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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Dent: U.S. Special Forces Embedded With Pakistani Troops

He won't say how many, but LV Congressman Charlie Dent this morning confirmed the presence if U.S. Special Forces, "embedded" with the Pakistani military. "They're training. They're not doing the fighting," he said.

This appears to be part of a trend in the Obama administration to lend Special Forces to help conduct counter terrorism operations in countries reluctant to admit they are pro-American. A small contingent of Special Forces is also training in Yemen.

Dent discussed Pakistan and Afghanistan in some detail,and I'll have more about that later.


Anonymous said...

Sounds more and more like Kennedy/Johnson. For an anti-war Democrat, he keeps sending more troops to fight. And the noncombat propaganda is just that. The name of the operation may have been softened, but US deaths continue to mount. Obama's a worse liar than Bush.

Given Dent's sub-Bush intellect, I doubt he's assimilating any of this.

Anonymous said...

Bernie -

I question the wisdom of Congressman Dent publicizing this.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Let's see, you're questioning his revelation of information that is already known and has already been reported on by several news sources. You're questioning his disclosure of information that reveals that Pakistan and the U.S, do have a close relationship. I see nothing in this disclosure that is in any way unwise or threatens US national security interests.

Anonymous said...

Bernie -

I hadn't seen it on other news reports. If so, I'll question the wisdom of doing that.

I can think of no good reason to announce that we're in Pakistan.

Bernie O'Hare said...

If you click on the link on my post, you will see just one of several news accounts reporting the US presence in Pakistan. I tend to believe in transparency, although I understand your point.

Believe me, Congressman Dent will not reveal any infiormation the military does not want you to know.

Anonymous said...

Dent screwed up and has put US security in jeopardy. All this for an election victory. Is the job worth the cost of American lives?

Ivan Denisovich said...

This probably came as news to BHO. If Dent has a "sub-Bush intellect" then the nadir which is BHO's probably cannot be measured with modern technology.