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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Dent Town Halls in Pennsburg, Coopersburg This Thursday

LV Congressman Charlie Dent will host Office Hours events April 28 in Pennsburg and Coopersburg. Office Hours provide residents of a local area the opportunity to speak with Dent about the issues of the day within their community. Members of Dent’s staff will also be on hand to assist residents in personal matters involving federal agencies. I neglected to get the times and places, and when I have that, I'll update this post.


Anonymous said...


S. S. Sharpe said...

town halls are nothing but political bs - nothing is accomplished but a photo op


Anonymous said...

Charlie, what's this month's body count in Afghanistan? How's that whole victory thing going? What will the last man out have fought for? Why has the tripling of forces delivered the opposite result of what was intended? How long will we be there. What was the last foreign country to take over Afghanistan? Why do we have boots on the ground in Libya without Congressional approval? Does your campaign committee pay for these dog and pony shows? So many questions ...