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Monday, May 16, 2011

Why Marc Grammes Supports Dan McCarthy

Former Lehigh County Commissioner Marc Grammes, a Republican, explains why he is supporting Dan McCarthy, the sole Democrat in a four-way Lehigh County judicial race.

"As many of you know, tomorrow is an election day here in Lehigh County. We are all busy, and the weather will probably be less than pleasant. In fact our mailboxes and answering machines are filled to the brim with various communications from candidates urging us to vote for them for this office or that. I am amazed at the amount of money people are spending to win our vote. I would much rather have someone come up to me and shake my hand, and tell me a little about themselves. It's a lasting impression that most of us would take to the voting booth, in sharp contrast to the mail items which I guess are supposed to get us angry enough to vote against someone.

"One man on the ballot tomorrow is different. His name is Dan McCarthy. He is a friend of mine, and he is running for Lehigh County Court of Common Pleas Judge. Dan is the type of man who would humbly shake your hand and ask you for the honor of your vote. He won't blast his opponents with negatives. Instead, he he is the type of man who would be honored to earn your vote.

"The qualities we look for in a judge are simple. We want someone who is experienced, qualified, fair , honest, and hardworking. Dan McCarthy fits this bill on all counts. During his 35 years of practicing law, Dan has experience in civil, criminal and family law.He has tried and won cases in the Supreme Court fo the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the Lehigh County Court of Common Pleas. He has been admitted to practice before the United States Supreme Court. He is indeed the most experienced and uniquely qualified of all the candidates.

"Dan has earned the respect of his colleagues, constituents, Judges, Democrats , Republicans...and me. He has been rated "Well Qualified" to be a Judge by the Bar Association of Lehigh County. In fact, he is President Elect of the Bar Association.

"Dan has served honorably as a Lehigh County Commissioner since 2002. When many of you elected me to serve as a Commissioner back in 2003, Dan was one of the first to lend me a hand and show me the ropes. He was ALWAYS a voice of reason I could turn to in troubled times. He was a staunch supporter of the efforts to restore Leaser Lake, create the Asher Boyer Eagle Trail, save the Lehigh Valley Zoo, and fund the Northern Lehigh Community Center. He was there for us all the way.

"Another thing which sets Dan apart from his opponents is his ability to recognize a need in the community. Recognizing the many difficulties and unique situations which our veterans encounter upon return from military service, dan seeks to establish a Veteran's Court. My son Tim is a veteran of the War in Afghanistan. Many of his friends are still serving over there. The difficulties are many. Leave it to Dan to support such a worthy cause. Things like this make me proud to know this man.

"Well, I've talked enough. I only hope that you come out and vote for Dan McCarthy tomorrow. The polls are open for 7AM to *PM. He is on both the Democratic and Republican ballots. A veterans court...you have a chance to make that happen. You have a chance to make a difference. Please join me and come out to vote for Dan McCarthy tomorrow, Tuesday ,May 17th. Feel free and please do pass this on to you friends. You can visit his website at DanMcCarthyforJudge.com . Please join me and my family in support of Dan."


Olive Peele said...

I hear this guy won't be able to complete the term because of his age. If that is true doesn't it mean we will be giving yet another person a pension for life and then turn around have have to pay for a special election?

Bernie O'Hare said...

If elected, Dan will be able to serve 7 years before being forced to step down. I do not think there would be a special election in this economy. He could continue to serve as a senior judge.

I do not believe 7 years is enough time for a state pension.

Olive Peele said...

What is a senior judge? Do they get paid/accrue pension? What does the economy have to do with a special election? Our various governments don't seem to figure the economy into their thinking.

Bernie O'Hare said...

1) A senior judge is a retired judge. He is paid $500 per diem and gets no pension or other benefits.

2) A special election is not mandatory. A judicial vacancy can continue until the term is expired. Rendell declined to fill a few vacancies or call for special elections precisely bc of the economy.

Anonymous said...

Just a puppet. he voted to raise taxes 16%.

Clem said...

"He was a staunch supporter of the efforts to restore Leaser Lake, create the Asher Boyer Eagle Trail, save the Lehigh Valley Zoo, and fund the Northern Lehigh Community Center. He was there for us all the way."

Not hard to see why this goof supports a D. The R's in the LV act just like them. "Look how much we spent and gave you". You should be so thankful.