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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

John Callahan's Latest "Jobs Plan"


Anonymous said...

How many of us are desperate to find work. Tomorrow the annual Allentown Fairgrounds AgriPlex job fair takes place. If anyone is interested in attending, please know from an old-timer, dressing appropriate does matter. We've seen folks in tank tops, muscle ts, cut offs and flip flops. Is that really dressing for success?

Anonymous said...

Well we know Charlie Dent has no job plan; except for war and more war.

Where electing one vote in congress not the ruler of the whole pie.

Anonymous said...

Forcing seniors into retirement while giving union workers hefty pay raises. Talk about political payback... (http://articles.mcall.com/2010-09-16/news/mc-bethlehem-seiu-contract-20100916_1_shorter-contract-service-employees-international-union-three-year-deal). 21 percent raise for union employees from 2007-2012!

Anonymous said...

So much for all The Callahan talk of what a good job he did in bethlehem other than increase spending 54 percent he has done nothing but help himself his family and the special interests who fund his campaign.

Anonymous said...

Why go to Allentown, callahan is bragging about all the jobs "HE" created on "Main Street", just go there.

Jon Geeting said...

I've addressed this intellectual diarrhea before, but if it's going to continue I guess it's worth pointing out the absurdity once again.

A Congressman makes national economic policy that either expands the economy or contracts it.

A Mayor makes local economic policy.

A Congressman can vote to increase the deficit, while a Mayor cannot.

As Congressman, John Callahan would push for the national jobs plan he has outlined.

As Mayor, he has to balance the budget, so he has to freeze hiring and cut spending.

There is no contradiction here.

Here's a little thought experiment to prove my point that 1) there is no substance to this argument and 2) you would reflexively criticize Callahan regardless of his actual response the recession:

What do you think Callahan should do to create jobs in Bethlehem?

Decreasing spending means a hiring freeze and layoffs.

Increasing spending would create/preserve more jobs, but would require raising taxes.

What would you have him do as Mayor?

Anonymous said...

Well said Jon, but I would dumb it down a bit for the Dent supporters out there.

not so casual observer said...

Mr Geeting:

You are correct in the prsent , however, it is the past history of a candidate that gives us the clue as to his ability to make t decisions on a larger scale. In his tenure on city council and as mayor Mr Callahan has failed to show fiscal ability in legislatve OR executive decision making.He has also made some disasterous mistakes and has done so very publicly. Plainly put he has driven Bethlehem well into the red and despite huge bailouts from Rendell, the Casino etc it keeps getting worse. THat does not tell a thinking voter they should entrust him with any chance of influencing the federal funds (or lack there of.)

Anonymous said...

Jon, in his TV commercial Callahan bragged about all the jobs HE created on Main Street.

He put the issue on the table, he needs to back it up.

Anonymous said...

Back in May, Dent voted against the Small Business Jobs Bill.

Dent and Callahan aside, can we really afford to go back to the Bush agenda the was so offensive to middle class Americans.

Anonymous said...

"can we really afford to go back to the Bush agenda the was so offensive to middle class Americans."

Well, Pelosi and those liberal clowns took the bad situation and promptly made it exponentially worse. We definitely cant afford to send Callahan down there to rubberstamp that extreme agenda.

Anonymous said...

Bush and Boehner would be far worse. Lets not forget what got us into the greatest recession since the Great Depression.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:16 - saying it over and over does not make it true. Can you describe the train of actions and events taken by Bush that caused the recession? doubtful.
Also, do you honestly belive that government can somehow create high paying sustainable jobs?

Anonymous said...

John Callahan will single handily BANKRUPT the City of Bethlehem. The City finance office routinely play a ponsi scheme trying to keep its bills within 120 days. Some actually go back over two years that have not been paid.

Who needs Obama care when you have Callahan care? Don’t pay for it, you just receive it!
If you go into Dennis R.’s office there must be a fortune teller indicating which bill to pay based on when the collection call is predicted to come in.
How can you talk about creating jobs on Main Street when you are offering an incentive that creates DOWNSIZING!! Don’t early retirement incentives cause a constriction in the job force.

Hello, wake up and smell the fire. Smoke is filling the room!!!!

Anonymous said...

GOP kept suggesting that Healthcare reform would lead to Death Panels. Even Charlie Dent never downplayed the idea. Republicans would like you to believe your helath care choices will be limited. Americans cannot go to a doctor of their choice now unless they plan to pay more out of pocket. Insurance plans dictate you go to one of their preferred providers.

Bernie O'Hare said...

About a year ago, I attended a Charlie Dent town hall in Nazareth, and he did reject that notion. You probably never attended one of his town halls. Do yourelf a favor and attend one after he wins the election. You'll be pleasantly surprised at a reasonable and hard-working legislator, even though you may not agree with all of his ideas.