (Nor named Fleck)